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Aug 10

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Winter Cleaning/Maintenance

Hello everyone. I wonder if you can help me.

I ride my Honda Hornet all year round and commute to work all week. I am finding keeping it clean and corrosion free in the winter (especially with all the grit/salt on the roads at the moment) very time consuming and frustrating.

Every weekend I end up spending far too long hosing it down and cleaning all the salt off and then spraying the bike with WD40 or GT85 to try to stop any corrosion occurring.


I don't have loads of spare time every weekend, and wonder if anyone has any tips for winter cleaning to try to speed up my cleaning routine? It just seems such a waste of time to spend ages getting my bike clean and then by the time I get to work on Monday morning, it's filthy and covered in road salt and grime again! Very frustrating!


Does anyone have any tips for winter cleaning that might help me?


Thanks all.


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  • Posted 2 years ago (09 February 2013 21:11)

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Mar 09

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Jan 08

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kcmc says:

Hi Pjcharlesworth

and welome to the site:biggrin:

By the looks of things your stuck between a rock and a hard place,seems like all you can do is keep doin what yeah doin,or end up with a corroded heap of shit that ain't worth a bean at the end of winter.Suppose there's no way around this problem if your going to use your bike in them conditions,possibly move to a warmer dryer climate? :shock:maybe a bit extreme:sunglasses:.

KC :tongue: 

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Aug 02

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eatcs01 says:


Cover it in ACF50.
Then DO NOT clean it until spring.acf50 allyearbiker

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Sep 07

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James600zx says:

Winter care.

I'm no longer a year-round daily-commuter but when I was I'd give two or three rinses with a watering can after a wet ride and give the bike a proper wash quite rarely, although thoroughly. The XJR400 and then the ZX6R coped very well.

Although this was born of laziness I have a theory that if you wash every weekend you're washing the greasy road-slime off as well as the corrosive salts. A simple water rinse will remove the salt but leave the greasy stuff, and as that builds up it keeps the salt at bay (-perhaps!). This may be rubbish and the bike won't look pretty every Monday morning but as I said, my bikes didn't complain much.

It's possible that bikes were better built back then. Maybe manufacturers had to abandon the old, more durable manufacturing processes in favour of new environmentally-friendly but relatively under-developed ones. Perhaps the roads are salted more these days too.

I've never used AC50 but heard good things about it (as well as Scottoiler FS365) so I'd go with eatcs01's suggestion. Which parts of the bike are suffering the most?

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Aug 10

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Winter Bike Care

Thank you all for your replies.


 I think I will try your method of rinsing down with a watering can or two after a wet run James600zx. Some people recommend hosing down after a wet ride, but when I get home from work in the evening and its cold and dark, I really don't want to spend more time outside fiddling around with a hosepipe. No particular part of the bike are suffering at the moment, but I want to keep it that way. I do spray it with FS365 after a wash, but don't really know if it works or not?

Thanks for the links jaffa90 and eatcs01.

KC - moving to a warmer climate isn't really an option:smile






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