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MCN  says:

Rossi: 'Ducati can't deal with criticism'

Valentino Rossi has revealed more about his fractious relationship with Ducati in MCN's exclusive new interview (out on Wednesday). The 34-year-old's comments throw new light on the team's inability to make progress back up the grid – a problem he says stems from their inability to trust its riders when they point out a problem with the bike. He says in the...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (15 March 2013 14:37)

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Jan 12

Posts: 1937

doohanfan says:

back to

your old reliable, argumentum ad hominem, I see wosi.

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Jan 13

Posts: 204

DogBert says:


I am not the one insisting that either of them or any other rider is an invincible ssuperhero

I think that is exactly what you're trying to insist.

there is absolutely no evidence of any sort that anyone else could have done what stoner did on the thing

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Jul 12

Posts: 3304

wosihound says:

Yes..too true.

C'mon Pal?..I think I've been quite complimentary about Casey today?

A little less so towards his Orange banana's perhaps..but hey! This is MCN in the UK.




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Jan 12

Posts: 1937

doohanfan says:

no wosi

I said there is no evidence that anyone else could do what he did on that bike. As far as my opinion goes, I think stoner had an affinity with an unusual and flawed but obviously potentially fast bike, pretty much what agostini said, but what would he know? I am sure some wild young talent not set in his ways existed somewhere in the world who could have ridden the bike similarly, but no one in gp bike racing at the time immediately springs to mind. I have wondered whether it might have suited john hopkins.

Again imo, I think that the characteristics of the bike were totally opposite to what valentino prefers in a bike, which he says himself, but again what would he know? . If he had been 21 with no world championships, no previous experience on bikes well developed by him or others, and signed to a one year contract, he may have been able to totally change his riding style particularly if wins and podiums were in prospect rather than 5th or 6ths. We will never know.

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Jul 12

Posts: 3304

wosihound says:

No..I didn't?

..I'll try snorting the contents of this can of strongbow, then make a bong out of it.


PS..What happened to your "You do realise that alcohol is a drug?" comment Doohanfan?

I'm not playing if you carry on like that..just post another comment.

Your so fkin anal at times..make that all the time saddo.

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Jun 10

Posts: 510

weskit says:

strongbow is alcoholic???

f**k me that explains a lot.

I happen to agree with Wosi for once. Deleting posts is poor etiquette. This forum is a national treasure and needs to be treated with a certain respect.

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Aug 11

Posts: 700

Bootlegger says:

Spit & polish

Military medium. Licking boots and all and striving to achieve something beyond the comfort zone. Gain recognition for the effort. Fair retort from Stoner at SuperbikePlanet re the argument. Yeah! Prolly would have won 43 for Ducati by now,had he been graced with 10% of the backing his 2011 replacement received.

Sad but true.

Anyway,let's hold our breath's. Rossi and M1 to take Jerez by storm next week ..,I guess.

Sarcasm being the lowest form of wit etc. Case in point being me according the Wosi law.

Hell ! Send me a thank you card for mentioning you yet again.

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Nov 03

Posts: 2276

saturn392 says:

Weskit  -  for f**cks sake  get rid of the Bieber avatar - makes me feel sick.

Bootlegger - are you pissed? -  and what the f**cks a prolly - sounds like an umbrella belonging to a gay bloke with a lisp

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Jun 11

Posts: 2569

PaceyCasey says:

wosi've been banging on the last few days, stating there is no evidence Rossi could have ridden the bike to success like Stoner, trying to convince yourself like many of the fked up fanboys here that 2007 was all about Casey's talent as opposed to the bike he rode and the obvious advantages it had.


I'm kinda guessing that Vales lacklustre results recently give a good indication of what he may/may not have achieved aboard the GP7? Re Caseys 'talent'........................his Ducati stats over 4yrs against formidable opposition aboard superior machinery are surely proof enough, and cemented further by the failure of others aboard the Duke?

Go easy on me pal, it's my birthday tomorrow :) 



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Apr 11

Posts: 3619

Bultoboy says:

On the menu today

at Wosi's whinery

Pure bullshit - no contamination with horseshit here

What was it you said earlier? - I'm not interested in how you see things, with a bunch of if's but's & maybe's.

Then respond to someone else with this about 2007 and what Rossi would have done on the GP7  - If a second division Loris, whose head was sheded and who should have finished 4th that year, could achieve what he did on the bike..

And again you deride current riders over the 500 days and how they can't ride without electronic aids. Let's remind you of what Doohan had to say in 1997 - he asked for the screamer engine again because he felt the big bang motor was too compliant and flattered the other riders' ability, allowing them to close the gap on him. This is the screamer engine he wanted to get rid of in '93 because it was too vicious, prompting the introduction of the big bang in the first place. His reasoning to go back to the screamer was because the electronics had improved and they could now tame it to a point he could use it. He was right and romped '97. The others still couldn't ride it but by '98 and '99 they were all using the screamer again because the electronics made it more rideable.

Of the 2000 season, Burgess is on record as saying if they'd left Rossi with the '99 spec engine he'd probably have won the championship. When they gave him the 'Criville' spec engine he kept crashing as it was too peaky. And as we all know, Rossi likes a soft smooth engine.

Don't kid yourself for a minute Rossi ever rode a real frame twisting bone smashing 500 from the late 80s or early 90s with the handling of an Austin Allegro. You saw what a peaky Ducati with every conceivable electronic aid did to him, can you imagine...

As for the GP7, Rossi answered that one himself - I can't ride like Casey - or is that too much for you to comprehend.

I'd close that whinery down lad, it seems to be giving you bile.

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