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Got something to say?



Jan 11

Posts: 8400

snev says:

Dick Turpin was out today

Bloody great init, Dry roads, no salt, Sun Blazing and the fist rideout on my RSV and guess what? Dick bloody Turpin Hiding in his van pretending to be keeping us safe. Thanks to other road users for Flashing cuz I was about to "loose the Plot" and go all Balistic . Do these people have a life?

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  • Posted 2 years ago (02 February 2013 17:45)

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Aug 02

Posts: 29362

Kamchat says:


good to hear you got warned in time from public spirited road users.....It's our best defense.....They may have the power and technology ...but we have superiority in numbers ...if road users look after each other we will win.

I always warn other drivers / riders ..and have had my 'bacon saved' on numerous occasions by others doing likewise.

Life is better when we work together.:winkie:

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Jan 11

Posts: 8400

snev says:

indeed it is .....

Lucky for me I had enough warning to be able to "Hoik the Prilla up and hide the Plate whilst giving the Bird" ( well actually I just slowed down )

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Aug 02

Posts: 3283

eatcs01 says:

scamera talivans

Round here (North Norfolk) people don't seem to warn anybody anymore :mad::mad:

Still, the speed awareness course I did was enlightening.. :shock:

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Aug 11

Posts: 3732

babyrocket says:


they certainly do, enlighten the wallet, the greedy scamming shower of bastardos, a regular feature round here im afraid, and one of the cheeky bastards can and does get into quite a few heated scuffles with the farmer types, very very entertaing to watch when they spray them with the slurry hose and completely fcuk up the scamera vans viewing hole and lens.

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Feb 09

Posts: 4769

philehidiot says:


if they're parked on his land without permission then they're parked illegally and I'm not sure if they can legally prosecute you.

Round here they actually spent a fortune making laybys for the cops to sit in. Unfortunately I would say that they need fixed speed cameras as people frequently lose control due to going too fast and end up spinning out on a playing field with a kids playground. I know of one death recently (motorcyclist) and just last week someone got knocked down which I'm positive would have been near impossible were the driver doing 30 as you'd have an age to stop (unless they were not looking at the road for about 5 seconds, which is a hell of a long time). The problem is that it comes off country lanes which are a 60 and people just don't seem to get they've entered a proper residential area as the country lanes are fields etc.

There's a case for fixed speed cameras in some areas (round here they need about three purely to stop people doing 60+ in a 30 or some other way to slow people down permanently, not just bringing in cops occasionally to get revenue) but having random checks like this is more useful for raising money than it is for slowing people down in areas where speeding (by that I mean going too fast for you to stop on your own side of the road in the distance you can see to clear and under complete control, not just exceeding the speed limit) is directly causing death and injury.

If you're exceeding the speed limit and doing it safely I have no problems. I do have a problem when it's around kids, etc. Where I'm talking about there are crossings, multiple tricky junctions and blind junctions as well as cars parked in awkward positions - it's not somewhere where you can reasonably exceed 30, purely due to the number of potential hazards.

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Dec 08

Posts: 1545

Blader2005 says:

speed awareness course...

a firend of mine recently attended one of these and said it was hilarious... not for the course, but for one of the other attendees...

the tutor allegedly whilst doing all the H&S chat at the star was going on bout fire alarms and if the building burns.... to which this attendee (who was possibly from the travelling fraternity) piped up.. "fuck-sake man.. get on with it.. were speeders not feckin arsonists"... but it got better.. during the hazard awareness part.. the tutor shows a video and ask the room "now what can you see on this road?" again, this heavy Irish accent pipes up "Tarmac"!!   Classic!! 

almost wish id been on theat course.. ;)

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Jul 08

Posts: 4457

ninjachica says:

Get the hump

Best way to get motorists to slow down in a 30, is to put in loads of speed humps.

Not the nasty steep 'damage your car' type, but irritating 'make you sick if you go over them too fast' type, like we have in spain.  They are every 200 meters in most towns!  About as wide as zebra crossings.

Speed cameras - yes, we have those too - but most of them seem to have green paint on the lenses:wink:

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