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Steve Farrell  says:

Deer threat to road safety

There are more deer in the UK than at any time since the Ice Age, according to a study highlighting the threat to road safety. Deer populations need to be culled by as much as 60% just to keep numbers stable, according to research by the University of East Anglia. A spokeswoman for the university said: “In the absence of natural...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (08 March 2013 09:15)

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Jan 11

Posts: 123

petedj says:

Dear Deer

If you are going to cull deer for this reason how about including farmers driving tractors on the road, taxi drivers, anyone using a mobile phone hands free or not, or anyone driving a red Nissan Micra. This could make a significant difference to road casualty figures.

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Dec 12

Posts: 1437

Diablere says:

Jesus Christ

best watch out for Fenton then

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Sep 12

Posts: 124

Rotop says:


All motorcycles should have rifle holders in case of deer and other pests to road users such as all taxi and bus drivers, people who use the phone while driving, that girl who was putting on eyeliner at +70 MPH while overtaking me, that guy who was texting while driving and swerving over the dual carriageway so much that he nearly crashed twice. Ohh and those c***s that tried to run me off the road.

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Nov 12

Posts: 10

HaplessBiker says:


Good point mate, well made! There are plenty of things on the road I’d consider a more worrying concern than the odd deer (although that said I’ve never hit one, but I have hit a pothole and if I could cull those responsible for the damage to my spine/suspension I’d gladly do so).

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Feb 09

Posts: 129


Oh Deer

Just another excuss to kill wildlife cos their's money in it.You never hear about rabbits and the devistation they cause, no money to be made thats why.

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Jul 12

Posts: 13

PeteDuke says:


I was hit by deer at 55 to 60mph on country road, brand new bike with 600 miles on clock written off, 3 days in hospital with 5 broken bones, many dislocated bones and multipull bruising. Riding gear did its job but written off. 4 weeks off work no pay.
Cop that came, breathalysed me, thought I been drinking as he didnt believe me, nearly arrested as i was struggling to blow into it with the injuries. Insurance company rep thought it was funny to say things like 'oh dear, was it an old dear, how was the deer' .
But its classed as 'your fault' accident . Consquently my insurance premiums now gone up, as injury and 'my' fault.
Shoot the lot.

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Sep 08

Posts: 498

the human population needs culling, there's too many people for this planet

i live a few miles from where the research was done, and it has always been renowned for how many deer that live there, dont believe it, it's like going to london then counting the number of foreigners

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Nov 03

Posts: 470

kl595 says:

I've never seen a deer on the road. Seen lots of people though. My logic might be flawed but surely it's better to cull the species whose number overwhelm their environment?

Just think ....less congestion, less accidents, reduced insurance premiums, reduced pollution, more jobs to go round and no housing shortage!

The University Of East Anglia hasn't thought this through properly. They've been looking at the wrong animal!

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Aug 09

Posts: 66

crawsue says:

Hit a roe deer

last summer while doing 30mph in my car,came from behind a hedge,no chance to avoid it. It barrel rolled a couple of times then jumped to it's feet and ran off. Car was undamaged! A week later,while out on the 'bike St 1050, one jumped right over a 6 foot high field hedge between me and my mate, sh*t myself! Can't get the idea out of my napper now, cos if you hit one at speed...especially a Red deer up here in Scotland, it will be game over. A cull is needed. BTW, this is not just a UK issue, deer numbers have more than doubled right across the Northern Hemisphere in the last decade. Forget eating horse about a nice venison steak this weekend! Luverly :lol:

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Oct 08

Posts: 47

Cull everything!!

+1 kl595 (although I have had a deer run out in the road in front of me, in the middle of f***ing Watford). The point of a cull is to prevent the environment being overwhelmed by a particular species. Apparently if deer are "left unchecked they threaten our woodland biodiversity".  What about when people are left unchecked? We threaten the quality of everything, but apparently we make the rules and aren't subject to them.

If only the accepted solution to all road safety problems was to have a cull of the major groups of potential offenders. We could cull young drivers, old drivers, HGV drivers, taxi drivers...

Hang on, what am I saying? It should be the person/thing that typically gets run over that should be culled, to prevent them from being run over. So deer, pheasants, cyclists, schoolchildren...

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