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Steve Farrell  says:

Ice denies hundreds last chance to take old bike test

Ice and snow denied hundreds of riders their last chance to get a bike licence before new rules came in on Saturday. The Driving Standards Agency said 514 on-road riding tests were cancelled between Monday and Thursday of last week.  Because the new rules raised the minimum riding ages, the setback will mean some people having to wait years longer...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (22 January 2013 13:45)

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Aug 02

Posts: 120

Robell says:

Seems a little unfair to me. However few it affects, their test was cancelled thro no fault of their own, and now the rules have changed.

Obviously the DSA have to draw a line somewhere, but this smacks of yet more petty bureaucracy.


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May 10

Posts: 102

Bebobobob says:

That's how laws work

it also stops them saying "well you did this before it was illegal but it's close enough so we'll charge you with it anyway" - petty bureaucracy? grow up

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Mar 11

Posts: 464

johnlad1 says:

if they had already

done part one under the old rules part 2 should be done underthem aswell because they started the testing process already the new rules are stupid badly thought out and overly complex

they should have left the automatic upgrade of restricted liscences after 2 years alone and should have raised any of the ages limits

all these new rules will lead to is frustrated young people riding illigaly and the roads will be no safer if not more dangerous

it just a pathetic money making exercise why dont they try limiting the size of car you can drive when you first pass i see lots of teenagers who have just passed in cars they clearly cant handle causing danger to other road users

if some one on a bike crashed worst case scenario they die and whatever or whoever they hit has to be fixed up if a car crashes and hits someone the people in the car die and the people in the car they hit or the pedestrian they run down we should be free to risk our own necks as much as we like its our bloody life but to be alowed to risk that of others is diffrent so why these backward rules

rant over

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Sep 08

Posts: 498

some democracy we live in lol. and there's nothing we can do about and they know it

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Oct 05

Posts: 22

arbg92 says:

Heads need to Roll...

I sympathise with these "would be" riders and know they must be gutted. Couple of things worth thinking over, this is an EU third directive after the DSA failed to get the second directive correct (Sound familiar..) also WHICH bright spark in the head office management thought " I know lets put the 3rd directive into place MID WINTER"..when there is ice and snow...! Wont put it mid summer with longer days, more light, more time to get examiners doing O/T..Someone's head at the DSA should roll over this fiasco, 2nd directive, 3rd directive MPTC's...hmmmm Cheif exec..??? clueless completely clueless..!

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Apr 11

Posts: 109

bikerpete51 says:

rider/driver discrimination.

What a total crock of shit.

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Jul 12

Posts: 32

oldmanA says:

This older rider was affected!

Not wanting a big bike just an A2 so I could ride a 250cc. I did my training on a 125. I now have an invalid Mod1 and will have to pay for more training to do Mod 1 and experience for mod2 again! On a much bigger bike 600cc (54bhp) to get the full licence. I'm out of pocket and gutted!!!!

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Jan 13

Posts: 13

YamAustin says:


Makes me pretty angry DSA are turning a blind eye to this. Really shows how greedy and anti riding they are. Imagine the uproar if this happened to people wanting to pass their driving test.

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Jan 04

Posts: 152

venturer says:


this can't be right, in euroland as we are in it, is it the same in Germany or Italy, can you not fly to Spain for a driving test.

do the  same rule apply for the police or military.  

are the same rule applied to car drivers.

i think the new rules are draconian and have not place in a modern free society and might not even be legal in the EU.  

i can see the number of counterfeit licences increasing.




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Oct 05

Posts: 22

arbg92 says:

I agree YamAustim..smacks of discrimination against bikers....! I think Venturer it is legal, as it has been handed down from EU and has gone through Parliament. Its a shame, I have spoken to few bike schools and all of them have noticed an immediate downturn in new riders signing up...! Maybe it would be a good idea to leave the EU, never do anything good anyway.

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