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MCN  says:

At what point do you consider a bike to have too high mileage on the clock?

We've all done some tyre-kicking in our time - a wander around the local dealers just to see what's there. Sometimes, though something will invariably catch you eye, and you'll have to take a closer look. But - is there a number on the clocks that'll make you back off right away? What's too many miles on the clock?  

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  • Posted 2 years ago (30 January 2013 09:21)

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Dec 12

Posts: 1437

Diablere says:

Depends on the bike

and more importantly depends on how its been looked after. i tend to look more for service records, and general condition , number of owners etc ,than simply going by miles alone, but even then thats not fool proof!(hence i bought new this last time)

A friend of mine has a 996 that has done nearly 60,000 miles without any major problems, then i've come across low milage ones that have major issues!

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Jan 11

Posts: 8242

snev says:

How long is a bit of string?

A high Miles bike that has been well maintained should be fine, In my opinion very low miles bikes that have not really been ridden tend to have other Issues like perished rubberwhare and stale fuel.

When I ride one of my bikes after a period of layup, I find that the bike takes a while to "Gel" a bit like when you don't ride for six months. A big engined bike like the Hayabusa is so well built and generally bullit proof that you really don't have much to worry about as long as the bike has a full history.

It is strange that bikes are seen as high miles if the 12000 miles per year, car average is a benchmark .... as others have said a big bike engine is more than capable of "high Mileage".

Oh and Big bikes do get "Thrashed" just not in big cities.


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Jun 06

Posts: 42

stevowarrior says:

Dumb question

This is nearly as stupid as the wording for the Scottish referendum on Independence!!!!!! The mileage is also relevant to the vehicles age - 10k miles per annum in a car is average, the same on a bike would be high if not excessive. So over 55k on a 10 year old bike fully serviced...... and so on.   

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Oct 09

Posts: 39

Vortex52 says:

You're having a laugh!

It showns clearly that this sorte of article has been ordered by some munufactures so sell more new bikes............mine is with 18k fully serviced and run as stop this nonsense FGS

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Sep 09

Posts: 894

Rogerborg says:

1 mile more than the next bike for sale.

Despite the best murderous efforts of Sally SMIDSY, and Nardo taking truckloads of UK bikes to Elbonia (some of them even paid for!), there isn't a shortage of reasonably priced low mileage bikes out there yet.

Unless you're after something exotic, or are counting every penny, then there's no real reason to kid yourself that mileage doesn't matter.  Of course it bloomin' well matters.  Mechanical components fail due to use.  More use, more failures.  If you buy a high mileage bike, you need to make excuses for it, like "properly serviced" or "many parts recently replaced".

Eff that, just spring a bit more to get a lower mileage bike.  You don't even have to pay much, if you're patient, quick and open minded: I straight-swapped a 3 year old Chinese fakeaway 125 for a freshly MOTd 10 year old GPZ500S with just 4,500 genuine miles on it (still on the original tyres) and some minor cosmetic issues that buffed straight out.  I felt like I should be washing the guy's blood off my boots.

Let someone else be the mug who takes a gamble on a high mileage bike because it comes with some bits of paper that claim it's been looked after: there's always one who'll buy it.

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Nov 10

Posts: 4

whealie says:

What's 100,000 miles between friends?

One of my Honda Africa Twins has clocked more than 100,000. I've handed it over to Chris at Just Bykes ( for a bit of tender loving care and I fully expect to add another 100,000 to that.

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Sep 12

Posts: 212

domster says:


If that's an 860gt in the pic mine knackered its' big end before 6k!

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Sep 10

Posts: 1323

SatNavSteve says:

I know a 76 year old bloke with a Hyabusa thats done over 115,000 miles although he's cut down on the mileage now coz he's finding it difficult to pay the fuel costs on a pension!

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Apr 12

Posts: 320

DazLoczy says:

What a load of tosh!

"Too high mileage" depends on so many factors, for one I bought a 15 year old bike with 2 owners and 12k miles on it, hardly even run in but it was a dog because it hadn't been maintained properly and been stood outside without moving for 12 months. Another one was 8 years old, divorced five times, had 66k miles, needed new grips and seat recovering but was an absolute peach. Look after a bike and it will look after you regardless of how many miles you clock up.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8242

snev says:


Lovely story mate.

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