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Matthew Birt  says:

Dorna moves to cap price of World Superbike machinery

Dorna’s crusade to drive down costs in MotoGP will be mirrored in World Superbikes, with a price cap on machinery certain to be introduced for 2014. Now that Dorna controls both MotoGP and World Superbikes, CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta is spearheading a cost-cutting drive in both to counter the on-going impact of the global financial crisis. The Spaniard is also keen to return...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (18 January 2013 10:23)

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Sep 09

Posts: 313

Ben52 says:


Fuckin clueless idiots, they fucked up MotoGp, now they gonna do the same with WSBK, ever heard of the saying, if it is,nt broke, dont try and fix it you dick heads!!

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Oct 05

Posts: 15

jaywalk says:

Spot on Ben52 i could not agree more, apart from moto3 dorna has destroyed what was the most entertaining sport on the box,last season WSB had so many seperate winners and teams. please leave well alone.

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Aug 02

Posts: 866

neilf says:

Great picture MCN. It's nice to see that their website department has got it's finger on the pulse :roll:

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May 09

Posts: 894

CH987 says:

" WSBK classes ability to put more teams and bikes on the grid than you can shake a stick at".

2012. Motogp 24 WSBK 26.        2011 Motogp 22 WSBK 21    2010 Motogp 17 WSBK 22.

The one make tyre rule is killing both classes. The winner is the bike that gets it's tyres to last the best.

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Apr 07

Posts: 59

olly8000 says:

The only time I'll agree with Stoner!!


I agree with Chris Kam if we want to know who makes the best road bikes then look to Super stock, the best racing last season was BSB and WSBK, both classes were fast and close the only reason Ezpeleta is dumming down WSBK is because it makes Moto Gp look dull if he wants bigger spectator numbers then open it up to what it's supposed to be ie the best bike each factory can build not the only bike they can produce within the guidelines he puts out, if he did that then the gap between WSBK and Gp bikes would be back and so would the racing even Casey Moaner had a point with the constant rule changes and restrictions!!

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Mar 12

Posts: 2

BinxyTLR says:

Back to basics

I really do not see what the fuss is about this. When WSBK started out the idea was you could buy a bike in the dealer on the Thursday and race it at the weekend. The racing was always good in WBSK so II cannot see any harm in going back to this.

The amount of money spent on a factory bike is stupid. Use that money and tech of MotoGP or better still replace the current CRT bikes with the current factory WSBK machine and see how much closer to the prototypes they are. After all apart from the basic silhouette they have very little in common to the road bike the factories want us to buy.

If this was to happen I can only see more factories in MotoGP and bigger fields in both series.

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Jan 04

Posts: 157

venturer says:

response to first acticle

why do MCN keep on changing the text but anyways..... by the time you think of an answer they change the question.

Dorna, i understand that the MCN
article,  i've just been reading (WAS) is a snap shot of what has been said, but.

note: i understand that money is an issue and i do watch every WSB and MOTOGP race on the TV.


MOTOGP bikes should be the prototype bikes that we might be riding one day, if our dreams come true,
they should be wild and hard to control, the best riders in the world trying to taming the beasts,
tyres developed being pushed as the bikes gets faster, with engineers trying to make them driveable.

But what do we get, controlled tyres (not a bad idea) but it's the electronics that are now the
real problem, at one point there were like 10 bikes in the motogp starting grid within 0.25
of a second off of each other, this might looks good on paper, but it leads to processional racing,
as the limiting factor is the tyre and electronics and not the rider, no wonder Casey left. It's
very evident that the electronics are the leading factor, when you see the crashes and or near misses
at the exactly the same points on the track, we are talking about bikes low or high sider 
within centimeters of each other, some team are losing both riders at exactly the same point,
the riders are obviously at the mercy of the electronic. But the thing is the tyres is the limiting point.

How do you keep the riders safe and also keep people interested, well get the riders back in control
of the bikes, i'm sure they will work out the tyre limitiations very quickly, well given enough testing time
to find the limit.

There is now easy access to MOTOGP (personnal note: the MOTOGP website sucks,
i'm not giving you any money, why they don't say something like
"you can watch the videos, but if you don't pay the adverts will be longer", that's a win win) via satalite
and the web, so the sponsors should be get a better return then they ever did.

So i think the teams should run their own ECU's, but there should be a limit to the number of sensors.   
WSB bikes, should be running bikes I can buy in the shops, right here right now, well almost, if i want
to emulate edwards / haga / sykes then all i need to do is pop down to my local bike dealer
and buy the bike i see on the TV, this should be the case for all the classes. But i can also see that
500cc bikes would be cheaper to buy for the general public in countries that people don't has much
expendable income, but have much larger potential market places, like markets that are million times bigger
than the UK. Why not have WSB 125cc scooter racing, if you want to sell a lots of bikes.

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Nov 08

Posts: 129

phinmac says:

Dorna or Dumber

You have already ruined MotoGp leave WSBK alone.. take a note from AMA which barely has a pulse. STAY OUT

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Aug 09

Posts: 66

crawsue says:

It's pretty straightforward,

as long as you nail the factories who take the p*ss with homologation specials.i.e. just about everyone, but especialy Ducati. Introduce superstock as the top class, and keep a firm control on "specials". If Aprilia want to f*ck it all up ,then tell them to go play with the Moto GP guys with their ART CRT 'bike, but don't let them have all the extra engines and fuel. How many engines did Biagi and Laverty use last year? 20 something...shocking.Electronics are spoiling racing,by takng rider control out of the equation, probably one of the reasons we have lost Stoner. Now they try to justify it all by selling road bikes with launch control, anti-spin you name it. Next time you see someone backing asuperbike into a corner on the road, I bet he'll have filled his nappy in the's just another ruse to get more money out of the punters 

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