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Steve Farrell  says:

Death crash policewoman resigns

A policewoman who caused a crash that killed a motorcyclist while talking on her phone has resigned. Collette Carpenter stepped down after the Crown Prosecution Services’ decision not to charge her was reported in the national press. Carpenter was talking on her phone when she pulled into the path of motorcyclist David Bartholomew, 54, an inquest heard. But the CPS...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (01 March 2013 16:17)

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Jan 13

Posts: 28

Boxer12 says:

Phone Or No Phone!!

Like some here have said, She pulled out on him and he was whithin the speed limit yet no case to answer? I know his family have lost a loved one and have enough to deal with but hope they get some justice. RIP

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Sep 10

Posts: 103

street3r says:

No justice!

A "Special" is a volunteer. So now she doesn't volunteer for anything, big deal. But her real job is safe. I can't believe there is no evidence for prosecution! What a joke. Will we ever see a driver done for killing a biker? The attitude seems to be all biker are asking for it.

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Aug 02

Posts: 120

Robell says:

Be careful....

...about taking what you read in isolation. There's always 2 sides to a story

While there's no excuse for anyone using a mobile, and the fact that this special lied about it proves she knew that, there might be a reason why the CPS didn't pursue the case.

In the local paper :

"Mr Bartholomew was overtaking a number of vehicles and Miss Carpenter was emerging from the Uddens Drive junction on the A31 at 7.15am when the collision took place. "

Overtaking on a juntion would, at the very least, reduce the proportion of blame. And I doubt many riders would recommend it.

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Feb 09

Posts: 515

@Factual, you are quite correct in your observation about her powers, which ironically exceed those of PCSO's. My point is that she will undoubtedly escape any discipline or other sanctions because she is NOT a full time officer and can basically walk away whenever she chooses. There are, as in any walk of life, good coppers and bad coppers. Funny how the good work they do attracts little or no publicity? Surely not EVERYONE on here has nothing but bad experiences with them? As Robell points out, there are 2 sides to every story; not everything in life is black or white. The one incontrovertible FACT about this female is that she has, apparently, no conscience or basic morals.

As for who is at fault, there is case law which has been in existence for many years stating that a vehicle enetring a main road from a minor road can be judged to be blameworthy. Admittedly, this is more for the civil side of things, but should be considered by the CPS. It is possible that Mr. Bartholomew was unable to see the junction due to other vehicles?




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Dec 10

Posts: 11938

preunit says:


"The one incontrovertible FACT about this female" is that she was on the FUCKING phone.

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bob the builder


Feb 03

Posts: 197

It`s about time mobile phones were banned in vehicles.

the amount of times I have nearly been run into ,both on the bike and in my van, is ridiculous.

these twats need to be fined £1000 , have points on their licences, and banned for a year. that might wake road users who use mobiles, up and take notice, that they are Breaking the law.

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Sep 09

Posts: 879

Rogerborg says:

She'll just go and join another Farce

The CPS are probably right that there's no realistic chance of a conviction, but mostly because they are institutional incompetents to clearly consider bikers to be subhumans who are all asking for it. Oh, and pissedsid hit the nail on the head - if she touched that phone at any point, then she should at least have been prosecuted for that minor offence. But don't expect the CPS to know the actual law.

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Apr 09

Posts: 192

yammy7r says:

I hope the dykie pig gets swine flu

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Mar 13

Posts: 1

sezsez says:

I'm sorry but the rage on this one leads me to just say the f*cking C*nts Is anyone seriously telling me that if the driver had had nothing to do with the police force they would not have been treated differently? The fact that the mobile phone was (unproven to be) in the lap of the driver on speaker phone before the accident has little to do with anything.If the driver was not distracted by the fact they were on the phone while driving, would they not have been paying more attention to the task they were meant to be performing i.e. driving a large mass of motorised metal? and with that a fellow road user and human being may still be alive today if they had not been talking on the phone at the same time as driving? Enough wanky law; it is not a right for people to drive and talk on the phone - it does not make them more alert, any accident that occurs while a driver is on the phone should automatically fall under the heading of dangerous driving or driving without due care and attention. How can it be argued otherwise?

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Feb 09

Posts: 233

tris123 says:

no justice

Incredible that even now people can get away with driving like this. You see it every day, people pulling out from side roads without looking properly, if there is no punishment there is no deterrent so people's attitude won't change and people will continue to be killed unnecessarily. I personally think that causing death by careless driving should result in a permanent driving ban and prison sentence as a minimum. Then advertise the facts on TV and in newspapers. These selfish idiots need to be taken off the road.

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