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Steve Hunt  says:

Rossi and Marquez Prove Their Worth: MotoGP Session 3 Results

The opening MotoGP test session of 2013 has finished in Sepang today, with the final timesheets showing a hint of a tantalising season ahead. Dani Pedrosa drew first blood of the winter testing campaign after topping the timesheets on each day. The Repsol Honda rider improved to a 2.01.000 in searing heat and humidity today to edge out reigning world champion...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (07 February 2013 10:03)

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Apr 11

Posts: 3613

Bultoboy says:


Are you mentally unhinged or just plain thick?
There are opinions then there is idiocy from the like of you

Do you want to be a little more objective and say exactly what is idiocy and why, or are you content with that empty and meaningless response.

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Sep 09

Posts: 313

Ben52 says:


Where is Nostro?

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Jul 12

Posts: 3297

wosihound says:

Death of a fanboy..

Crikey..Bulto is gonna give us a lesson in objectivity?

Listen Pal..However many times you blub, " I never said..I never said" can't hide where your loyalties lie and the fact you are wrong.

You are a Rossi hater of the first order and the fact he's performed like he did first time back on the M1 must have completely fked up your start to the year..haha.

Your really haven't got a clue how these bikes work have you?..constantly referencing your opinion to a little bit of green laning.

Showing us all what a numpty you are by talking about a Boyer electronic ignition you once bought that allowed you to get a good spark from your 'plugger and how this proves a 500 had masses of electronics. recently called for a return of the CF monocoque concept..with a little tear in that blinkered single eye no doubt, confirming your lack of technical comprehension.

Hayden was part of the works team, is an ex-WC and had his own set-up and in case you haven't noticed brainbox, it hasn't solved anything either - just like when a certain team mate borrowed his settings and it didn't stop him crashing.

That an accomplished development rider like Rossi was at his wits end and prepared to consider ANYTHING to try and move forward, unlike one or two others I could mention, should give you a clue.

It's a team effort and riders don't build bikes. Ducati have NEVER listened to their riders..the designers ego wouldn't allow it.

Gobmeier told us evolution not revolution. That tons of parts remained untested and were rejected too early. That Rossi got lost because he wanted change too quickly.

Yet here we are after the very first test and both riders say that radical change is needed with Hayden stating they have run out of room for manouvere and exhausted potential. They have turned the bike upside down looking for a fix and it's NOT fkin working you muppet.

Yet here you are, with fellow fucko brain Nostro and your new excuses.

Ducati have to spend the coming season undoing the development direction that Rossi sent them careering off on?

A point blank denial to accept the bike is flawed, when the evidence is as clear as the fkin great big Pinnochio noses on your Orange mugs, marks the pair of you as THE biggest idiots on this site..scrabbling blindly to fight a corner you've painted yourselves into, for two reasons alone.

You cannot bear to admit that Rossi may have been the innocent party in the failed marriage that was so short lived AND you're not man enough to admit you took Ducati's side in the divorce - blaming Rossi and going to extraordinarily stupid lengths to defend them - fueled by your intense dislike of the way Valentino goes about his business.

Credibility in tatters and stll digging a hole for yourselves..there seems no end to how long your embarrasment will run.

Which is just fine by me..







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Jul 06

Posts: 2050

buelligan272 says:

keep up

It's hard to keep up when you start writing statements that you think I am going to say later.(unbelievable)

I understand exactly your reply.When did I accuse you of saying the bike was a winner by the way?

Yes Rossi had certain changes made to the bike mainly because he knew it was not working the way it was.Surely you can't blame him for that?
It is not only Rossi that is baffled by trying to set up the bike.
It seems to be more luck than judgement with the bike as the current crop of new riders are now finding out.

Your last sentence says.... I didn't say he should be winning on it.

And I never said that you did you muppet.
Never mind rocket science please try not to accuse me of saying things I have not said.

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Oct 08

Posts: 653

hello4646 says:


On your avatar is that you on top shagging the V8 moaner

Your days are numbered on here.  Rossi thrives on having fun and looking at the pics from the test the smiles are back!  Bring on 2013 as it's going to be a good battle between the 2 honda's and the two and half Yams.  

As we know over the last two years it was Rossi and not the bike.  That means both Duke's will be up there and dont forget Ben

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Bob Buttamasangy


Jul 08

Posts: 1608


Lots of poms proud of their Italian roots popped up again from out back of the boonies I see?

Nothing like another 12 months of development and data gathering to make you slower than last year, good to see Caramello and his mardi gras of men leading the series forward. Can't wait.



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Jul 12

Posts: 3297

wosihound says:

Achtung baby..

Keep that Lambretta polished Pal..

What with your affinity for Poofy Italian engineering and Dad's war efforts in that old Focke, you'd be well placed to step into a consultancy role when Bologna finally admit defeat and the Audi Gestapo take over?

You couldn't do worse than the incumbent shower of shit, that is for sure.


[This Reply has been modified by the Author]

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May 12

Posts: 1007

cornbowl says:


should have supplied the Ducati boys with a few engines from the Focke 'Butcher-bird' that would have given them drive down the straight at Sepang, but a bitch getting it stopped for turn one, lol.

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Mar 11

Posts: 25

ddrooster says:

looks like an interesting seasom

well lil dany and big nose lorenzo were always going to be in the hunt pretty boy marquez did as expected and included a fall off  and suprise suprise the dr is on the pace with a hopefull brit topping out the best of the also rans

the only thing missing is a moaning ausi loud on comment but low on balls  my IMHO we wont miss his ye know yer know it was al someones elses fault  not mine comments  

i bet he turns up as a comentator  for MCN they seem to like dragging old has beens out  every now and again

to feed the dreams of there honda and ducati sponsers 

i voted with my pocket and refuse to buy any of there  rags  why encourage em and there red top press sensationalism


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Sep 10

Posts: 837

CBR11X says:

I couldn't understand a thing you said mate. You sound like you have a mouth full of shit.

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