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Jan 05

Posts: 3428

MADMARK99 says:

Cop rear ends biker

A Las Vegas cop rear ends a biker and then shouts him down to make out it's the riders fault.

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  • Posted 2 years ago (04 March 2013 09:57)

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Apr 12

Posts: 5

Dougald says:

To be fair...

His lane positioning was all over the place (I thought he was trying to ride up onto the pavement), and for some reason decides to come to a complete standstill when someone changes lanes 1-2 car lengths in front of him

Of course, this is mostly moot as the office should have been following at a distance safe enough to stop, but still, you can't place the blame squarely on the police here..

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Mar 09

Posts: 9014

jaffa90 says:

rear ended

preunit beat you to it.:blink:

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Oct 06

Posts: 1

fbyte says:

Cop is wrong in so many ways.

The guy brakes because the car in front (on the left line) was indicating to move right (1:13).

Agree he should have checked his mirrors before stopping but the cop should have stick to the following distance and not appologie to the poor guy.

And there is nothing too wrong about their road position, He may neeed to move right or left within their lane to be able to see what is in front (you shouldn't just look at the car in front!)


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Apr 12

Posts: 5

Dougald says:

He does not simply brake as the car in front indicates to move over, he literally stops the bike in the middle of the road - you can see the bike come to a standstill before he is hit.

Anyway as I said, all moot because Mr Policeman should have left enough space between them to be able to safely stop

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Jan 04

Posts: 152

venturer says:


this video is very fishy

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Feb 09

Posts: 4771

philehidiot says:



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Mar 13

Posts: 1

walry says:

 So I got it now.

 If I rearend a bike (or a car), I should get mad at the biker and yell threats at him and blame him.

 Got it!


Glad this officer straightened this out.



Would love to see the reason for the tickets. BS.

 This biker could have pulled his bluff and the officer would be in big trouble.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2321

Hedgehog5 says:


Inexperienced or nervous rider saw a car indicating (but who had clearly seen him & halted) & stopped in his lane... everything textbook (though a bit OTT) apart from the cop who should be experienced enough to read the situation. My rule, never brake unless you have to... I've had 2 people run into the back of me, both in situations where I didn't have a choice.

In the UK the bike would have been riding down the white line, the car wouldn't have indicated & pulled straight across but the rider would have swerved & avoided it... & the cop, having seen it, would've done the driver for undue care... OK, I made the last bit up.

Thank god we allow filtering! It's far safer than waiting for the impact.

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Oct 11

Posts: 2669

Piglet2010 says:

Police State

In many countries the police are feared more than the criminals. The US is rapidly becoming one of those states. Best not to argue with a cop on the street – he might shoot you* and claim it was necessary.

*ALL US cops are heavily armed (typically 2 side-arms, and a shotgun and/or assault rifle in the car), and shootings of unarmed persons are on a rapid rise.

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Sep 10

Posts: 191

The  rider  acted very well  , the police like all that respect , I don"t think I could have done the same even with our British reserve ! . He could have said that the law states if you are hit from behind the guy - or lady is to close , a proper distance should  be  there at all times . The biker could have reported  the incident  , but would he have got any justice here or there in the U.S. - I doubt  it , and given the minor damage he was possibly   correct  , after -all he could have met the cop again  , and would he be  in a good mood  ? probably not .

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