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MCN  says:

You Ask/You Answer: Are Kevlar Jeans worth the cash?

"Summer's coming (well, maybe), which means I'll be ditching the GoreTex and getting my leather jacket and Kevlar jeans out again. I always get a lot of grief from my mates about wearing Kevlar jeans, they say they're actually no more protective than a pair of Levi 501s. Is this true, or do they withstand abrasion about as well as...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (20 March 2013 12:00)

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Nov 12

Posts: 11

I'm going to make the wild assumption that Kevlar is tougher than Denim.

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Aug 11

Posts: 43

muddy686 says:

Kevlar has one property.  It does not tear.  You go down and it will give you abrasion protection, but you wont walk away unharmed.  You hit something solid it will hurt.  You will get friction burns.  You will get cuts from gravel and road detritus, it won't enter your body but will slice you through the fabric.

So yeah, it will provide more protection than just Denim but it won't give as much as leather or cordura, but thats the compromise for looks and being cool in "summer heat". 

I'd go for jeans that come with (or have pockets for) knee and hip armour as the joints take a pounding in a tumble.  There is also a massive difference in prices, the most expensive aren't necassarily the best.  Try them on and walk around the shop a bit to test comfort.

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Mar 13

Posts: 1

irish1969 says:


 I never go out without the power ranger suit on. I know it looks silly but having no skin on your legs and ass is worse... isn't this just a plain logic debate. The textiles provide extra padding which helps with the impacts and better abrasion resistance. What is your skin worth too you?  :blink:

Here is an article for reading

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Mar 13

Posts: 2

freekone says:

I'm a big fan of Kevlar.. that is , I always wear it for short trips, to the shops etc. Any decent / motorways trips will make me go for the robocop suit though.

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Sep 10

Posts: 120

daveire says:

Depends how you plan on riding. If I am riding hard I wear all leather. I find leather pants great for grip on the tank. For commuting I wear textile especially in this weather. But on a hot summer day especially after work I love to cruse home in a t shirt. On track I wear everything. My point is wear what is appropriate.

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Dec 09

Posts: 3

silentnumber says:

Depends on riding style.

Well it depends on your riding style, If you get your knee down, popping wheelies and stunting, exceeding 100/mph, showing off etc, on public roads (or on track) then yes, leather would be a good idea. I don't do any of the aforementioned, so,for me kevlar denims are perfect. I think kevlar jeans offer better protection against abrasions than normal denims and with the same comfort, obviously kevlar has less protection than leathers. I have Red Route Kevlar Denims and I feel comfortable,think they look good and offer reasonable protection should I have a mishap, and at £60 suited my budget perfectly. Besides, Leather outfits don't make you immune to broken bones. It all comes down to personal choice, wear what you are comfortable wearing and always buy the best you can afford or budget allows, whether it be leather, textiles, or kevlar jeans. Levis dont have pockets for additional body armour so how can they be the same?

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Feb 13

Posts: 30

azicat says:

I'd say yes. I've got the scars to show that regular denim lasts about half a second against bitumen, even against parking speed falls. Kevlar jeans are a great compromise between minimal abrasion protection and wearing clothing that doesn't scream 'motorcyclist' when off the saddle. Perfect for general city riding.

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Oct 09

Posts: 103

BarbaricCub says:

They're great!

I've had two accidents, both wearing the same pair of Richa jeans. They're absolutely fine and I've never had any gravel rash etc on my legs.

I'm looking to buy some leathers for proper ride outs this summer, but every day riding will see me back in those kevlars and trusty textile Triumph jacket.

The only bad point i've had with mine, is that the right pocket has come away inside and I keep dropping my phone into my boot xD

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Feb 13

Posts: 18

justaname says:

try this

Go for a jog down your street in 501 jeans and trip yourself up so you hit the floor, do the same with the kevlar. assess the damage to both materials and also damage to skin. equate and evaluate said damage to a 30 mile per hour spill from your bike, and, there's your answer.

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Sep 09

Posts: 888

Rogerborg says:

Kevlar means I ride my bike more

When I was changing in and out of leather or cordura, some days I just couldn't be doing with it and took the cage for my commute. Now I wear solid black Draggin' denims as office wear, and kevlar means there's another happy biker on the road most days.

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