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MCN Staff  says:

Insurance Tips: Get the best insurance deal

Obviously choosing an older, less valuable and slower motorcycle will mean paying less to insurer it. But according to MCE Insurance, one of the brokers available through MCN Compare, there are other ways to save. Get training. Completing an advanced riding course will often qualify you for an insurance discount. Get a multi-bike policy. If you’re buying a second bike, don’t...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (22 March 2013 09:37)

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Feb 13

Posts: 18

justaname says:


You do an advanced training course, you get your quote, then realise that the course cost more than the saving you make. ie: initial quote £400, advance course cost £150, quote after doing course £324. total cost of course and new quote £474. Conclusion, doing an advanced course is a safety thing, not a money thing.

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Sep 09

Posts: 905

Rogerborg says:

Depends on the insurer

eBike for example appear to offer the same discount for any "advanced" course, from a one day BikeSafe up to RoSPA Gold. Oh, and they discount for listing security even on TPO policies. Like most insurance, I don't claim that makes any sense.

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Oct 10

Posts: 183

toadhancocks says:


see - for security device info and ratings. 

Garage security doesn't make any difference, I think the underwriters look at garage as the lowest risk, but lets face it if they want to get in they will.  Plus Bike underwriters aren't geared up for assesing the effectivness of building security.

Clothing, I see your point with that one, it does make sense but would be hard for the underwiter to be 100% certain you were going to wear the gear on every journey, where as security (alarms etc) its always on your bike and most will arm automatically, on medern bikes, anyway. On my companies list of products the only locks to get are oxford, abus, mottrax. alarms, datatool, meta, spyball. The xena disclock alarm will get a discount with some underwriters.  the thing to remember, what works for one underwriter may not work for another, what works for one underwriter with one broker, may not with the same underwriter with a different broker.

Daytime riding, the problem with that is that it only takes one journey stuck in traffic, and your in early evening, and there you go you have just invalidated your policy.

Do the IAM, that helps, also joining an owners club can help too.

Don't quote 500 miles a year, try something nearer 5000, companies will look at a rider who is on the road for 500 miles a year as a higher risk to the u/w than somebody who does 5000!!

 NCD protection can bring the prem down!!

Also a vouluntary excess may be saving you no money whatsoever, so check on zero vol.


Hope this helps!!!


Ciao for now!!!!!


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Oct 10

Posts: 183

toadhancocks says:


The reason for a discount on security on TPO policies is because if you are looking after your bike like that you are probably not the kind of person to wheelie your bike into the front of a tesco store causing millions of pounds of damage that they will have to sort out.

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Dec 10

Posts: 71

stonysleet says:


Your comments had more info and useful tips for cheaper insurance than the original article good show Shiny side up

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Jun 09

Posts: 39

bigbull says:


MCE quoted my pal £400 for his Duc Panigale, Nash wouldnt quote him, Swinton who he was with wanted £810 Ducati Ins wanted £925. MCE also did a 15 month deal so take another 25% off that £400 so his final 12 month deal came down to £300. Had a few other mates incl myself switch to this MCE deal this season.,

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Sep 10

Posts: 1335

SatNavSteve says:


Your arguement makes sense if you are only going to be riding bikes for a year. Do you really expect to recoupe your entire course fee in one year? I've been in the IAM for 34 years. Guess how much of a saving I've made!

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Mar 13

Posts: 2

inexpensive for me

Age, where you live... I have no "advanced" qualifications, but live in a low risk area and my insurance keeps going down - last year my 883 sportster cost £65 fully comp, or £55 without "legal", and 8 bikes (inc. GS850) on one classic policy cost £95 total... Reasoning is that I can only ride one at a time.

Keep all bikes inside locked building.

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Jul 09

Posts: 149

burningbush says:

On line tip

If you buy your insurance on line try reducing your voluntary excess, I have just done this and my premium went down, not up! 8-)

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