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Aug 05

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babyblade41 says:

Just a warning about double glazing before bedtime

A bit random I know, but don't use safe style uk if they come knocking. They have been harassing my mother up to 3 times a day.

Serious bully boys and not cheap. Trying to cancel the order for her as it's getting ridiculous but no way they said they'd take legal action if she tried to cancel.

She told them she couldn't have them fitted until the end of March due to an up and coming operation, it even states it on the order, but they haven't stopped phoning her almost daily asking when her op is going to be and couldn't I go round whilst they install them:shock: 

Just had her on the phone upset as they are getting abusive now, I am not a happy bunny:upset:

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  • Posted 2 years ago (29 January 2013 22:07)

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May 09

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Tabasco says:

I hope

your mum has a chance to get it sorted.

It does go to show how (not sure on your mums age) some members of our community get ripped off or scared into doing things they wouldn't normaly have done had they been younger.

For instance (slightly different to your case) my nan only last year was robbed by the old water board trick despite all the family telling her never to let anyone in or even open the door unless she knows who is there. Two travellers tricked my nan into checking the water in the kitchen and did the old trick of getting my nan who lives alone and is ill to hold the taps on the sink while a second thieving piece of dirt robbed my nans things including money ect out her bedroom. Luckily the perscription man came just at the right time and interupted them so they legged it.

It goes to show how trusting our elderly are.


I hope your mums case has a good outcome.

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Aug 05

Posts: 7563

babyblade41 says:


I know how you feel, my mum is 77 on Saturday and still wants her independence, but sometimes I despair.

Apart from the fact she let theses 2 blokes into the house without anyone with her also tells you how silly she was. 

 It's quite secluded her house and not joined to anyone so no one would know if anything was happening to her until I get in touch the next day.

I'm angry about it more than anything, and wish there was more I could do but OAP's are not looked after enough and their vulnerability isn't taken into account.


I hope your Nan was ok afterwards, but I'm sure she will never get over it bless her. I would of cut the scumbags hands off with a blunt knife

When/if the installation goes ahead I will have my son in law with me as well as back up.

Still we see the surgeon for her operation tomorrow so we might be delayed even longer than March as the recovery might take a lot longer than we hoped

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Dec 08

Posts: 1535

Blader2005 says:


Just my suggestion......

if no date for installation has been agreed in writing, then just keep declining any installation date that they say they want to come on... if you have not agreed the date to start the work, then in theory, they are trespassing on your mums property if they arrive to do the work "uninvited" and advise of this next time they call.... this way you are not declining to have the work completed, you merely arent available to be present and grant access on the dates they are asking!! ;)

 this will also buy you some time to get some proper legal/informed advice... take any copies of the agreements your mum has with you... there may be something in the small print that favours your mum, rather than them...

hope you 'smash' the bully boy sellers... (sorry for the bad pun!!! :ph43r::blink:

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Nov 07

Posts: 2407

smidget says:


If your mother was as it seems, pressured into signing this contract then that in itself voids the contract. When speaking to anyone from the company again, remember to stay calm (difficult I know, but if you start retalliating then they know your are unsure of how to deal with them) when the 'bullying' starts just ask them to put in writing what they have just stated to you. and hang up.

You should seek legal advice as soon as possible, get a solicitor to write to them telling them to desist as they are having a direct affect to yours and your mothers health.

Hope you win through, you never know should this go ahead then if some of the site folk who are near you know the installation date there could be a small gathering to ensure things go well. Call it a window fitting party.

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Jan 11

Posts: 7649

snev says:

reality is...

I had a quote from Anglian for windows doors and fascias...£27k. Small local business...£6k pretty much the same items. Had 12 months of calls and leters from Anglian who eventually said "best possible price" was £11k but that was a" one off special"........ Don't believe a word. to them it's all about profit and that's all they care about.

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