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MCN  says:

You Ask/You Answer: Which exhaust?

I've just got my first 'big' bike – a 2002 Honda CBR900RR-2 – which is currently completely standard, and I really want to pull some power out of the motor. I've got a Power Commander for it, and am looking to buy an exhaust end can, but the choices are baffling. I've found loads of cans from £100 to £500, but have...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (07 January 2013 14:06)

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Dec 10

Posts: 11940

preunit says:


There really are some miserable fcukers on this forum, someone asks a legitimate question about

improving/modifying their pride'n joy and they get flamed with answers like this ....


"it's just fantasy pimping a bike that's already far beyond your ability"


"02' Fireblade does not need any more performance"


So to sum up, the bikes too powerful for you and you're a shit rider!. No sorry, but that's BS.


First off we should be celebrating the fact that the "EEC mother state(spit)" still allows us to modify our bikes,second up that we still have people passionate enough about biking that they want to ride a bike that's a little bit different, i thought bikers stood for freedom?, obviously not.


I say to OP get yourself a nice zorst (while you still can) , enjoy your bike, ride safe, and to the nay Sayer's,

fcuk off and become an MEP(spit).

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May 04

Posts: 26

t4underc4t says:

Same money different idea?

I know the original thread was for a new can but for the same price you can easily get the suspension serviced properly. While it won't make the bike pull harder you will be able to get more feeling from the bike and may be ride quicker if that's what you are looking for? Enjoy it whatever you do :-)

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Jun 11

Posts: 16

prdh says:

The looker

Personally I would look at which I prefer the look of, then once you have narrowed it down from 100’s to a dozen or so then look at the possible performance gains and weight them against the cost. This way the one you choose may not get you the maximum possible gain but you will love the look of it on your bike, which is worth more than an extra couple of bhp. :-)

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Oct 10

Posts: 186

zoobaz says:

I'm with t4underc4t...

by all means change the can - but keep the orriginal and put it back on when you come to sell the bike + offer the aftermarket can too.

I'd spend the money on having the forks and shock overhauled and possibly re-valved if necessary. it'll make a more noticable difference to the bike.

Same with the brakes - a good strip & clean + new pads and fluid etc.




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Aug 02

Posts: 589

winger says:

Buy a secondhand Akrapovic every time,their the only people who put any serious work into pipes,and if your looking for something different go to Race Fit,they are also quality but cheap they ain't.

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Oct 11

Posts: 2507

Piglet2010 says:

Stop Being Baffled

Remove the baffles from the stock can, and stuff some fiberglass insulation in there.  : )

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Jan 11

Posts: 105

RageRider says:

you get what you pay for

If money isn't really an issue (when is it not!) Akrapovic or Yoshimura in that order are the best quality mass market cans in my opinion. Termignoni are also very good quality but are expensive and have quite a limited range beyond the obvious Ducati association.

If you're more price conscious then Remus and Arrow are good quality and not bad value. Skorpion are also quite good and their build quality has improved a lot recently and is now much better. Leo Vince aren't bad but in my experience the build quality is the least impressive of the cans I've mentioned and there range is a little limited, but it is expanding. They are relatively cheap though and generally good value cheaper can.

There are so many more cans on the market that I haven't mentioned but the one's I've mentioned are those that readily spring to mind and have a reputation. For my money I would save up and buy an Akrapovic as their cans are very well made and use 100% titanium throughout. They are very well made, very light, and generally give good power gains.

(FYI, I don't work for Akrapovic or in the motorcycle trade, never have.)


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Nov 12

Posts: 14

yammy2011 says:


Modifications are personal, and how can any of you judge the riding ability of the guy asking the question? he may well be the next big thing. just make your bike how you want it, you can use extra power on the road, just alot of the haters are too scared to.

I have an Akrapovic hexacone carbon can, decat link pipe and a power commander. every little helps when you have only got a FZ1 and your mates are on sports bikes...


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Feb 12

Posts: 240

Titosfuneral says:

Apart from the exhausts mentioned below, you might want to look at a "two brothers" exhaust. I had one and it was excellent. Well made and a useful bump in power and torque.

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Sep 10

Posts: 1321

SatNavSteve says:

Lets remember that the bikes standard pipe was designed for that bike and looks like it was made for it. The vast majority of after-market pipes look like an afterthought and may give you an extra 3 or 4 bhp at the top end whilst sacrificing bottom end, which is where your bike will spend a lot more time running. The people who design pipes at the manufacturers are well paid experts, not some guy in an industrial unit churning out something that sounds powerful but ultimately will offer you next to nothing for a lot of money. The only bike that improved greatly with a different pipe was the old carbed 1200 bandits to my knowledge because they were so restricted. I agree with others here that I would spend the money on suspension mods as going round bends is much more rewarding than blasting down straights making lots of noise.

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