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Jan 13

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Aeonfire82 says:

Change in restricted license...

I've been riding a bike for 4 years. I started on 125s and my CBT lapsed so I had to do it again but duly passed 15 months ago on my trusty VanVan :smile Because I couldn't keep up with my better half on his ER6-n I bought a Cagiva Raptor 650 (MCN bike of the day, Jan 22nd) and had it restricted (allegedly :unsure: - it can go a hell of a lot quicker than 88 mph a hell of a lot quicker than it's meant to..!). But I don't understand why, since the bike test's the same as when I passed, I'm still restricted to 33bhp despite my experience when some new-comer can come along and do their test and jump straight on to something with 47bhp? :doubt: So, if I wanted to change to something more practical for my needs, such as a Yamaha Virago 535 with 38bhp, I'd then have to go out and get it restricted down to 33bhp, whereas someone who's just done exactly the same test as I did 15 months ago wouldn't have to just cos they passed after Jan 19th?? How's that worked out? :blink: I'm sure there must be some good reason for it, other than just bureaucratic short-sightedness... 

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  • Posted 2 years ago (02 February 2013 18:00)

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Jun 12

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newrider1985 says:


I think the new version of this test has to be completed on a bike bigger than a 125? And where as your licence automatically becomes a full one after two years, the new one requires an additional test to remove the restriction.

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Dec 10

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preunit says:

New license..

Sorry it's a copy and paste,so hope it helps cause it's as clear as mud to me:blink:

Category A (DAS) has three important changes. The age of entry goes up from 21 to 24 (because as we all know at 23 you are wholly irresponsible whereas at 24 maturity sets in like mould on an old cheese). Nice to think that you can drive a tank or shoot people in HM Armed Forces, or get a super licence to drive a 700bhp car in Formula 1 but not ride a motorcycle above 35kw/46.6bhp. Well done Europe and well done the UK for deciding to implement this in such a bizarre way. The second change is that the size of the motorcycle for DAS will rise to 600cc and 40kw. Notwithstanding that no student ever uses more than the same power available from your average 250cc motorcycle on test it has been decided that 500cc simply wasn’t enough. Currently, with existing motorcycle models available that meet the 600cc/40kw, they are heavier than most 500’s. For those of a slighter build or shorter leg this will pose extra challenges for the Mod 1 test where pushing the bike and U-turns etc. have always been more difficult for smaller people. The third change is that this will now be the only route to a full licence and people will no doubt start seeing 600cc as an entry level motorcycle.

Category A1 (light motorcycles) has managed to retain its status as an absolute waste of time. So despite the fact that since 1997 the number of people that have taken this test can probably be numbered in tens it has been decided to keep it. However, brilliantly it has been made even more pointless than before. Essentially anyone aged 17 years or older can take their test on a 125cc motorcycle and get a full licence to ride a 125cc motorcycle. Again to go up to the next level (A2 or DAS) you will need to have waited for two years or be either 19 or 24, and again a re-test will be required. Frankly you would either have to be immune to financial reality or have some very compelling reason (like a disability) to bother with this. Most people will simply do a CBT as it amounts to the same but with L-plates and much, much cheaper.

Category A2 (Restricted License) also had several changes. You have to be at least 19 to take this test, and once you have passed you will only be able to ride a motorcycle of up to 35kw/46.6bhp (it can be any engine size and can be restricted). If you want to gain a full licence you will have to wait for 2 years (or be at least 24) and then take the DAS (albeit you won’t need to re-take the CBT or theory test. This will mean doing the same test again but on a 600cc motorcycle. There will no longer be an automatic upgrade to a full licence after two years. To take this test the motorcycle must be at least 400cc and between 25 and 35kw, currently there are few motorcycles on the market that meet this requirement so most schools will either have a restricted version of their DAS bikes (600cc) or restrict the

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Jan 13

Posts: 2

Aeonfire82 says:

Moving goalposts...

Thank you, that's clarified things very well! :biggrin: Sucks to be a new rider who passes on a 125 :tongue: Ridiculous when we're all doing the same tests, but hey, that's the official mind for ya!

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Oct 05

Posts: 31

mike1300 says:

Change in restricted license

i know what you mean ,it just like when they change the speed limit on a road,last week it was ok to do 60mph but now its only ok to do 50mph and if you carry on doing 60mph you will be branded a danger to every one else,funny what a week can make

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