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Mattherw Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi ecstatic with Sepang speed

Valentino Rossi could barely contain his delight after he finished the Sepang MotoGP test with the third best time on his much anticipated return to Yamaha’s factory squad. After a disastrous two-year spell with Ducati, Rossi answered questions about whether he was still fast enough to challenge dominant Spanish duo Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo in emphatic fashion in Malaysia. The nine-times...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (07 February 2013 12:12)

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Apr 09

Posts: 478

1986vfr750 says:


As the boss of honda said..." if dani wins this year, he will go on to win more titles. If he doesnt win this year he probably never will". Dani looks ready, and as said inanother post he just needs luck to smile on him for a whole season. All champs have luck on their side in their title winning year(s). Thats the x factor and why casey and jorge have two and dani has none. He has had more than his share of bad luck...look at the farce that was misano...getting the tire warmer jammed and the comedy of errors that followed are a prime example. Anyways having four battle week in week out will be fantastic. I hope dani wins and rossi can beat lorenzo...i think lorenzo is a little worried...not terrified or anything but a little concerned about "yamahas number 2 rider". There is no pressure on the underdog...if they lose its expected; if they win its gravy. For the favorite its different...there is no glory in winning as its expected; but there is great shame in losing. If lorenzo can handle that pressure(hes never faced this situation before...a strong teamate thats number2) he will prove himself as the complete package. .

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Dec 12

Posts: 49

widdy says:


Hello4646__   ROTK46  Why do Gobshites like your self need more than one account? You surely must be able to spout all your bile with one!

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Sep 11

Posts: 23

2vforeva says:

CRT = factories get your act together

"carcleanerboy says
vfr750 another factor is the lack of competitive bikes in the field. The best riders of the modern era .have a massive advantage now, which increases the gap over the field by a mile ,and creates the alien level "

CCB has a very valid point. There are only 4 machines capable in ordinary conditions of winning. Mind you it ever has been this way in motogp.

Makes me wonder though if Uncle Carmellos push for cheaper machinery, will not lead to an ultimate price cap or something similar. He's pushed the factories to look into the CRT abyss. And said "Do you think your anyone will value your factory product if all it can beat are home built bikes."

Yamaha and Honda have responded. One says they will build bikes, the other lease there engine and electronics. Its a start to moving the recalcitrant buggers.

The more truly competitive equipment on the grid the more likely we are to tilt the balance back toward that magic 20% machine, 80% rider.

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Aug 10

Posts: 288

vtwinmark says:


The only 2 wheel sport I can think of that approaches the ratio of 20% machine, 80% rider, is probably cycling........every champion needs the advantage of a good machine.

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Mar 12

Posts: 14


Who is stoner??? I failed to see him on the time sheets.. Sounds like a fisherman or a race car drivers name to me?? Not a moto GP rider.. Funny some of you Brits talk this crap on Rossi or spies and Hayden, yet they are on a bike this year, and stoner is looking for work.. Some of y'all talk trash on spies and lift your mighty crutchlow on a pedestal .. Well third place on a rostrum and its national cal day. When he does what spies did in the same amount of time.. Then talk trash.. Stoner is a nobody like giber was.. Right was.. No one remembers the guy that took it to Rossi here and there.. And that's the way stoner has gone.. Just some guy that took it to him a couple times.. I'm not a Rossi fan per say. He is the goat.. Stoner couldve been if he let his balls dropped.. No doubt about that.. He was good and fast just a bitch.. For the record I'm a Edwards and spies fan because I'm from Texas, I've been on the track with spies.. Albeit quite a bit slower, but still I known him from those days..

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Jan 13

Posts: 98

Farnarkle says:


Yet another zombie-maggott joins the world's most intense circle-jerk.  Zmbies because they seek out intelligence and kill it, and magggotts because they then feast on the carcass of the dead thread, chewing the festering mess and replicating themselves.

At least Wosi channels the classic British humourists, combining the witty repartee of Mr. Bean, the intelligence of Baldrick and the charisma of Arnold Rimmer while towering above the rest like Ronnie Corbett with the devestating logic of the best of Python.  Carry On ranting, Wosi me old muckka. The rest of you sad, mononeuronic Stoner haters just have to live (to slightly misuse a term) forever knowing that Stoner handed Rossi his arse while he was in motoGp and that that is exactly what the history books record. 

Stoner came, saw, and conquered motoGp, and now he has buggered off to do more fun things, leaving Rossi with a chance to retrieve his flattened reputation.  Should he ever want a bike to ride in motoGp for the fun of it, Honda would sell its soul to have him back and Ducati would organise the Pope to abdicate if necessary. Rossi had to crawl back to Yamaha to occupy the position of resident PR moll; how soon befioe we see him in a Yamaha-colours mankini doing the Macarena on Dancing With the Faded Stars for his supper? - mid-season at the latest. 

Wet-dream on, munchkins. Half a second back on Pedrosa - Pedrosa, FFS! - is over ten seconds back in a race.  Maybe they'll put up a wall in the Yamaha garage to stop Lorenzo tossing apple-cores over to Rossi's side when he gets back from the podium and post-race interview - if Rossi hasn't already retreated to his Winnebago to sulk.. 

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Jul 12

Posts: 3306

wosihound says:

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Jan 13

Posts: 98

Farnarkle says:

Well, absolutely!

Rossi's 2012: 2 podiums in 18 races - an excellent race by both riders.. Stoner only had 10 podiums in 15 races in 2012..

Silverstone 2011, really wet: (one of Stoner's 16 podiums in 17 races, Rossi got 1 podium in 17 races)

1  27 Casey STONER AUS Repsol Honda Team Honda 147.9 47'53.459

6  46 Valentino ROSSI ITA Ducati Team Ducati 144.6 +1'04.526


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Jan 12

Posts: 1937

doohanfan says:

poster with a predilection for the letter x

What is your position on crop circles? Stoner may be irrelevant to current moto gp, but you would seem even more so.

If stoner is equivalent to gibernau  (other than winning 29 more races and 2 more championships in the premier class) why do people (mostly rossi fans at that ) keep bringing him up in his retirement in a thread about valentino's performance at the 2013 sepang test? The only possible relevance I can see is that valentino is only about a second off stoner's time last year, which I was not inclined to bring up without encouragement/provocation.

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Jan 13

Posts: 204

DogBert says:

A desperate rearguard...

... by the Stonerytes, or Rossi haters. The test times and rhetoric by Rossi has left them all a little uncomfortable, and scrabbling for some decent ammo.

So what we got from them?
He's Machiavellian, and not a nice guy. Well, even if that's true, he's still the guy that has been involved in the best battles in motogp for the last 13 years. Isn't that why we watch this sport? Do we really want a three way love in on the podium each week? ALL the great sporting rivalries in history have involved huge amounts of needle. The respect usually comes after. I say usually, Smoking' Joe hated Ali 'till the day he died.

And there's Casey Stoner, who was all hugs and kisses with Jorge until he retired, and then? Well then, one can only assume 'cause he's bitter for coming third, derides Jorge for "riding for points." The cheek of the man, settling for second when he couldn't get the win. Two faced Casey.

What else? Oh he's 0.4 off Dani and has rookie 0.1 behind him. Well that's a little mischievous is it not? The world champ is 0.3 behind Dani, and has a rookie 0.2 behind him. A lazy effort.

My personal favourite is, "I don't like Vale 'cause my friends stopped watching motogp when he joined Ducati, and didn't win any more." May I suggest new friends?

Maybe you guys need some new blood to give your cause a shot in the arm. Or you could get motoking back, once he's stopped foaming at the mouth :laugh:

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