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Matthew Birt  says:

Valentino Rossi elated after dream Yamaha return

Valentino Rossi’s Ducati nightmare seemed like a distant memory in Qatar last night after the Italian made a dream return to Yamaha by finishing second after a terrific late tussle with rookie Marc Marquez. An early mistake and failure to quickly navigate a way by German Stefan Bradl in the opening exchanges of the 22-lap race seemed to have crushed...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (08 April 2013 10:22)

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Nov 12

Posts: 250

ColonelClaw says:


I suppose, when you think about it, any guy who's won a mind-boggling 9 world championships will never forget how to race, but that was something pretty special.


With Rossi back and Marquez at Honda, MotoGP has suddenly become very watchable again.

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Jan 12

Posts: 18

spitfire74 says:

GP is back

What an incredibly miraculous show of valor, talent and contrasting styles. Even my wife was screaming at the TV last night. VR46, for me, is a true pleasure to watch. Now, back on the M1, his style, fluidity and race craft is back in true GOAT form. He's the preeminent entertainer, both on and off the track. I know people have favorites, but I never understood motorcyclists that abhor him. MM - While he's not who I cheer for, he's also fascinating. I feel as though he's a cyborg, raised at a track and fed Repsol oil for breakfast, lunch and dinner. His style of throwing the bike into the corner and correcting a crash every time is insane. I can't figure it out. It's as if he rotates the bike into a highside and knows exactly when to let pressure off the front anchors to keep it all correct. What a fine line he treads. It's amazing to watch. It was also great to see him stalking Pedrosa. he could have passed, as I saw him sit up at turn 1 more than once, but he kept his cool. He didn't make a rookie error. He displayed patience. That will make him the biggest threat of the year. Not his speed but speed matched with a cool head. JL - Metronomic pace and the focus of a Ace fighter pilot. Don't be fooled. All those saying the hard riding style of MM and VR46 will rattle him I feel are mistaken. JL knows how to dice. I think he's going to welcome it. He's smart enough to know that it's strong competition that will make him faster. ONE OF MY FAVORITE PARTS OF THIS RACE is here in the picture of Rossi celebrating and JL watching from the back with a big smile on his face. It seems JL is looking forward to the fight. He's ascended to the top of the pile and perhaps winning a world champion isn't his only and main goal - it's to be the undisputed fastest in the world, and having rossi as your competition, along with MM and Pedrosa, will push you there. JL Is smart. He turns competition and disadvantage into advantage. CAL - Frustrated, but courageous - He has a point to prove.

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Jan 13

Posts: 232

pannyderosa says:


Credit to the Stoaners, VR haters, and Ducati defenders who have manned up and admitted they misjudged VR46. I’m glad they have seen the light. And the light is yellow.
Now how about the multitudes who called Pedrosa the favourite for 2013 ( including the majority of journalists and pundits )?

There are an awful lot that have not owned up?
Just shows what type of fans they are.

Yes Pedrosa is a favourite for 2013.
There are 17 rounds yet so please do not write him off yet.He is far from finished.

All will not remain calm with JL & VR if Vale starts beating him which looks fairly probable.

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Dec 07

Posts: 93

britri123 says:


Casey who? Much better without the whining noise from the Honda.

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Oct 08

Posts: 653

hello4646 says:

Were are you Nostro

Lets all put "Were are you Nostro" in the subject header of each post from now on.  We all know he will only return when Rossi has an off day/s

Great to see Rossi back up the sharp end and doing what he does best, overtake and generate a fair bit of excitement whilst doing it. Good to see the smile back!

Jorge was simply on rails and even if Rossi did not make the early mistake he would have been very hard for Rossi to beat him. But you know both would have gave 110% to win.

MM had an amazing 1st motogp ride. To beat his team mate and to put a pass on Rossi was great to see. He is certainly will be a title contender and is exciting to watch on and off the bike.

Dani had a disappointing race by his standards. I think the next couple of races are going to be crucial for Dani . If he is beaten by MM in the next couple of races then I think its going to be tough on him mentally to come back. But he is a class act and im sure he will be back with Jorge and the front running crew.

Cal had a good race. Battled hard early on, made some good passes. I guess he needs to watch the replay and learn to back off if needed and re-group to fight on another lap
Bradl. Was having a good race up until he crashed. He has shown he will be up there fighting for the podium

Dovi had a good weekend. He did well to stick it on 4th on the grid. Made a good start but then after a few laps the bike came over all Ducati,ish and he dropped back. If you looked at Rossi over the last two years it was reverse for him. Never qualified well but always finished the top Duke. Dovi ended up going from 4th to just finishing ahead of Hayden like Rossi. Ducati needs to make a better bike for all of their riders


Bring on COTA


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May 12

Posts: 1007

cornbowl says:


I think he's hiding out in an old WW2 aircraft hanger, it's the only thing he could find large enough to take his ego.

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Nov 10

Posts: 266

Homer40 says:

Valentino Rossi...

....Firstly, Where are all the posters like NOSTRO, who said Vale would win or he has lost his bottle......Ha Fucking Ha.....i nearly wet myself laughing.

Seriously, do you think people would call him the GOAT if he was not that good?

Best rider of all time with no exceptions. Well done can't wait for the next race.


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Oct 06

Posts: 587

Eddy998 says:


Didn't see the race, unfortunately! but well done to Rossi, it seems he had a blinder. I'm a bit surprised, if the truth be known, that he was able to finish 2nd after his dismal failure to do anything on the Desmo. Well, time will tell. Ciao

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Jul 12

Posts: 5

Lauranna says:

This season promises so much after yesterdays race. Lorenzo had a storming day as usual. Marquez is looking like he is going to be a serious contender for this years standings. I am just hoping that he does so well that they bin Pedrosa off next year then I will be happy. Rossi was definitely on form yesterday but I am going to hold off judgement for another couple of races until we know if he is going to be consistent with the results. I am sure he will be. But I am just glad he is off the ducrappy and back on the Yamaha to prove to everyone that said he is past it, that he is back and prepared to fight at every turn. Just hope Cal starts getting some decent results and Tech 3 can sort out his bike for the straight speed which he is clearly lacking. Roll on Austin.

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Jul 05

Posts: 238

pogo_it says:

awesome race

My 7 year old gave up the chance of a film in bed to watch it with me, and absolutely did his nut when rossi crossed the line, so thanks vr! That wasan awesome race from so many riders.

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