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MCN  says:

New BMW F800GT first ride

BMW’s new middleweight tourer, the F800GT, is currently being put through its paces for the first time by MCN’s Andy Downes. These are his first impressions: “We’ve done around 100 miles so far through Hertfordshire and into Suffolk on mostly wet and slimy roads but the new BMW is proving perfect for the conditions. It has ABS as standard and our...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (08 March 2013 13:24)

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Apr 10

Posts: 55

A new BMW. Fascinating!

So, the Beemer people have made another grey bike for the execs to 'be bikers' on their commute when it isn't raining or cold. I am bored just by the photo. On the other hand, if it is enough to persuade some people to spend on a car-owner-friendly brand with the chance of them being infected by the biker bug, then GREAT!

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Jan 11

Posts: 8405

snev says:

China ships...

Boat loads of Cheep Tat all over the World, Why? because there are so many MUGS that think they are "getting a bargain". Tat is Tat no matter how you wrap it up.

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Aug 02

Posts: 183

AndyDownes says:

sprintman52 and muddy686

Sprintman52 - sorry about my ugly mug spoiling the pictures of the bike! We try to have an image of the rider with the bike they are testing so it shows we were actually there rather than using press images. I will have to make some kind of comedy mask for future appearances!!! haha! I think my slightly grim appearance wasn't helped by the fact it was bloody freezing that morning. That's my excuse anyway.

Muddy686 - I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the bike on the test ride but I stand by my comment that this isn't an exciting bike but then I'm not sure it was meant to be in the first place and certainly isn't a reason not to buy one. Indeed some people would consider that to be a good thing. And anyway, when it comes to this particular class of bike I'm not sure any of the middleweight tourers can be classed as thrilling; that's not really what they are about.

This bike seems to have stirred up a decent level of interest and the full test will be in this Wednesday's issue of MCN on sale March 13.

Kind regards


Andy Downes

MCN Senior Reporter


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Mar 13

Posts: 1

sgbxyz says:

I ride over 15k a year commuting in all weathers, weekend rides and the odd short tour, sometimes 2 up. For the last 2 years I've had a Versys 650 abs tourer which has been faultless and economical. However I wanted a bit more power and weather protection plus I've had enough of cleaning, oiling and tensioning chains...I know it only takes a couple of minutes but it's dirty, dull and too frequent with my mileage. Having had 2 test rides I've put down a deposit on the f800gt, I was really impressed with the handling and the brakes compared to the versys but there didn't seem to be a lot more weather protection in the rain at motorway speeds. Points against the bmw...very high finance apr compared to 0% on hondas and kawasakis so I've been to the high street, plus 6k service intervals, come on bmw, even ducati are 7.5!

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Sep 09

Posts: 897

Rogerborg says:

Dafuq? 6K intervals on a tourer?

With a "low maintenance" belt drive?  At BMW prices?  They're having a laugh.  This is why no bugger is buying new bikes, they're fundamentally not much better than they were 20 years ago.

Lord's sake, my GPZ (which was designed when Back to the Future was showing in cinemas) has 7.5K oil change intervals, plus interim "inspection services" that you can trivially DIY.

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Sep 10

Posts: 1323

SatNavSteve says:


And thats only half of it. I had my 6k service done on my Tiger 800 before Christmas, £215! Last week, I had my motorhome serviced which includes checking all gas and water pipes, the water heating and a thorough damp check, £163!! The bike service was little more than a glorified oil change. Just shows how bikers are being ripped off.

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Oct 12

Posts: 3

KingCast955i says:

You don't have to tell me...

Look I've ridden a bunch of Beemers, including the S100RR and K1300GT and guess which one I liked the best? The F800. At 47 I'm long past any need to buy shit that "looks hot" over something that is equally or more entertaining while not looking "hot." That having been said my Sprint RS is gleaming Acidic Yellow but whatever...... the point is, is that overall that BMW is probably a better bike for how I use my bike; it's just that I am admittedly intoxicated by the triple but that BMW is a fine fine machine, with usable good power, nimble handling and a suspension light years ahead of Leicestershire. Take a look:

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Dec 10

Posts: 8

wright1200 says:

Why use Japcrap Indicator Switch?

It’s nice looking mid weight tourer, but come on BMW, why use the Japcrap indicator style switch? The journalists, my not liked BMW’s ergonomic 3 button indicator switch system, but we the riders who used it, buy’s our bikes and use them for ourselves, did and do! Anything has got to better the Japcrap indicator switch! At least Harley have kept with the paddle switch. For me, the Japcrap indicator switch, kills the bike stone dead! Everything else maybe great, but having the unusable Japcrap indicator switch system is death row, with the current car drivers out there! Most rider of Jap bikes, don’t use their indicators, BMW riders do, read what how you like, BMW’s system worked!

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Apr 12

Posts: 320

DazLoczy says:

So the indicators are..

...can't believe an indicator switch is the make or break bit about buying a motorcycle - bemused!

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Dec 04

Posts: 11

ginz says:

What's the point ?

Nice comments, but.. . . . Lets keep to the point. The F800 GT is a TOURER. Not a sports tourer. as such it's a great bike. Light, comfortable, easy to ride. It looks ok but to some it will not please. So what about those indicators ? Well, the VAST majority of bikes worldwide use the one switch system and they cannot all be wrong. I have had several beepers in the past and never got used to the Bertie Bassett indicators. It is a crap system and BMW have changed because they were losing sales. I have been biking 56 years and now I am an old fart. My days of fireblades and R 1 s has gone due to arthritis etc. I have just taken delivery of an F 800 GT after exchanging my Z100 SX. Your turn will come. You will reach the time when you need something lighter and easier to handle. Let us keep it in perspective, not everyone want a crutch rocket and most that have them cannot use them. So be a little kinder to us old duffers who were once like you but now need something tamer ! Keep the faith. . . And stay safe. . .

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