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MCN  says:

You ask/you answer: Are sat-navs really necesarry?

"When I need to, I strap a knackered old map to my tank to get me from A to B. My friends all seem to use sat-navs but I don’t see the point. They are hugely expensive and fiddly, having to attach and detach them after every use must be irritating. Are there really any benefits that my trusty map can’t...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (18 February 2013 11:31)

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Sep 10

Posts: 1336

SatNavSteve says:


Have we met coz you've got me weighed up (as we say in Lancashire). The only tiime I would have a sat nav is if I did deliveries in a van but otherwise maps are fine. Do a bit of homework before you do a trip and remember the towns and road numbers. So what if you get lost, its all part of the fun and you're never lost for long. And I don't know how it happens but on every long trip, there always seems to be a time when I go the wrong way down a one-way street! As for camping, go on Google maps if you know which towns you are visiting, put in campsites and print it off. But you can't go wrong on the continent coz campsites are everywhere. I think you only need a sat nav around town and city centres.

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Apr 09

Posts: 100

kgb333 says:

More Usefull

Than not. Still like a good map, but when on the go nothing can beat a SatNag If you find them fiddly, how did you go about typing this article and getting it on the website I think you might be a wind up merchant for MCN

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Sep 12

Posts: 6

AntStamp69 says:

Unless your constantly travelling in areas new? Then I cant see the point of them. Half the fun anyway is seeing where a road goes.

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Feb 09

Posts: 84

brevav2 says:

Maps before SatNavs

How did we manage before SatNavs, along with Mobile Phones, I pads, etc....err, perfectly well thank you, The 'system' has brainwashed the majority into believing that they cannot operate without these gadgets...get a decent map, use your own skills,be different from the rest.

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Sep 09

Posts: 905

Rogerborg says:

I'm going to play my music too loud on your lawns.

Satnavs are popular because they work very well. Used as an aid to Mk I common sense, they let you keep more attention on the road than trying to remember eleventy names, numbers and junctions from a map. I use mine to get me home after I've got deliberately lost, which mean I'm never hesitant to turn off the beaten track.

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May 10

Posts: 26

d0nkeychop says:

My post it note is fine till I miss a turn. The torn out page from my map book is fine till I ride off the page. Following signs gets annoying as they always seem to send me into town centres rather than the scenic route around town. I can remember a fair bit of a route but often come unstuck and have to get t'old map out. Again. Necessary? Nah. Useful? I reckon. Still like studying a map in the pub before and after a days riding, wish the tomtom I use in the car had a headphone socket.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8637

snev says:


Spot on there my Cyber friend. When I spent A lot of my life Traveling around the country "Earning a Living" I soon learnt a "Sense of direction", this was due mainly to using my Brain. And I could retrace my route time after time by, ermmmm "using my Brain" In a few years time "WE" will need a "program" to wipe our Arse, eat, re-produce, etc etc. Call me a "Luddite" if you wish but I will never submit to the Brain washing, Money making,Must keep up with the latest Gadget, mentality.

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Jul 09

Posts: 149

burningbush says:

We are becoming too dependent?

Sat Navs are a wonderful invention, but when the battery dies some of us might feel utterly lost in more ways than one.I personally prefer a photocopied map with scribbled notes that I look at every 50 miles or so. If I get lost it adds to the adventure. Believe it or not if you actually stop and ask people they often can tell you the way to your destination, low tech and much more life enriching. 8-)

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Jan 04

Posts: 157

venturer says:

embrace satnav

i toured pre satnav from scotland to italy twice,
the number of maps we carried, adac full set + other maps
+ alpine pass routes, as we didn't have any real plan than to head south.

I've also done mbike and car euro tours post satnav, we still always take maps
to pick where we are going, but use the satnav as well.

Motorways use with a
satnav with lane assist is just so easy, it make no odds
if its spain/portugal/france/germany/italy/switzerland/austria/holland/belgium/
it's just so easy to ride at autoban speeds and not miss a motorway junction or turn.

So i say embrace satnav but always take maps (and the bike has a compass)

as maps are fun and getting lost can also be fun.........
Unless you are trying to make up time after snapping a chain, rushing to catch
a ferry and are still only halfway through germany,
trying to navigate with a 1:1000000 map is not good.

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Jan 10

Posts: 431

rlf3 says:

For numpties

These gadgets and smartphones breed netbound nunbskulls who cannot find their own way in the real world.


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