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Jun 12

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Ybr-125 ignition or lack thereof

Hi all,

Been a while since I last posted but I'm having some trouble with my bike, its a 2006 ybr-125 with a choke carberettor, towards the end of last year it was taking longer to turn over up until December when it went in for its MOT, it failed due to the carberettor needle assembly and another minor fault but as it took 2 weeks for the parts to come in the bike was sat around for that time, when I had to take it back for its repairs it refused to start taking ages and flattening the battery which I recharged and managed to start it afterwards, after its repair and clean bill of health I replaced the spark plug and battery with new ones and that did nothing to improve it's reliability to the point where about 6 weeks ago it refused to start after a night shift resulting in my having to push it home from work,

Since then I've had the exhaust off, the air filter stripped and cleaned, tested the spark plug (which while a little weak it's the correct recommended one from the Haines manual) and tried all manner of other things, given that the MOT was a massive pain in the backside I'd rather avoid putting it in the garage if I can so I'm turning to you gentlefolk ft help and advice and would gladly accept either,

Many thanks in advance guys,

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  • Posted 2 years ago (14 April 2013 11:59)

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Feb 11

Posts: 38

Arranbru says:


Are you able to bump start it at all?

How long has the bike been standing?
Was the carb cleaned?

If its a bugger to start and has been standing for a while, it might be dodgy fuel that's been sitting in the bike for a few months.  If the fuel is fairly new (i.e. less than 2 months old), is there fuel getting to the cylinder when trying to start? (you should be able to smell a bit of fuel when trying to start it).  If there is no fuel getting through, i would suggest having a look at the carb and seeing if there is crap blocking the jets.

Hope you get it running soon!

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Mar 09

Posts: 8946

jaffa90 says:

poor starter

Are you saying the bike started after you charged the battery?

Also what colour/condition was the spark plug you removed?

What make is the new battery and cost?

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Jun 12

Posts: 9

apologies for the late reply

its been a busy couple of weeks i almost forgot i posted this topic up,

it started a couple of times a few weeks ago but since then i keep draining the batteries trying to get it going, both the electric and kick start won't turn it over, it so far has been standing since the last week of feb so coming up on two months now so chances are the fuel may have gone dodgy on me, there is a fuel smell but its a little bit weak, the spark plug i removed was fairly blackend but as it was the one that came with the bike a year ago i have no way of knowing how long it was installed for, the new one on inspection has gone dark as well which i've mainly put down to trying to start it over and over again so its been cleaned off,

as for the battery i can't remember what make it is i bought it from an online parts dealer for around £30-40 if i remember correctly, but i've had the bike start one or two times after changing it over,

i had a feeling i was going to have to crack open the carb which is something i was trying to avoid since as i'm new to engines etc i didnt wan't to damage it but since pricing up a new carb as quite reasonable i'll have a look tomorrow and let you guys know,

so would it be an idea to dump the fuel sat in it at the moment,


thanks again for the input guys and i apologise again for not replying sooner,

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Sep 09

Posts: 1766

beaconsman says:


hm, its has to be one of two things, fuel or ignition.  I use a hand held ignition ht tester, crank it over and you hold it near ht lead, sets of a light so you can check each cylinder (on 4 cyl engines)..

fuel..two weeks should be ok, my zzr been in garage for 2 years (it on the road this summer :smile) and suffers from a fuel air lock.  Especially if its been a month since she was fired.  HT leads? or pick up (if there is one?) not a 125 in years..sorry..

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Aug 11

Posts: 3732

babyrocket says:

before you go spending big

bucks, it sounds like an air intake problem, check the air intake under the seat where the air enters the air filter, is there any old rag/newspaper /glove etc blocking the intake? also on the carburettor at the lowest point you will find a large brass coloured screw, turn the fuel on then open it up and check for a couple of seconds that fuel is flowing out freely, this unleaded fuel is crap it soon goes off and it leaves a flaky deposit in the carb bowls, and the needle especially in a single like this is so very small it blocks it up and hence the dark coloured plug, if in future you are going to leave it standing for more than a few days ,let it run dry and shut off the fuel supply.

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