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Matthew Birt  says:

Ducati factory support vital for Andrea Iannone

MotoGP rookie Andrea Iannone believes his hopes of succeeding in the new look Pramac Ducati squad will be given a massive boost by Ducati’s commitment to offer him full factory support in 2013. In a bid to reduce the performance gap to rivals Honda and Yamaha. Ducati has changed its strategy for the forthcoming world championship campaign and will bring its...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (23 January 2013 10:12)

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Jan 13

Posts: 12

AldoApache says:


The fact there is STILL someone who thinks Stoner was a TC hound stuns me. Dovi was the last guy and refute that when he said

" I saw Stoner's telemetry, and his throttle control is incredibly delicate. He also uses very little traction control."

But before him Hayden said the same thing, and before him it was Canepa, Guintoli, Elias and Capirossi have all confirmed the same thing - Stoner dials DOWN the electronics.


 Vito Guareschi said,

"Vale is 9 times World Champion, has a lot of experience and for Vale it is important to improve the machine, to make a result. He works a lot with the machine, the team and the group.
Casey has fantastic control especially in the throttle, The hand and the engine is the same part for Casey - this is a big talent"


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Mar 09

Posts: 5384

Nostrodamus says:


I know not of, and care even less for Liz and her plums. But, boy there's few on here that can mangle the English language quite so adeptly as you.

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Aug 11

Posts: 698

Bootlegger says:

He will be fine

....Providing he makes himself, well, himself, and stops trying to ride his countryman's ticket. Simoncelli found it out. Harsh. Not so. Idolitory. Get rid of it Andrea.

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Jan 13

Posts: 209

pannyderosa says:

You tell him

Providing he makes himself, well, himself, and stops trying to ride his countryman's ticket. Simoncelli found it out. Harsh. Not so. Idolitory. Get rid of it Andrea.

bootlegger you a PRICK.

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May 12

Posts: 994

cornbowl says:

What, someone

on here posting, acutally believes that one of those Ducati boys will make a podium, that's stretching imagination a bit too far, lol.

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Jun 11

Posts: 2564

PaceyCasey says:



I notice Ducati haven't dusted off the old CF bike Casey 'begged' for PC.

Why's that Pal?


And i notice that the Ducatis results have hit rock bottom for the past 2 seasons. Why's that bud?

You continually seem to forget/disregard the fact that Casey was a 'minor' with little experience at this level when he went to Ducati and still 'young' when he left. Where was Vale in his career?

You're becoming more like 'cornfed' with every post. Shame.

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Jun 11

Posts: 2564

PaceyCasey says:


What, someone

on here posting, acutally believes that one of those Ducati boys will make a podium, that's stretching imagination a bit too far, lol.


Deja vu i guess. We had it at this time of the year in 2010 also.

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Nov 03

Posts: 2232

saturn392 says:

Judging by what Gobmeier has said he's initially just going to 'tinker' with everything under Preziosi's guidance. ........It's going to be a long barren season then.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3189

wosihound says:


I'll attempt an answer rather than slinging back a defensive jibe that avoids..or was the 'minor' with little experience, finally acknowledgement that he left a pile of shite and developed the bike backwards?

2009, he came 4th..the first year of Bridgestones spec tyre that he'd been on for two years, after deciding to go fishing while everyone else busted their balls working. All the other riders were apparently flabbergasted that he had the mindset to allow himself to take time off for a non injury related illness middle of the season. 10 weeks off for a poorly tummy? Marlboro were infuriated.

2010, 4th again..He started all 18 races but was beaten by two rivals who had genuine injuries & time off - 3 & 4 races respectively - after crashing FIVE fkn times come Sunday, pushing too hard too soon.

Rossi was as fast on the bastard CF bike Stoner left & tried to turn things around but was met with a complete unwillingness to change from the other half of the comedy duo that was responsible for the fked up excuse of a GP bike..Preziosi.

The competition moved swiftly along. Ducati dropped out of their development slipstream. The project stalled.

It is a complete myth Stoner left a competitive bike, perpetuated by one-eyed fanboys like yourself and Matt Birt who, this week in the paper, wrote in another article slagging Rossi and bumming Casey..

"Gobmeier is adamant such targets are not far-fetched fantasy. He is convinced Ducati has the people, technology and riders to get back to the dizzy heights of when Casey Stoner ruled the world on the beastly Desmosedici in 2010."

Casey Stoner DID NOT rule the world in 2010. He crashed his brains out and finished behind crippled riders in a weak field of six rookies.

Gobmeier is not the only one living in far-fetched fantasy land. God bless Kevin Ash..the last of MCN's proper journalist.

Look upon wosi's continued crusade against The blinkered Orange fuckos as an education my friend, because you can't buy reality here.



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Jan 12

Posts: 1797

doohanfan says:


The problem, wosi is not everyone's reality is the same. The one I inhabit has both similarities and differences to yours.

Totally agree that the 2010 bike was a pig which was not a championship capable bike in stoner's hands or anyone else's. To say rossi was as fast as stoner on the ducati is patently untrue though, cf the late season pace of the2010  bike during stoner's 3 wins and particularly the times at the post season test, which are by far the most likely to be directly comparable. Your sophistry about rossi's fastest lap at qatar in 2011 doesn't fly anyway, both because stoner did do better later in the season, and because he was faster than rossi at qatar in 2009, regardless of his times in 2010 when he crashed . Whether it was reasonable to try and ride it like stoner did in view of the crash-prone nature of the bike is another question; I actually don't think it was unreasonable for valentino  to choose not to push an unstable bike just to gain a higher midfield position.

It is very likely I am much better qualified to speculate concerning stoner's illness in 2009 than you are, and whilst even as a fan I was somewhat sceptical initially about the lactose intolerance thing which admittedly sounds undramatic it actually all eventually held together from the medical perspective. It was fairly clear what the line of enquiry/investigation was in Australia if you know the specialties of the doctors involved (I actually know some of them personally) and it was a reasonable one. He was also tested at the Australian Institute of Sport where they found quite significant abnormalities in his exercise physiology in someone who can usually keep up with professional cyclists on a bicycle and he was eventually found to have signifcant electrolyte disturbances. I think trying to make diagnoses via TV is not something most professionals would regard as reliable particularly on patients enveloped by riding suits and helmets, so I am not sure how you can be so confident of your diagnosis, but fwiw he looked fairly crook to me at the end of those races, to a degree impossible to fake in my experience.  

The first year of the bridgestone control tyre was 2009, when the ducati was both stable and competitively fast when stoner was healthy. It is also ridiculous to suggest that someone who left at age 14 to go 125 racing in Europe is responsible for ducati's carbon fibre chassis design.

There are 2 things we disagree about basically, neither of which is the relativity of stoner's and rossi's achievements. One is that stoner somehow didn't really win the the 2007 championship, and the second is that stoner  is responsible for, and should have fixed any problems with the ducati despite rossi not being able to fix it with much greater resources at his disposal. I personally don't blame either, but rather ducati as you do and dorna for their capricious rule changes.

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