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Matthew Birt  says:

No influx of new engineering expertise at Ducati

New Ducati boss Bernhard Gobmeier says the hiring of a host of new engineering expertise will not be implemented to help the Bologna factory’s recovery in the 2013 MotoGP world championship. Gobmeier has the task of re-building Ducati’s MotoGP project after a disastrous two-year spell with Italian legend Valentino Rossi. The size of that task became apparent earlier this month when the...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (19 February 2013 12:00)

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Jan 13

Posts: 209

pannyderosa says:


Buloboy = stupid arse
Nostro = stupid arse

A couple of clowns....and boring ones at that.

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Jun 10

Posts: 510

weskit says:

another example of selective facts

The defining characteristic of yellow zombies. ElDiablo watches "Rossi vs Stoner Le Mans 2012" and starts asking if Stoner was so good, how come he lost in the rain.

I can think of two wet races of the top of my head where Stoner destroyed the entire field. Silverstone 2011 for one, and then there is Sepang 2009 where he spent the first 10 laps going over a second faster than anyone else before easing off.

There are other examples, but I'm afraid the Mallorcan sun has might have touched your brain a little bit. Or you caught something from one of the English ladies who frequent your lovely island.

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Nov 11

Posts: 178

Chrisb970 says:

Donnigton 2009

That was another wet race Stoner did well in ......  :mellow:


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Aug 11

Posts: 698

Bootlegger says:

All sides considered.

Ducati are clearly not competitive right now as a whole nor have been since 2006/2007,whereafter pneumatic valve gear negated desmo advantage and away racing saw a Bridgestone on a Yamaha.  Brownie points to them though.The little outfit are still game in pukka prototype GP racing unlike the pathetic other big two. Those being Kawasaki and Suzuki pertaining to 4 stroke era. Triumph have been prudent enough not to even test a toe.

Clearly GP is on a downhill slope. Sattelite prototype,ART,CRT etc.

Classes to watch out for within classes. Riders to watch out for within classes,all within the bigger picture of the MotoGP spectacle.  The loser is of course the the casual view follower. Because he won't know what is actually going on. Rider X to most who comment on this site and others know full well that rider Y has no chance because he is within unofficial class C. The ride has overtaken the rider.

Meanwhile,I'm with Gobmeier's take. Develope in house,minimize cost and develope according to budget.

If at the end of 2014,they can't compete with HRC/Yam on a very regular and successfull basis.......

Call it quits. No embarrassement there. Ducati has a niche market that has survived an eternity much like Harley Davidson. Strictly business. Supply and demand.

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Apr 11

Posts: 3437

Bultoboy says:


I agree we all have opinions but it seems your opinions about the Ducati are all related to trying to make out the bike is fine and Rossi was the problem.

Yeah whatever, he couldn't ride the thing could he - He couldn't ride it any better than anyone else other than the one bloke that could make it perform. That's a fact and has nothing to do with me. It's your standard response - that I'm always trying to make Rossi look bad.

Dogbert - That wasn't really a true representation of the Ducati though, was it?

They had a private test a couple of days prior to the race, then the rest of the teams were hit by the weather during the weekend, leaving Ducati sitting pretty.

Not 100% no, I did say they had two days over the other teams but they'd also have have had more time over the race weekend had they had full dry sessions. He may not have finished second (I'd say definitely not if Pedrosa hadn't been wiped out and Stoner had been there) but he had a massive gap to Hayden who hadn't been at the 2 day test. That wasn't normal, so the only point I was suggesting was that with time, they found a better set up for Rossi who then rode the bike quicker. It's unlikely the other teams would have improved a second or so a lap more had they had full sessions and pushed him back to 10th, but granted that doesn't mean it is capable of regularly winning races.

Wosi - I suggest it is Bulto and Bum Chum Nostro who are losing their grip?

HaHa - this from the man who is now performing back-flips quicker than his pet goldfish that the cat has pawed out of its bowl. Can I remind you of how you used to blame the CF frame (Stoner's fault of course) for the handling woes of the Ducati. Then, when Rossi got his way and pronounced himself very happy with the new perimiter framed bike at Sepang you danced around saying I told you so. Then, when there was no improvement in results on said bike and Rossi deemed it impossible to set up, you joined the Emmet bandwagon -  often linking his article on "the problem with the Ducati" and gleefully pointing out how the 90 degree V twin was at the root of Ducati's problems.

