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MCN Staff  says:

Insurance Advice: What to do if you're convicted?

If you're ever unfortunate enough to find yourself convicted of a motoring offence with your bike you'll have a lot of questions flying through your head. MCN Compare have taken some of the most frequently asked questions about motoring convictions and answered them here for you; to help take some of the mystery our of insurance. What to do if...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (21 February 2013 15:55)

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Dec 10

Posts: 242

blue200tdi says:

Convictions relate to all motoring offences, whether in a car, van, bike or any other vehicle.

Shame no claims discounts don't eh!? I have maximum no claims on my car after having 27 years of claim free driving. The insurance companies that will insure my bike will not take those no claims years against the bike. So after a few years without a bike I had to start my isurance no claims again costing me money. If I now have a claim against me in my car, then my insurance for my bike will then go up.

How unfair is that! Why do the insurance companies get it both ways? Either my no claims from my car ARE allowed or they aren't!!

The definition of insurance should be legalised theft...or fraud! I've had to do seperate tests to drive a car, a motorbike, a coach and lorries so why, if I lose my bike licence, should I lose the rest of my licences?

I'm waffling now but you get the point!

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Feb 10

Posts: 1953

SlowLearner says:

NCD Vs Convictions

Yeah, blue200tdi - I certainly get your point.

And if you have - say - two bikes and two cars, the same NCD doesn't apply on them all.  Oh no.  You have to build up the NCD on any subsequent vehicle as a separate matter!

I spent years living in the US.  Got back to the UK, and suddenly got treated like I'd just got my licence.   What about all the record & NCD I'd built up before going?   Not F'ing Interested.

What about my claim and conviction free time in America, for which I had evidence?  NFI again.

These miserable buggers really do have us all ways, and work with each other just to make sure they keep consistently shafting us every way possible.   All we want is reasonable behaviour and fair play.   They don't like that.   Bastards.

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Apr 12

Posts: 320

DazLoczy says:

Tell me about it

I gave up my car for just over a year with maxed out no claims, then when I went to insure a very basic 1.2L Corsa they wanted to rush me nearly £1000 THIRD PARTY! WTF? The vehicle I'd given up was a Golf GTI with very low profile tyres, polished alloy wheels, big sounding exhaust and my insurance was only £400 pa FULLY COMP with other vehicles included. One year on a motorcycle without car insurance, no accidents or claims on the bike but my no claims built up for over 13 years of driving without incident or claim is wiped out? There's something seriously wrong with that. The industry in general is a sham. The wife needed to claim for someone cutting her up and clipping her offside wing, plenty of witness statements and even a police report because the other person failed to stop, two years later we decided to give up the claim because the car had since been sold and the insurance company did sweet FA! While I don't advocate it I can understand why there's so many uninsured drivers on the road when you're being robbed of your money for no recompense when you need it. I don't want to advocate not insuring because I actually think the penalty for not being insured should be much harsher. BUT, the insurance industry needs much tighter regulation and be fairer on customers who are safer drivers/riders.

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Apr 07

Posts: 1554

shuggie1 says:


Most major car insurers will give you credit for 18-24 months without a car....

Which insurer were you with?

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Mar 09

Posts: 28

BigBriWil says:

Bike Insurance

Been with Bennetts for seven years, bought a ZX12R last year but wanted to keep my Firestorm which had max NCD, quote for the Kawasaki was eye watering with no NCD but was advised Bennetts do dual policies and to be fair it then worked out roughly double what I was paying on the Firestorm for them both.

Fully agree what everyone else is saying about our marvellous insurance firms, the banks are reaping the whirlwind with PPI now, I hope insurance is next.

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Sep 09

Posts: 888

Rogerborg says:

Haha, are you joking?

The contract is agreed on the basis of the factors disclosed at inception.  Only significant changes are (axiomatically).. Change of vehicle, change of address, large change in mileage are significant.  Being convicted of an "offence" that's so minor that you're not even required to disclose it during security check vetting?  Jog on.

I'm going to call up, sit in a queue for 20 minutes and then be charged an admin fee for them answering the phone, even if they don't try and apply an immediate extra premium?  Not in this life or the next.

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Feb 10

Posts: 7

andygoodman says:

Depends who you Call

My Insurance company took into account my car driving history when i called them and gave me a discount to make my premium alot cheaper than it would have been with zero years, and compared to other insurers they where a hell of a lot cheaper.

The same place also when adding on my GSXR 600cc to my policy as I had 2 bikes, because the my first bike is a Suzuki TL-R so higher rated they did not charge me anything to add the new bike as they said the risk is based on the highest rated machine.

I was very impressed and would recommend them to everyone

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Feb 08

Posts: 159

davdamos says:


You recommend your insurance company but haven't said who they are. they sound good :-)

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

Myself, I'd let them know, because insurance companies can be slippery little b'stards and will use many tricks to avoid a payout. They are, after all, in business, not charities.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8098

snev says:


having owned approx 47 bikes, 44 cars and vans over a 35 year period and paid thousands of my hard earned....with no claims whatsoever. I reckon a bit of a rebate is due TBH. The Law says you must be Insured.....? yet there are Many that Don't...... or can't be arsed, And who pays for them? It's a bit like all the "Can't be arsed" Council house Dwellers and unemployed Fuckwits.... Who pays for them? Muggins here.

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