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Phil West  says:

Ewan becomes face of Guzzi

Scottish Hollywood star Ewan McGregor is to star in a new advertising campaign for Moto Guzzi’s all-new California 1400. The star of Trainspotting, the Star Wars prequels, Moulin Rouge and TV’s Long Way Round is a lifelong bike – and particularly Moto Guzzi (he owns 10!) – fan and will star in a new television campaign called ‘My Bike, My Pride’,...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (05 April 2013 09:16)

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Feb 09

Posts: 318

bryfor59 says:

Biking Ambassador

Good on him, he is a long term dyed in the wool biker and was into them before his film career took off, the amount of jealousy and vitriol spouted in some of these posts is unbelievable!!! he has probably done loads more miles, rode longer and is a far better rider than most of the twats spouting their idiotic and negative comments on here. Well done Ewan your a good ambassador for biking!!!! and long may it remain

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Jan 11

Posts: 124

petedj says:

Prat on a pratmobile

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Sep 10

Posts: 73

Long way Round was a great idea for a biking program made unwatchable by that soft twat's appalling whining and bellyaching and his fat mate's shit wheelies. Many have undertaken far more arduous journies than those two strokers and did it without the safety net of celebrity status and a back-up crew. When I saw that this preening fop was endorsing the world's leading marque, I cancelled my order for a Griso immediately.

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Apr 12

Posts: 143

69Fastback says:

This has to be one of the most hilarious discussions ever on MCN. I wouldn't be surprised if most of you wear OCC tee shirts! Most, speak like they know him! Brown tongued sycophants, who ride for the image! Who the F**k buys a bike because of the person sitting on it????????? Got my first Guzzi in 1980, still got it! Have many others and will likely get the new 1400. But not because of some thespian fanny sitting on it!!!

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Feb 13

Posts: 15


Agree with Bryfor59. This guy is a life long biker who happens to have a high profile career. he has probably put a huge amount of people on bikes, which we all should be grateful for. The BMW'S are not my cup of tea but each to their own. Bikes & Bikers should stay together. There are enough idiots having a pop at us without stupid infighting.

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Jan 13

Posts: 28

Boxer12 says:


Well said mate, couldn't agree more, well done. @69fast you are full of shit!

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Sep 10

Posts: 185

I always quite liked Ewan , but found his mate Charlie Boorman a bit of a flash harry . Didn"t like their long Way  Round films , they seemed a bit  staged , and not a big fan of  B.M.W.s especially  modern one"s . McGregor comes from a biking family and he seems a regular guy and  rider , I can understand why some bike maker would  want him to help sell their bikes . But as other posters have said  it is all wasted  on old cynical British bikers , I mean most of us are not like car owners , tempted by the latest fad  or style of stereo ,we either like the bike or not  ,usually sticking with a make for years . What has gone against him - he"s a bit of a biking Nick Clegg , told where to live ,what to do , which religion  and who to be seen with , by his trousers wearing foreign overbearing wife .

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Oct 05

Posts: 133

romford4 says:


years ago, I went in to a Motorrad dealer in Scotland for a browse.  They had a very tidy VFR for sale that they'd taken as a trade-in against a new bike.  VFR's owner had been Ewan McGregor's brother.

Guy is from a biking family.  If people want to slag anyone, slag off those that jump on the biking bandwagon to look 'cool', Mr Bieber!  Next time anyone tells you that being a biker is being part of something - a brotherhood, a fraternity, whatever, just remember some of the comments on here slagging McGregor off.  Schoolyard jealousy!

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Sep 10

Posts: 1323

SatNavSteve says:

Went to the NEC a few years ago with my Long Way Round DVD coz I heard Charlie Boorman was going to be there and I wanted to get it signed. Got there early and went to the stand where he was going to be whilst it was quiet. He refused to sign saying there would be a rush for autographs and he was doing it officially at 11 so come back then! There was hardly anyone in sight!  Arse!!! Later that day, I was on the Suzuki stand and Chris Walker was dashing around with lots to do but I asked if he could sign my autograph book so he did and was a really nice guy. What a difference! Hope Ewan is going to be at some biking event in the future so I'll try again. If you are reading Ewan, I've had 3 Guzzis!!!  (crawl, crawl!)

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Aug 02

Posts: 3277

eatcs01 says:


I suppose if he "endorsed" the latest GSXRCBRYZF10000000RRRRRSP you lot (of haters) would be fawning over him like school boys at a topless beach...


When actors are filming, it is usually written into their contract that they CANNOT ride motorbikes. Imagine that, if your employer told you that you couldn't ride your bike AT ALL while working for them??


Perhaps you would prefer that he is promoting golf clubs or shaving foam like some "sportsmen" on TV at the moment. Incidentally, sportsmen who I've no idea what they do, or who they are. I think one is a formula 1 pilot.


I don't like Guzzis, but I haven't ridden one. I hated BMWs until I rode one. I'm not one of those people who MUST stick to one brand. I don't even know what TYPE my next bike will be, let alone what make. It might be a Guzzi. It might be a Harley (bloody unlikely though :-) ). It might be a Suzuki, Triumph, Enfield, etc etc.


If I became a famous actor, and started accepting bikes and money from a manufacturer that I have used, loved and owned for YEARS, would I be so hated?? Would you all forget that I was a biker YEARS before I became famous?? YES, it looks like you would.

I only have a small part, but it is cold out PMSL....

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