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Matthew Birt  says:

Andrea Dovizioso can lead Ducati revival in 2013

Andrea Dovizioso has the experience and talent to revive Ducati’s flagging fortunes in the MotoGP world championship. That’s the belief of the Italian’s former Monster Yamaha Tech 3 boss Herve Poncharal, who watched the former 125GP world champion become the most successful rider in the French team’s history in 2012. Dovizioso scored six podiums last season but unable to secure the factory...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (28 March 2013 12:01)

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Jul 11

Posts: 1896

CHRainmaker says:

Nostro, the "dementia" line..

..not cool.

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Dec 09

Posts: 2492

supermario says:

Wouldn't worry about it CH

Without the courage to stand behind his statements nostrocowards words are empty and we see him for what he is. An attention seeking sad case.

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Jul 10

Posts: 1394

The biggest problem

With idiots like nostro, is that he derails the theme of every thread.  i much prefer to come on here and exchange sensible view with like minded people. Me and Benny (fatrat) dont always agree with each other but have enough respect for each other to be balanced in what we say. Humour to a level is good. If you look on any thread nobstroke hasnt posted in ,its good natured and at times funny.

But if you thrown fowl mouthed shit around expect it back.

Anyway i for one hope Ducati and Dovi/hayden with better backing and added tooling from Audi, can close the gap up to The japanese giants

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May 12

Posts: 994

cornbowl says:

My wish

is, that when Rossi takes his first podium of the season, then Nostrils will AGREE  to STOP posting reams and reams of negative hate driven, blinkered dribble, pointing one way, against 'oh, don't use the name, use No.2', UNTIL one of those DUCATIS PODIUM. Now he won't take that bet either, because he's a BIG HEADED KEY BOARD WARRIOR. Come on Nostrils only got till the 7th, before STFU, anyway. 

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Jun 11

Posts: 566

ratchetman says:


I am not anti Ducati.I own one. But what makes you think that Dovi went to Ducati because he believed he could make it win. Stoner jumped ship because the thing was crap. Haydon an ex world champ cant get the results. Spies another ex world champ cant get the results. and if Rossi couldnt get the results from it no one can. As for Dovi not believing he can win on the tech 3 bike wasnt it a tech 3 bike ridden by cal that was fastest in Jerez. last week? Dovi is an intelligent good rider. he Knows he isnt going to win on the Duke  so what other reason than a big pay cheque did he have for signing for Ducati. After all thats why we all go to work it isnt for the love of it Its to pick up that pay cheque at the end of the month     

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Mar 09

Posts: 5398

Nostrodamus says:

Perversely quarter inch drive man

for the same reason that the world nr.6 moved to Ducati. Said nr.6 of course felt a mere sprinkling of his and Burgess' fairy dust would be enough to tame the feisty Italian Stallion and give him the performance edge he needed to complete with the then three Aliens after he ran away scared from Lorenzo. Not so easy though was it nr.6? Apparently fairy dust was not enough. Change and adaption was in order as he actually enunciated himself. Whoops, that was a step beyond him. None of this is invention from Nostro - that's Wosi's realm. There is plenty of public record statements by both nr.6 and Burgess to this effect.

Dovi's motivation is similar to nr.6's. He pretty much knows he cannot compete on an equal footing with the Aliens. He's tried before and failed. What Ducati offers him is the chance to be at the forefront of development, and it's apparent in this area Dovi backs himself together with the engineering muscle Audi can provide. He's obviously more realistic about what can be achieved, and how,  than his predecessor, least not given the monumental failing of the previously highly vaunted nr.6.Yet I get the feeling Dovi will be far more tenacious and connected to the development project than the petulant nr.6. A fact already borne out by Hr. Gobmeier's statements about factory visitations.

Yes the zero's on the contract were an inducement, but ultimately Dovi signed for Corse knowing the Ducati is a diamond in the rough and he wants to win. Sensible, logical development will push the GP13 closer and closer to the target throughout 2013. To my mind for Dovi to win on it, the Ducati needs to be better than the Japanese machines. That is a tall order, but not untenable.

The forgotten 1980's still haunting you CHR?

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Jun 07

Posts: 5

arqueturus says:

You do talk some shite these days Nostrodamus. You've become just as tedious as the Stoner bashers were a couple of years ago.

Why not drop the bollocks and just talk sense from now on?


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Jul 10

Posts: 1394

Is testing not for?

Trying every part available to you to ascess which one appears to suit  you.? Much like dovi is about to do with all the parts Rossi had made available to him. Just sounds like common sense to me.

I know jeremy Mcgrath (motocross i know) ran a 1993 frame for years on his factory Honda because it suited what he wanted from the bike.

Edit, And does it not also highlight the speed of development that Yamaha currently have compared to Ducati in their bid to close the gap to Honda?


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Jan 11

Posts: 300

yzrm1 says:


Herve with another dumb story. All the other riders in the past could not ride the ugly red bike. exept 2007 were the japanese were way back with development and had michelins. Offcours dovi wil be able to perform better and better. but thats not because of ducshitty. but because of AUDI. As we all can see AUDI realy trying to make the bike better. all the other and great riders quicky moved away from the ugly red bad designed bike by preziosi.! If they are performing on a level AUDI can take podiums the should ditch the name and give it 4 rings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jul 12

Posts: 3207

wosihound says:


Thanks for the link..and sure, Burgess did make remarks similar to the one's you put inside quotation marks BUT..not verbatim.

You say.. "Burgess even dismissed the question about the front end problem when asked an blamed Stoner for riding too hard too soon. - do they have a front end probklem - you lose the front becasue you've pushed too hard - with VR on the bike we can set it up ao it has more feel"

JB doesn't dismiss anything..he's asking questions back prior to getting his hands on the bike. There's no blame apportioned to Stoner and he doesn't state he CAN set the bike up for Rossi.

This is how it's worded in the interview you've supplied the link for:

"What about all the front end trouble the riders have had all year?" the question from Henry Ray.

Jerry replies..“Are they having front-end trouble? I think usually that’s the first thing to go when you’re riding very fast. It seems you lose the feel of the front. If you don’t have the feeling that you’re losing the front, you have no opportunity to recover it. So, without Valentino riding the bike and setting it the way he likes, where he may gain more feel, or if we do come across some sort of issue in this area, then clearly it has to be resolved. And that’s by having the engineering group on standby being prepared to react immediately to whatever is our biggest problem.” I thought, you've manipulated context and used quotation marks incorrectly, to get a bias point of view over in the hope it makes more impact.

Oh dear. Just won't go away will it..the desperate search for lost credibility.


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