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Dec 10

Posts: 11548

preunit says:

The e-petition 'Stop mass immigration from Bulgarian and Romanians in 2014

has reached over 140,000 signatures, so lets see what happens now? guess absolutely Fcuk all :mad:

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  • Posted 2 years ago (26 March 2013 12:57)

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Aug 02

Posts: 28683

Kamchat says:


'And BabyR, if people agreeing with you use a metaphor of cockroaches to describe other people in the world, don't get uppity when people brand you a bigot'


There is no need for anyone to brand him a bigot..... his own words are more than sufficient.:winkie:

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Oct 10

Posts: 169

Reynard says:


McWindbag, if being a bigot means taking a stand against Labour's 13 year sponge fest then so be it. The tide is turning against freeloaders, tit head Cameron, Cleggy and Milibland have finally woken up to what the voters concerns are, thanks to UKIP.


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Jun 09

Posts: 198

Pads1982 says:


To be a net contribution to this country you need to earn something like 30K, how does letting in a bunch of low skilled labour into the country on minimum wage going to help anything?  The people who leave for spain are generally retired and are self supporting, the people who use that argument are clearly retarded.  Sort out the fuck wit Jeremy Kyle crowd, then we can start looking at where we need un skilled labour in the market, local government for example.  Also anyone who has been to one of the small towns in north notts recently, its like eastern europe, stopped at a youth hostel and one skin headed twat said how he loved the country for its benefits whilst holding a can of tuborg and looking like he wanted a good fight

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Mar 07

Posts: 3091

weasel64 says:

McWindbag ..

i love the new name achmed

McWindbag so good i had to type it twice !!!


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Aug 11

Posts: 4012

babyrocket says:


expected the fester gang are gathering in protest at anyone who dares oppose the way of thinking if its not in line with the way they see things, mcwindbag not strong enough mcgasbag sounds much better, now get back to the dusting you half witted oaf.

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