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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi shines on factory Yamaha return

Valentino Rossi made a brilliant return to Yamaha’s factory MotoGP squad in Malaysia today, the nine-times world champion ending the first day of 2013 pre-season testing with the fourth quickest time. Rossi showed a disastrous two-year spell with Ducati has not blunted his confidence or skills and the 33-year-old topped the timesheets for a period in the early part of the...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (05 February 2013 10:53)

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Jan 12

Posts: 1876

doohanfan says:

torrential rain affecting track conditions

I hope you will suitably chastise this idiot for such a ridiculous suggestion wosi.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3249

wosihound says:

Haha..Touche doohanfan.

I don't think anyone mentioned it about Qatar, apart from your good self of course?..and tbh, how could the claim possibly hold water there when the riders were faster AFTER the down pour?

Don't blame you for trying though. Better luck next time.

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Apr 12

Posts: 586

the ducatI

?....gp7....gp8 amd gp9 was also awful as shown by all the riders except one

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Nov 10

Posts: 296

COZ69 says:

Rossi back on it

And dovi back in 10th lol

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Nov 03

Posts: 2233

saturn392 says:


stoner is indeed retired saturn   So why are you bringing him up?.

I vowed not to mention him again earlier in the New Year as any reference to him is irrelevant in 2013. However others continually bring him up  to compare his wins, losses, records, crashes etc.. in order to put down the yellow peril. I try to ignore it but sometimes get chivvied into some sort of response   However once the first flag of 2013 drops I will be focussed 100 percent on this years championship.   My post was in reply to Nostro who had already mentioned Stoner and Rossi.    Since then Nostro posted me a nice balanced reply. we're quits.

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Aug 11

Posts: 437

Obviously Nostro

Stoner jumped on a well sorted bike and wether it was his fault or Ducati's, it turned to shit slowly over the years.  and Rossi did no good on a shit bike and development went no better for him. 

All i'm saying is you cant have it all your own way.  Stoner didn't progress in development on it either

Woopy doo Stoner one a few races in his last season on it and Rossi not even one win on it.  We know you dont like Rossi fans but we not all twats.  

And yes life umpa lumpa land is bliss, or should i say will be again soon :) 

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Jul 12

Posts: 3249

wosihound says:

Nostro's Aliens..


I like Rossi as you well know - intelligent, witty, passionate about what he does, Oh and he has been known to ride a bike rather splendidly too - but to be fair to Nostril, on this occassion, he did qualify him not being an Alien at present by stating..over the last couple of years.

As I said earlier, Rossi has won nothing of late and will need to rectify this situation before he can be re-admitted a very exclusive club. That Marquez is an Alien in waiting is of lttle doubt, but he's not won yet. Dovi won a wet race in 2009 but cannot be considered thus because of the circumstances of that race and his failure to win anything since.

Right now, there are only TWO Aliens, with potentially two in waiting.

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Jun 11

Posts: 238

Smackbum says:

I'll say it again ....

Will all you Rossi sycophants please desist from including your IQ scores in your tags.  It kind of gets you off on a bad foot, which is something you really don't need.  I do wonder where the decimal point goes in Saturn's moniker though.  Answers on a postcard etc., etc.

Let's look at this calmly for a minute.  Rossi is in 4th place which is good compared to the last 2 years, but he is the last of the full factory Yamondas which is bad.  Rossi is less than half a second off "pole" which is a good effort on his return, but Marky-Marc is doing even better on his MotoGP debut which takes the shine off things a little.

In summary - definitely a Pass mark for Rossi, but "shines" is maybe too strong.  Early days yet so everyone should chill.


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Jul 11

Posts: 1900

CHRainmaker says:


Wosi, you mention Scotland and Ireland as divisions of country groupings, but can they be classed as independent countries - are they not just hanger's on? I do include Wales in that suggestion of course?....

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Apr 09

Posts: 478

1986vfr750 says:

back step nostro

"For the umpteenth time, stoner has never been my preferred rider" that is some impressive backstep mate. All you have done in the past few years has been to give typewritten blowjobs to stoner while trying to convince yourself and any who would listen that not only was rossi finished but he was only average to begin with. Unlikeyou though my soft liddle kiwi, we can forgive you and move on by concentrating on the racing. First though you need to man-up and admit you are/were wrong about rossi being finished and the ducati being a good bike. If you do, you will be treated on the merits of your future posts...if you dont you will be abused..all year long. You have given everyone infinite ammo to work with and it would be real easy. The choice is yours bud...

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