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Matthew Birt  says:

Andrea Dovizioso can lead Ducati revival in 2013

Andrea Dovizioso has the experience and talent to revive Ducati’s flagging fortunes in the MotoGP world championship. That’s the belief of the Italian’s former Monster Yamaha Tech 3 boss Herve Poncharal, who watched the former 125GP world champion become the most successful rider in the French team’s history in 2012. Dovizioso scored six podiums last season but unable to secure the factory...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (28 March 2013 12:01)

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Apr 11

Posts: 1681

ow01fogno1 says:


only way to be neat the front again is to put it back to what casey would have raced with or similar(not starting an argument about models and tires here so shut it!!), then re employ a mr casey stoner (which wont ever happen again), then maybe we can take this seriously , as for dovi, oh dear oh dear. take the money and run pizza man, this year its yamaha's.

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Apr 06

Posts: 57

jimsmimm says:

Andrea Dovizioso

the saying ..taking a knife to a gun fight springs to mind........

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Nov 12

Posts: 250

ColonelClaw says:

Not Dovi.

here are two reasons why Ducati will inevitably improve:

1. The idiot previously running the team has been fired

2. Audi are now in charge, look at what they did at Le Mans.

Dovi got 6 podiums last year so he's going to turn them around? How about the guy who came before him with 9 world championships? Get real, Dovi is a very good rider, globally he's one of the best, but the talent gap from him up to Rossi is enormous. If and when Ducati improve it will have bugger all to do with him.

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Oct 07

Posts: 1306

hugelean says:

I don't think Ducati are that far off, the engines good, the wheels, brakes, and suspension are the same as everyone else. Now prezzys gone and the whole frameless bollocks has gone, a quick full on twin beam frame.. if only to understand where they should be, and I reckon they'll be better off. If they keep trying to make small steps with what they've got they'll continue to be fucked.. Gobmeister give me a call I'm free tuesdays and race weekends..They're a quarter of the factory bikes so the sport needs them badly..

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Mar 09

Posts: 5451

Nostrodamus says:

The utter ignorance of MCN posters continues to astound

Here's three reasons why Ducati will be a force in G.P's again.

Nr.1 The obvious reason. They've been unshackled from Yamaha's new nr.2. I think there's a fair bit of truth to what Herve says "maybe Valentino was creating too much pressure"  demanding, rejecting, demanding, all the while never adapting.

Nr.2 Ducati's new nr.1. He may not be quite of Alien quality but he's been playing this game for a good while now, has 22 MotoGP podiums to his name and experience on all three major marques. The later of which allied to his cool, intelligent analytical approach will stand him in good stead.

Nr.3 Ducati Corse have a racing pedigree to be very proud of. A department full of specialist engineers far cleverer than any of the little yellow couch potatoes below. All of which will be augmented by Audi engineering hardware and software muscle.

Expect Ducati podiums 2013 unassisted by weather or fortuitous practice the week prior. Ducati have an awful lot going for them. God help you little moaners when they get their bike fully sorted.



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Oct 07

Posts: 1306

hugelean says:

Nostro , Shall we file your current outburst with the Rossi won't get in the top 8 on the yam nonsense you've been pedalling or should we give it a new heading, perhaps under u for unhinged...

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Mar 13

Posts: 1

Pro28 says:

Dovi or spies?

I personally think spies will be the man to "lead the ducati revival" and take them back to the front. Once his "mojo" is back he will be on it!!! Dovi is an amazing rider but I think Spies just pips him on the aggression front, plus he will want Hayden's seat next year so hurry up and fix the duke Bernard!!!

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Jul 10

Posts: 1394

Utter ignorance from you Knobstroke

You are such a clever fella, with so much to offer, but drop the hate campaign against Rossi FFS

BECAUSE he is a 9 time champion everyone expected instant results a miracle cure to a Flaw that had been developing for THREE years under Stoner. There was no time given to resolve this was there? no every move ,adjustment critisised if it wasnt thr cure to all it woes. A marriage made in hell for both parties

Idiotic fanboy shit about it being a good bike because Casey won three (and crashed out of three) at the end of 2010 ,to fan the flames of the hate campaign just to put down a great champion.

You cant have it down ways ,it was either a good bike and Stoner failed on it, or it was a poor bike and Stoner did brilliant to achieve what he did.

The fresh start with Dovi will give them time to get it right and he is a quality rider, but to expect miracles from them this season is asking too much.......

If you truly believe the things you say about Rossi, take up the bet, You know the one you keep avoiding. If he finishes top three delete your account, if not it i will delete mine.

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Oct 07

Posts: 1306

hugelean says:

I suspect getting rid of preziosi will be the catalyst. Stories of not listening to the riders and only listening to the data from his laptop are lessons the japs learned the first day they started using computers... Despite his genius in some areas, it's amateurish to ignore rider input...

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Apr 11

Posts: 3615

Bultoboy says:


Because he was a 9 time WC, everyone expected immediate results?

Not true really. There were of course those at the two extremeties of opinion, the Rossi fanatics who were adamant he would easily surpass Stoner's acheivements on it immediately as Stoner was a crasher and no longer had the 2007 'best bike'. Ross and JB would repeat 2004. Then there were the haters who willed him to fail.

Somewhere in the middle, realists who didn't really know what would happen but most probably hedged their bets he wouldn't get the results Stoner did, purely because of the previous experiences of Capirossi, Melandri, Hayden and others.

Saying only idiotic fanboys claimed the bike was good isn't strictly true either. Remember what Burgess said - We have something very very good to start with, we're starting from a much better place than we did in 2004. He also claimed the bike didn't have a front end problem and both he and VR attributed that to Stoner pushing too hard too soon in a race.

You're right when you say you can't have it both ways, but that cuts both ways. There were ridiculous claims and accusations flying from both sides of the fence and some of the less graciuos things that VR and JB said about Stoner and his crew's approach certainly fanned flames on one side.

However, it's history done and dusted and no longer relevant. 2013 has arrived, different bike (almost) different riders, different boss, different approach. Let's hope that it all equates to an upturn in Ducati fortune in Motogp. A lot is being made of the times set by some riders in Jerez, so if you apply the same argument to Ducati, they have moved closer.

However, the reality again is that is testing, testing in less than ideal conditions at that. The first two / three races will give a better picture.

All the stops pulled out, Ducati front row lockout by Mugello...

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