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Steve Farrell  says:

Death crash policewoman escapes charges because ‘phone was in her lap’

A policewoman who caused a crash that killed a motorcyclist while talking on her phone has escaped prosecution after saying the device was in her lap. The Crown Prosecution Service says there is not enough evidence that Collette Carpenter, 23, committed an offence. Carpenter, a special constable who has handed out at least six fines for using a phone while...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (19 February 2013 09:30)

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Feb 13

Posts: 1278

AlexDAbomB69 says:

Stronger laws needed

I believe legislation in this country needs to change on electronic hand held devices in cars.If you are caught using a phone or tablet whilst driving you should get 6 points on your licence. If you get a ban because you get 6 points its a 3 month ban no questions no court hearing pleading your case, and then re do your driving test. If you pass the driving test you have a "red square" on your details for 1 year so police can see what offence you have had previously on an anpr check (most convicted drink drivers are repeat offenders). If you are involved in an accident the mobile phone should be taken away and investigated as soon as the police arrive, they breathalize you so whats the big deal about handing over your phone. Police then should have the power to contact the service provider to establish the last time the phone was used in the time period an hour before and up to the time of the accident. If found guilty then the same laws as driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs should apply. When using a mobile phone with hands free your reaction times are 35% less than when not using a phone, about the same when at the legal limit for alcohol, when texting 60% less the same as 2.5 times over the limit. Ban the use of phones and tablets (believe me i was over taken on the A2 going into London at over 80 and some fella was doing emails on his lap with an ipad), the last time i was out on the bike a woman pulled out on me on a round about because she was doing facebook! Something should be done even if there is a hint of a phone being involved. As for the young lady in the photograph that goes with the story I would like to personally like to smack that smug grin off of the fat cows face as she obviously does'nt care about what she has done and should be locked up in a shed filled with deadly spiders and snakes and see who laughs loudest then.

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Feb 13

Posts: 1

McMuddle says:

Register a complaint

It's all very well expressing our views but if you really feel that the interest of the public has not been served, that the CPS have made an error of judgement and acted unreasonably then make your voice count and lodge a complaint on their online service remeber to select Dorset CPS from the Wessex drop down box.

Due to depth of feeling expressed perhaps MCN could post the link?

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Aug 02

Posts: 177

sack1 says:

It does no good.. point fingers after the fact, a person was killed. As motorcyclists we cannot assume that other drivers see us but even so accidents will happen. It's just a plain fact that too many drivers are distracted from the main job at hand and that's driving. Phones and tablet use, or any other distraction in the car take the driver away from what could be happening outside their vehicle. Here in the US we have laws that cell phones can be in one's hand, just not held up to their ear! Who came up with that one? The pressure from all sides to utilize these devices is great. Laws are fine, should you be caught, but driver education may be the best path to reaching those who would otherwise be careless while driving. My respects to the rider's family and friends.

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

Unfortunately, the Criminal Protection Service have NO discipline or sanction systems in place. They fuck up, no comeback, it's that simple. How on earth can that be right? As for the hippocroccapig that walked away smiling, it should be dismissed from being a special. It has no conscience, that's for sure. 


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Sep 06

Posts: 1

A demo ride is needed.

Every day I ride I must scan the cages for twats on phones or texting. I used to spend those precious moments scanning under cars for kids feet, checking to see if a child was about to run out onto the road chasing a ball for example.

We all ride in fear of the inconsiderate %!***! and most of us have had serious involvement with via a crash or very near miss.

MCN maybe you could champion our cause?

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Jan 09

Posts: 47

greenhat says:


Dear Rogerborg

"ran out of luck" are you serious?

Do you really beleive that the woman had her phone in her lap? The exact circumstances are not ours to know but this woman lied at least once about her phone use. Having been riding professionally for many years i can assure you that many car, van and lorry drivers use their phones whilst driving, putting other road users at great risk.

This guy's luck didn't run out, he was killed by ignorance.......but you would know all about that eh!

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Jan 11

Posts: 8428

snev says:


you seem to have access to the facts, would you explain exactly what happened..... because I for one cannot understand your comments.

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Nov 05

Posts: 127

I don't the full facts but..

regardless she has pulled out and caused a death. So you would think "causing death by Dangerous driving" ie pulling out of a side road and causing a death, is in fact dangerous. To a careful and competent driver i am sure they would come to the same conclusion. I cant imagine many driving instructors passing learners for a maneuver like that during a driving test. 

So if David wasn't doing anything wrong then clearly she was and should be prosecuted accordingly.

 I have to say this is very very disappointing for everyone, but most of all for David's family and friends. 

No matter how you look at it, it now seems clear that you can drive down a one way street the wrong way and/or pull out on motorcyclist and kill them and be let off. However, if you are a motorcyclist and speed into three figures on an open road when no one is at harm you will face jail. Maybe its me, but this doesn't seem fair by any standards......

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Apr 10

Posts: 198

arryace says:

right decision

he was overtaking traffic she couldn't see him it's likely he couldn't see her phone or no phone the collision was going to happen looking at the picture this was very nearly a head on collision meaning she was well established in the carriageway before the collision. a tragic event which resulted in the loss of life? yes a conspiracy by the police/CPS to protect their own? no!!

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Nov 05

Posts: 127


sorry but it says in the Highway code: 172 The approach to a junction may have a ‘Give Way’ sign or a triangle marked on the road. You MUST give way to traffic on the main road when emerging from a junction with broken white lines across the road. Laws RTA 1988 sect 36 & TSRGD regs 10(1),16(1) & 25 Failure to ignore the "MUST" amounts to dangerous driving, never mind the phone bit.. Failure to look or see other vehicles when you should give way is no excuse i am afraid. Same as driving into the back of someone regardless of the reason.. Simples.

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