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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi undone by Ducati DNA

Valentino Rossi was unable to master Ducati’s fearsome Desmosedici machine because the bike behaved in a way that was totally alien to the riding style the nine-times world champion honed for almost two decades MotoGP paddock. That’s the view of new Ducati boss Bernhard Gobmeier, who has been charged with spearheading Ducati’s recovery after the Bologna factory endured a miserable lack...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (29 January 2013 15:18)

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Aug 11

Posts: 700

Bootlegger says:

Bernd is close to the edge

BMW have won no titles in SBK nor GP,not even in CRT,a seperate version of GP. Maybe he's the one on the knife edge right now.  As I said earlier,bland rhetoric. Most of the blokes racing in GP practise dirt,enduro during the off season to sharpen and hone skills and reflexes. The law according to Bernd,suggests rider adapatability is not the issue.Tthe bloody KTM 250 stroker is the problem during the off season.The blokes forget how to ride a bike all of a sudden and can't translate dirt bike 4 year old accumen into 1000cc 4 stroke tarmac sensibility by the age of 34 despite the fact  that their mojo and adaptability reigned supreme for nigh on a decade on tarmac. Really ?

As this is a Rossi topic,i wish him all the best at Yamaha. Bernd made it a Rossi topic. Personally,I figured he would be talking Ducati rather than # 46. He needs to get on with the job he's been annointed with rather than back referencing 2 years of failure.

Already tossing potential failure in Preziosi's direction.

Well, the next time Gobmeier's bike wins a GP race will be its first time.

Understand and accept it Bernd. You are employed by VW, not Yamaha. This early in the 2013 season he should be talking D16,Nick/Dovi/Ben and Andrea rather than Rossi. He sure as hell should be bigging up his team rather than using Rossi as an excuse list.

All Audi/VW bring to the party is resources and facilities and not much else.

Granted,much needed given the way they got fleeced 2011/12.

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Jul 06

Posts: 2050

buelligan272 says:

Oh dear Bulto

Believe it or not I fully understand what he is saying.
The bit I do not understand is when he says the bike got better.They won in 07 and came nowhere near to a championship again yet the bike got better according to him.Does that then mean Casey got worse then?
The whole Ducati problem is that only one rider has been able to do any good on the bike since 07.
That is absolutely no good to riders or Ducati or Moto GP.There have been a few top riders failed to do anything with not just one version but several versions of the Ducati.
Does that not mean the main problem lies with the bike and not the riders?
These guys are the best of the best and there is something far wrong when none of them can adapt to another motorcycle.

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Oct 10

Posts: 484

racingfan99 says:

Rossi has said numerous times now in plain speak that he could not adapt the Ducati to his style and he couldn’t adapt to it. Pretty clear I reckon and nothing to really add to that.

To those who say the Ducati ‘behaves no different to any other motorcycle’ well that’s just plain stupid. If the bike was the same then most other top riders would simply jump on and win races…..but what sets the Ducati apart somewhat from other bikes is the slight flaw  in the design….it appears pretty specific that planet earth appears to have only one human being who can ride it! And what does this guy mean the bike hardy changed and improved between 2007 and 2012?!!! The bike changed massively even between 07 and 10; and if the bike did improve then why did Casey win less and less races on it and no other championship on it? And by the way Bernhard Gobmeier ALL the motogp riders started riding as kids – no one as good as these guys starts at 17 when they pass their L test.

As far as the car guys taking charge at Ducati – I wonder what they will bring? My feeling is it may be more to do with what they’ll take. A desmosedici engine in a top spec Audi or VW maybe? I can see them being very interested in that.

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May 12

Posts: 4

MX5IAN says:

carefull someone else was criticised for making poor excuses when he won on that bike

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Jun 11

Posts: 2568

PaceyCasey says:

Kinda funny......

................listening to the majority here.

The innocent bystander would say, given the stats, that the 'GOAT' was the one who delivered on the Duke due to previous records etc etc etc as apposed to the buck tooth Ozzy youngster.

I feel your pain..................not. 

Wake up and smell the friggin' coffee. 


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Jun 10

Posts: 288

bluehaze60 says:


Mr gobmaster is still giving Rossi grief over the ducrapi,he stated in last weeks mcn about a lack of communication between rider,engineer ,& tech staff at the factory & that what Rossi & burgess got fed up with.also gobmaster stated that Ducati built loads of development parts that were never tested,so what's the story there then ?.also I think Rossi will be in front of the ducatis from the start of the season so gobmaster will carry on slating Rossi at every turn, Hats off to Rossi & burgess for not rising to the bait

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Jun 10

Posts: 288

bluehaze60 says:

Rossi vs stoner

When stoner won his championship on the Ducati it was on a STEEL TRELLIS frame when they reeled out the carbon fibre frame in 08,in the second half of the season stoner fell off nearly as much as Rossi did in 2011, ok so he still won races with the carbon frame but he was still not as quick on the steel frame

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Jun 11

Posts: 2568

PaceyCasey says:


Mr gobmaster is still giving Rossi grief over the ducrapi


Wouldn't you?

Say, for example,  you were the previous rider/achiever/winner aboard the Duke. Rossi slates YOU for 'not trying etc etc' yet comes nowhere near the results YOU'VE delivered! Would you just sit back and take it?


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Nov 03

Posts: 2271

saturn392 says:



Would you just sit back and take it?   

I would PC  - far more gracious to be magnanimous and let the results do the talking.  Such an attitude would command far more respect especially from a professional. Silly comments like the '' ambition outweighing your talent'' quote was far more damaging than to have said nothing.





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Mar 09

Posts: 121

bikemad123 says:

stoner was not the only person to enjoy sucess on the ducati caparossi was a championship contender and bayliss won a race in 06 but and then sudenly possibly due to whatever changed on that bike they were nowhere in 07 bar stoner cant seem to understand it how could the bike go from a winner to a binner in 6months if u take away the efforts of stoner into the equation u would have to say the 06 bike was one that all could ride fast   

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