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Aug 07

Posts: 6164

stevebaldy says:

"pull up to the bumper baby......"

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  • Posted 2 years ago (07 February 2013 22:03)

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Feb 09

Posts: 4759

philehidiot says:


the shit out of me when they're so close they can't see brake light or indicator. Removes all options of pulling over and letting them past as they're too close to reliably react and can't see your signal.

This is why BBs or marbles in pockets to lob into their windscreen are a good idea, especially when we're on bikes and they're quite literally threatening our lives. If they hit us or we come off, they'll be running us over.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8122

snev says:

A classic example of...

An Outside lane hogging police camera car, holding up a hard working, van driving ,Worker Trying to get to a job, Being held up by some Tosser Hogging the Outside lane, Whilst the Inside lane is Empty... FFS what do they teach the police about being polite and the rules of motorway driving???? Some of us have to earn money by turning up to a job on time... You TAX funded Fuckwits have all the time in the World...... Am I allowed to say that?

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Aug 06

Posts: 4522

dave_c says:

This really pisses me off

If it wasn't for self-important pricks in the outside lane there would be no such thing as 'tailgaters'.

Tailgaters are perceived as the enemy, however the real problem is the asshole in front who refuses to move over; why not let someone past?


When you're in a car and someone approaches fast from the rear, move over. Simple as that. Only it's not so simple as that - pride, status, brand of car all come into it, and that's what leads to queueing traffic.

Until there is a better education programme or traffic cops busting lane hoggers, then the situation is only going to get worse :upset:

philehidiot - if you're on a bike you shouldn't really have other drivers on your tail :unsure:

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Feb 09

Posts: 4759

philehidiot says:

Yeh you

may well be on unfamiliar B roads in the dark / fog or on a surface where cars can cope but where bikes struggle. 

I ride in all weathers so it's an easy situation to get into when there's a cunt behind. I've had someone tailgait me just for fun in ice and snow. Even when it got to a dual carriageway he didn't go past.

Frankly I don't bother with this shit, I just under take if they're in the way doing slow speeds in the outside lane. Tailgaiting just puts you at risk whereas a bike's acceleration means an undertake is very brisk and where there are multiple lanes almost risk free as long as you're quick about it. If they're going slowly in the outside lane, they're not thinking and getting right up to them is merely going to piss them off. I think flashing your lights is absolutely fine as you're alerting them to your presence as per the highway code.

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Dec 10

Posts: 11938

preunit says:


Drafting  like a boss :shock:

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Sep 09

Posts: 1766

beaconsman says:


try being at 70 mph on the Autobahns..get creamed by a porsche or amg merc giving it the beans..(3 hours from fallingbostel to the ferry at Ijumuiden! (Rover Vitesse, (honda turbo lump)! I loved that motor..

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Mar 03

Posts: 2925

obewan says:

Essex police shit driving

what poor driving by essex police. Dear god

I trust they see this and fine themselves


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