Now you find Honda has one, so another change of tack and it's now the size of it that's the problem, not the configuration. Fck me man, what's next, it's the wrong colour or has the wrong shape cam covers?

Looks like your chances of providing those tangible reasons for Ducati's problem are dribbling away faster than Rossi's reject parts into the 5 ringed skip.

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Apr 12

Posts: 586


Stoner was winning races on the duke right up to the end....he won 3 out of the last six races and was 2nd in the last race......casey stoners riding decadent?????.....he put the ducati on the podium 9 times in 2010...8 times in 2009....11 times in 2008......and finally 14 times in 2007.....if that's decadent god help them all

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Jul 12

Posts: 3189

wosihound says:


As usual you're talking utter bollocks..

..compared to your good self, Old wosi has a deep understanding of all things mechanical relating to motorbikes.

He knows the difference between a twin and a V-four and that CF is not the same as Aluminium. He comprehends the benefits of perfect primary & secondary balance and the theory behind Furasawa's centroid triangle that had Preziosi offering to fall on his sword. Wosi can read between the lines and makes his own mind up.

You drawing a conclusion that the GP9/10 was actually a great bike on the strength of one fast lap by Checa on a Superbike in testing, when the bikes are so patently different, is a desperate last throw of the dice of a totally discredited Rossi hater..making it up as he goes along.

Pal, we can all see you're way out of your depth and hurting..

Now..If you truly believe at this stage of the game, with the Ducati 2 seconds off the pace and both riders calling for a new bike, that you're gonna see Bologna dust the mothballs of Stoners CF bike that he was so inconsistent need to pay closer attention. It would be a complete waste of time if I ran you through the inherent problems associated with the D16, that you've read about a thousand times before but choose to ignore.

You simply can't get it through your thick head that when Hayden says the new bike is probably is. That when Dovi agrees with him that the bike needs a total redesign despite the above, after such a short space of time on the bike and riding the opposition so recently, it actually vindicates Rossi..and all this without taking into consideration him being only a tenth behind the WC on the same bike, first time out.

Your desperate dislike of the man has skewed reality inside that pea brained world of yours.

You are completely and utterley wrong in almost all your fantastic conspiracy theories and without doubt are in the running for the biggest James Blunt on this site.

Now fuck off and have a sit down somewhere quiet you plonker and let the rest of us talk racing without your constant whining, bitter background noise lowering the tone.

[This Reply has been modified by the Author]

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Nov 03

Posts: 2232

saturn392 says:

I'm not a technician and modern mechanics is not myy forte but let's consider the following

The bike Stoner roder was an 800 the bike Rossi rode was a 1000. From my humble perspective the extra power produced by the 1000 would drastically alter the handling characteristics therefore rendering the settings associated with the 800 obsolete. Comparing Rossi's perfromance on the 1000 to Stoner's on the 800 is a non-starter. Stoner never rode the 1000.   The problem with Ducati seems to be transferring the power of the 1000 to the track in a rider manageable way. This ostensibly is where the problem lies.  I have read that the reason the Honda works is because they have the balance right between power and transfer to track.  This balance is obviously lacking in the Ducati. It's no good have the fastest straightline speed if it handles like a camel on crack in the corners.

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Apr 12

Posts: 586

what advantage????

A few miles an hour on the straight..the fukin thing didn't stop or go round corners!!!!....if it had a massive advantage why did the nearest duke finish 8th in 2007?....the duke has always been crap u idiot, stoner made the difference...and he simply got sick of ducati relying 100% on his talent to drag it on the podium......vale has shown, along with all the rest the true capability of where ducati really are......and even though I like vale and he's provided great entertainment over the years, he's fallen flat on his face just like all the rest........if I was stoner I'd arrange a private test of the duke, see how I went and if I did the business, I'd have a ducati wildcard at phillp island.....that would be a spectacle

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Apr 12

Posts: 586


valencia 2010, stoner steps off the bike after coming second at the last gp.....nrxt day rossi gets on the bike that he says is the brst bike on the grid......shits himself stupid and cannot get within 2 seconds of what stoner did the day before

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