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Oct 10

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Reynard says:


why is that once again there are over 4000 schools closed.? Took a 3 mile drive through untreated narrow country roads covered in snow and ice into the local town, and guess what?, all the shops are open. So why not the schools? Do school staff reside in some parallel universe to the rest of us, or is just another excuse to have a 'jolly' at everyones expense?..

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  • Posted 2 years ago (21 January 2013 12:51)

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Anonymous  says:


as ex army, and currently an undergrad in engineering,, to put into perspective, once i graduate, I have been offered to work for leading company on aproximately 2.5 times the starting salary of a nqt.  so , I graduate, start on that salary.  Or, graduate, complete  a PGCE (5/6 grand a year whilst training) then complete anNQT year, then start teaching at £19k plus..yes, i would be laughing all the way bank and the reason is most youngster these days do not go to uni for engineering, its too hard you see.  I am working bloody hard as i have forgotten the maths i was taught in 99 for my Adv gnvq.  I should havegone to uni as a mature student but joined the army yes, i think after i have graduated ill start off on 19k a year to teach or go into the private sector on 40k plus...hmm...(this has been the salary offered CURRENTLY as we are short of engineers in the UK) my degree will cost about 5K ish, with  the OU..

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Sep 07

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James600zx says:


A new graduate on £40k? Are you sure that's a firm offer of employment?


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Feb 10

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SlowLearner says:


Anonymous - it's not a matter of opinion, concerning which profession has the longest holidays by far,  whines the most, and decides they're unable to work for the most feeble reasons.  That is a matter of fact.

If you think you're entitled to your own facts, clearly you didn't get a very good education.  You can blame the teachers for that :wink:

ANichol - not sure how old you think I am (!) but I doubt you weren't born while I was in school - not unless you weren't born until the 1990s, anyway.

We were talking about the private sector generally, I thought.  If we're only talking about the truly "professional" jobs,  you'll still find very little is offered in the way of pensions or other perks.  A lengthy internship (unpaid) is also required, and you _will_ be assessed very regularly.

The idea that private sector employees just have to show up every day, and they'll get huge wages and increases regularly, is the sort of fantasy only some public sector workers can sell to themselves.   (At least we do show up every day!)

I'm not unsympathetic to public sector workers at all - but do you hear nurses complaining all the time, demanding massive rises and failing to show up in huge numbers whenever there's the slightest excuse?

Nurses also have to have degrees and extra qualifications, work damned hard and long hours, get less pay than teachers by quite a margin, have vastly fewer holidays and never go on strike.  For instance.

That's why you find a bit of a backlash for expecting a medal for doing a pretty cushy job, all said and done, with an attitude that nobody else has ever had it harder, when you can't even be bothered to keep the schools open.

Btw  - in Russia they close the infants/junior school if the temperature drops below -25 c.  The seniors get to stay home if it's under -35c.

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Aug 02

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ANichol says:


It seems I have aged you; I was born in 1980. Your comment on student-hating teachers is what lead me down that track. The profession is currently so bombarded with the "poor little angels" concept [albeit, sadly, very true in some cases] that the kid-haters tend not to last very long anymore before they explode in a ball of their own indignation.

I think though, we have comne to the nub of the debate here:

Is teaching cushy? I have worked for private sector jobs and in teaching. Private sector for me was far cushier; I am better at teaching.

Are othger peole treated badly, perhaps worse than teachers? Probably. Does this mean I should accept continued attacks on my proffession and policies to make the job worse? No.

One final point on nurses - a group for which I have much sympathy. They deserve to be paid and treated far better. They don't strike for fear of people dying (and who needs that on their consciece, rightly or wrongly you're gonna feel it). But.....Banks are quite happy to hold us hostage with brinksmanship tactics; perhaps the nursing unions should threaten something similar.

And for the Nth time......Teachers have NO POWER whatsoever over school closures. Sometimes we go on strike, mainly recently because we are getting pay, pensions and conditions alterations depsite the fact that our "business" hasn't suffered during the recession - you don't see the same occuring in private sector companies that are thriving during a recession.

