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Dec 12

Posts: 1456

Diablere says:

Chris Huhne?

No mention of this on here, which surprised me.

 in reality it will be 4 months at the most in a nice soft open prison, even knowing that i feel to a degree that some justice has been served.

what do you lot think?

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  • Posted 2 years ago (12 March 2013 13:46)

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Aug 05

Posts: 7590

babyblade41 says:

I'm probably in the minority

on this one, and don't get me wrong the bloke is a turd, but I'm sure high profile community service for 18 months would of been more appropriate.

This sentence was the same as another case recently when someone killed a motorcyclist driving dangerously.

Either sentencing has to be equal or why bother

Killing anyone through dangerous driving should have a minimum of at least 5 years, maybe more

But swapping points?? aren't prisons crowded enough and he will be out in proably 3 months, he will have 10% taken off for pleading guilty albeit at the last possible minute.

He'll spend his time writing a book on the experience and make even more money.


I'm not sure what punishment should be dished out but I don't think in this case a custodial sentence will do much damage

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Mar 07

Posts: 3215

Boult says:

Agree with BB

I reckon 100's of couples / friends do this month in month out  -  it's the main failing of speed camera policy.

They only got caught because "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"

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Aug 05

Posts: 7590

babyblade41 says:

if your planning revenge

don't forget to dig 2 graves

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Aug 02

Posts: 1002

ANichol says:


is due to high profile case and the need for justice to be 'seen' to be done; none of which should really be relevant in sentancing, but modern times, ho hum.

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Nov 09

Posts: 322

About right

An attempt to undermine a prosecution has to be punishable more severely than the original offence, or it would be in every crim's interest to try it on. Minimum sentence for perverting the course of justice is four months.

(And it won't be an open prison, since by the time they would be eligible for that they'll probably already have done four months, the routine half the sentence, and be sent home with a tag on, a criminal lawyer tells me)

(btw, the starting point for the lowest level of causing death by dangerous driving is 3 years, minimum 2 with a bunch of mitigating factors. See The main problem there is that the CPS usually go for the safer prosecution of a death by careless driving charge even in some pretty dodgy circumstances. )

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Aug 02

Posts: 1001


Heard him making an apology that he had been a bad boy,

bollocks, he is only sorry he got caught, (grassed up). Bring back the noose for these dicks.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8491

snev says:


A noose for pricks....."Cock Ring":shock::shock::shock:

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Jan 10

Posts: 264

chriscg says:

Huhne & biatch

will be out in 2 months anyhow.


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Nov 12

Posts: 10

Mulski says:

Given the way he wriggled like hell...

and only confessed when he/she got caught out they got off lightly.

Moral compass was shot to hell.

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Oct 11

Posts: 3059

roseyeric says:


one ounce of sympathy for him.

Thought he was above the law of the common people.

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