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Matthew Birt  says:

Andrea Dovizioso can lead Ducati revival in 2013

Andrea Dovizioso has the experience and talent to revive Ducati’s flagging fortunes in the MotoGP world championship. That’s the belief of the Italian’s former Monster Yamaha Tech 3 boss Herve Poncharal, who watched the former 125GP world champion become the most successful rider in the French team’s history in 2012. Dovizioso scored six podiums last season but unable to secure the factory...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (28 March 2013 12:01)

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Aug 11

Posts: 700

Bootlegger says:

Let me rehash

I am by no means having a dig at Casey,Nostro,but in terms of the bigger picture back then,he sure as hell was not going to replace Dani or Nick within Repsol. Within factory YM1 there was never a snowball's hope in hell. Offers he may have had aplenty,but his junior class track record was at that stage similar to ...mmm...Crazy Joe's. Hence my suggestion that his original signing with Ducati afforded him the opportunity to exploit the strengths and weaknesses of the bike. He made a fist of it and his raw tallent left the rest scratching their collective heads in dismay.

However it was a case of commeth the hour,commeth the man. Casey may well have been offered this and that satelite ride and bust his balls for a podium or 3 wins per season, but the fact is his prodigious tallent on heavyweight machinery would never have been exposed had he not been given the factory Ducati ride in the first place. Its just the nature of the game. Calvin is finding out. Sad but true.

Carping on about Rossi's gifted silver spoon career is understandable and accepted,but this is 2013.

Casey's gone. Preziosi's gone. The detractors of the pair will continue to put in their 2 cents worth because there exists no possibility of scrambled egg all over their collective faces in 2013.

Let it go mate. Like Rossi's pathetic endeavour at Ducati,its history. All strength to the Italian marque and all their riders for 2013.

Final dig ! Laguna 2008 and Laguna 2012. A pair of GOAT's frollicking in the gravel at the corkscrew, respective to seasons. For Wosi's perusal only: That 2012 race took place after Dani 'shattered' Stoner's confidence at Sachsenring(Huh). What comes around goes around. Billy Goat Gruff still finished an easy second back then(2008). Billy Goat Clown...its history. Is it? Rossi's on the money right now with YM1. Mind you,that is also history, Jerez test that is. Let's see what Qatar throws up. A pair of 9's is my current guestimate. 

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Dec 09

Posts: 2494

supermario says:

Ha ha ha nostrocoward backs down again

by changing the subject and avoiding the question. Clearly he does not believe his own words, or else he'd put his money where his big mouth is.

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Oct 07

Posts: 1306

hugelean says:

Fatrat old bean, that's the problem with pontificating with virtually no idea of your subject matter...:-)

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Jul 12

Posts: 3306

wosihound says:

I like this new straight-talking Bootlegger..more power to your elbow(z) son. Haha..

Stoners confidence, unlike your Bro's, was never the problem..his ability to quantify certain race situations and apply them to a championship, by failing to rack up points was. Pedrosa didn't do his head in..he did it himself.

Qatar is fast and most likely Honda territory..although stranger things have happened.

Not long now.

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Apr 11

Posts: 3619

Bultoboy says:


My quote was the gist of what he said, not a direct quote. You know as well as I do from the context of what he said in entirety that it was a rhetorical question with the insinuation it was the rider not the bike. There were other references in other interviews at that time too. Put whatever spin you want on it, you know what he meant. And still he's doing it. His comments about Yamaha wanting Rossi back to develop the bike because Lorenzo and Spies weren't up to it. Why say that? There really is no need.

As for me trying to regain lost credibility, don't make me laugh - by whose standard? Yours? Think back to some of the trolling claptrap you've written on some of your darker days before bringing credibility into it - your first line in your first post on here for example...

Ratchet - like you I have no idea why Dovi went to Ducati other than my thoughts on why, which I put earlier in response to your comments. So the answers to the questions you've now asked are already there. And Stoner spent 4 years with Ducati, so he hardly 'jumped ship' and how can you say if Rossi couldn't get results on it, no-one can.... did 2007 - 2010 not happen?

I don't believe Dovi will win on the Ducati either, but that's because I don't believe he will win on any bike. Saying he could win on the Tech3 because of Crutchlow's fastest test time at Jerez day 3 is ludicrous. It was a test and means nothing unfortunately. All of these riders must believe they can win given the right machinery and circumstances, so yes, Dovi must believe that. He wanted the opportunity to lead development and he now has that with Ducati. He must believe that they can improve the bike to a point he can win on it. Win or not, time will tell if the bike does improve. Likening his job to ours is nonsense. They race for the love of it, driven by it and the will to win, except they are good enough to get paid for it because they are the best. They don't choose to race because it is a well paid job.

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Apr 11

Posts: 3619

Bultoboy says:


In fairness to Rossi, he never said himself he was using the 2012 chassis, that was the headline. He just said the bike I was using yesterday, which was the original 2013 frame.

Wasn't it?  .....

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Jul 11

Posts: 1918

CHRainmaker says:

Bulto, you need a golden avatar..

..I like your style..

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Jul 12

Posts: 3306

wosihound says:

Gisticulative shenanigens.. it's the gist as apposed to a direct quote now is it, stitched together with other gists from different interviews?

I think we get your drift Bulto?

It's the same as when you all say Rossi got way more than Stoner and start counting off 2011 frames that were skipped..Nay sacrificed, in order to prove to Preziosi his bastard concept was flawed. Where's the CF bike you've got such a boner for now Pal? 

Think of all the money they'd have saved doing what Rossi told 'em to start?

How competitive would they be today if, without any ego's surfacing, they'd trusted him and got after making a brand new bike..without hesitation?

Like they did Casey..


[This Reply has been modified by the Author]

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Jan 13

Posts: 204

DogBert says:

Careful Bulto

You'll do yourself a mischief with that amount of contorted backpedaling.

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Mar 09

Posts: 5451

Nostrodamus says:

I'm sorry Wosi I must have missed that quote

At what stage did the world nr.6 say 'Junk this bike it's shit, build me a new one Filippo. I want this, this and this as specifications' His doctorate is in clowning around remember, not engineering like Preziosi's. Please provide the link.

The goats old fairy godmother Burgess just thought the Duke just needed a click here, a millimetre there and a slap on the rider arse to win on the CF GP11. Afterall that's how Stoner got it into the winners enclosure.

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