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Sep 09

Posts: 1780

beaconsman says:


slow learner, anon was me, as mcn site is playing up, i did get a good education thanks.  I joined Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers where I worked on the Challenger 2 tank with the Royal Scots dragoon Guards. so stick that in yer pipe n smoke it..

the offer was firm one due to relevant industrial experience for over 20 years in engineering without my degree, with a degree as a MATURE student, thats what some firms are offering..

I am also involved with apprentices within mechanical engineering, Alstrom and Siemens if you want me to name drop..:smile

As a former soldier, I also show companies who employ me that I am a great asset to them, not just as a job but from all the technical know how that I have picked up since my apprenticeship as a sheet metal worker in my late teens, then went to college to gain moire quals in engineering, joined the army, then worked fro Citroen, HGV driver, worked in two FE colleges in engineering, and as an stay at home dad whilst studying for my degree ( I was 40 in Sept).. 

HAve to finish this banter now as I have a Maths assignment to work on and studying to do for my BEng (hons) OU degree..

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Aug 02

Posts: 972

ANichol says:


as an ex-soldier, you also show companies that you have the ability to just get on with it rather than complaining like crazy that you'[ve been asked to show up to work on time.

If any of my comments on here have seemed impassioned, it is not just a reaction to the public criticism for my profession for things we have no control over (like school closures for snow); but also because the response to that criticism has resulted in an industry that is now directly failing in its responsibilites to the next generation because it is too obsessed with meeting a largely irrelevant measurement for the criteria of success, and trying to be seen to be meeting this criteria.

Therein lies much of the frustration with the teaching profession - making kids pass exams so we don't get criticised; and by result ensuring they are in no way prepared for later life.

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Sep 07

Posts: 534

Dumptruck says:

Dear Mrs B.

I'm afraid I just don't fancy it, I don't like kids, (although i did once think seriously about teaching adult learning) Transversely, if its that bad, you could always try something different.

Beaconsman, if that reply will annoy Mrs B (unintentionally) feel free not to pass it on, no sense spoiling your weekend!

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Aug 02

Posts: 972

ANichol says:

Timely news story


23% of UK schools cannot get even 1 person to gain the AAB grades in "academic" subjects demanded by the top universities.

Only 16 schools managed to get half their students to achieve such grades. None of them are "non-selective" schools.

And for GCSEs - 215 schools cannot get 40% of their students to gain A-C grades in 5 of the 11 subjects they are supposed to do.

No doubt the focus will be on what teachers can do to change this situation. No one asks what the kids could do to change it; thus when they go to work and don't meet their sales targets, their response is "It's not my fault, the company isn't helping me meet my targets".

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Jul 08

Posts: 4505

ninjachica says:

Schools now

I recently rediscovered my o-level exam papers in my mum's loft.
I sat with both of my kids and we went through them.  My son (who took A-level maths), understood most of the problems after some thought.  My daughter (passed GCSE maths) thought we were speaking a foreign language.

The day that somebody convinces me that kids these days are not dumbed down from 30 years ago, I will eat my crash-hat!

Pass rates cannot go up year on year without fail.  Some kids do not have academic skills - they need to be taught vocational things.  These are the children that are being let down.  The academic ones will find their own way.

And - in support of teachers... all children should have good manners before they even start school. 

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Nov 10

Posts: 271

Homer40 says:

I was Born in.....

....1969 and to me it seems as parents today really do fuck up the education of their kids.

Every kid is an angel......Bollocks try watching them when they think your not there.

Parents want to give their kids everything because they had my day this was called spoiling the fuck out of your kid and turning them into littler fuckers.

Litigation today....OK, not the parents fault but, do you have to claim because your kid fell you don't

Schools.....where do we start? what exactly are you teaching the little idiots today, last time i went to school (comprehensive) you called the teacher Sir or Miss, today its John or Janet...fuck me you will be calling the head Bob next.

As for teaching History... don't make me laugh, today's history is about 20 years ago.:biggrin:

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