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jess jephcott  says:

My son the criminal

An interesting situation is developing in our lives at the moment - I would welcome comment about it. Last June, my 17-year-old son went to a local supermarket on his motorcycle to use the cash machine. Whilst in the car park he was hit by a car, knocked off and injured. It turned out that the driver of the car was a family friend. She got out,...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (19 February 2013 11:39)

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May 10

Posts: 102

Bebobobob says:

Asked for it?

pretty simple: you pleaded guilty, and you're upset they think he did what he admitted to doing? next time exchange insurance details, tell the truth and don't plead guilty to things you didn't do.... how is that the fault of the police?

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Feb 13

Posts: 18

justaname says:

what a plonker

why would he plead guilty, surely a supermarket would have plenty of cctv to back up his case. seems he just wanted to forget about it from the off, then pleads guilty to save hassle. maybe he did'nt challenge it because he knew he'd done wrong. maybe.

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Feb 10

Posts: 1953

SlowLearner says:

No fan of the filth, personally, but...

... how are they supposed to tell the difference between someone who genuinely committed a crime, and someone who readily confesses to same?

This "friend" of yours does appear to be a bit of a bitch, if you'll pardon the language.   Your main beef should be with her.

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Aug 11

Posts: 9

kernowjim says:

Personally, I'd like to hear

the woman's side of the story before passing judgement, I'm sure it will differ wildly from your son's!

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Feb 10

Posts: 1953

SlowLearner says:

Just one thing...

How - according to the official story - did your son leave the scene of the accident?  Just pick up the "bent bike" and run home on his "bloodied legs"?

Why didn't this woman report this apparent hit-and-run at the time?   It's kind of tough to report such a thing days later and get it taken seriously.

But most intriguingly, why did your son:

 - "decline to give a statement" to the police ?
 - Refuse to provide insurance details (which in no way is an admission of liability) ?
 - plead guilty to all charges (assuming he was innocent of them all) ?

Did he have any representation in court, or just show up by himself?   Why bother going to court at all, if he was going to plead guilty to everything, and say nothing in mitigation?

Any of this get mentioned to these people from the court who came around "probing for details of previous criminal activity" - or did he confess to a bit of house-breaking, GBH, crack-dealing, terrorism, and anything else suggested to him?

This whole sorry story sounds pretty damned odd, if you don't mind my saying so.

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Apr 07

Posts: 1554

shuggie1 says:

Sorry, why not claim on insurance in 1st place?

You said his bike was damaged and he was injured. At least worth discussing with woman who hit him, asking for CCTV, etc to get the bike repaired...

Doesn't matter if he knew her, it's up to the insurance cos to sort out.

If CCTV showed incident, or he was hit why plead guilty?

Something's not right here...

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Sep 07

Posts: 2877

James600zx says:

How ridiculous!

I hope you're still on friendly terms with the woman because it sounds like she did exactly the right things after the accident; in particular, informing her insurer in expectation of a claim against her. She will have had no influence upon the subsequent proceedings. All your son had to do was reciprocate in the first place. A statement to the police would simply have enabled them to assign an incident number for reference by the insurers, that's all. Non-cooperation isn't really an option, is it. How ridiculous to have let this go so far.

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Jul 09

Posts: 66

CaNsA says:

Easy way out?

He mugged himself.

Story smells fishy.

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Jan 10

Posts: 11


The woman did exactly what she was supposed to do under the circumstances, and let the insurance system deal with it. Your sons responses are the reason you all find yourselves in the current situation! I find it odd that you make no mention of any attempt to advise your son regarding giving his details etc and then go to court and plead guilty!! Absolutely nuts!!

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Aug 02

Posts: 3293

eatcs01 says:

sorry to be harsh

But your son sounds like a twat. Refusing to give a statement. Refusing to give insurance details. Pleading guilty.


Suggest you go and troll elsewhere.

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