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Aug 11

Posts: 317

mk1rob says:

Lost the love...

So finally got my bike back on the road after 7 months getting body work repaired and painted etc.

Couldn't wait to get back out on it.

Went out for the day on it yesterday. Warm, sunny, perfect! However I just didnt enjoy it. The lack of practicality (wanted to take my camera out as I'm quite into photography but couldn't get it all my my bag. Plus it all weighs a fair bit), pot holes, gravel, general crap on the roads.

Ive also decided not to ride with my normal group anymore as it often gets a bit silly and I end up riding out of my comfort zone. It'll end in tears I tell thee!
But i found it boring on my own.

All these factors ended up getting me down and wanting to sell the bike:upset:

Does anyone else get this problem from time to time or is biking just not for me after all?  

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  • Posted 2 years ago (16 April 2013 19:19)

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Aug 05

Posts: 7568

babyblade41 says:

I had it a few years ago and had a 12 month lay off

and was as right as ninepence.  tried different styles in the past couple of years as well.  You are not alone

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Jan 11

Posts: 8122

snev says:


I ride mostly on my own which is better in a lot of ways due to the fact that you are not under pressure to ride outside of your comfort zone. Some days I just don't feel in the mood and turn back for home, other times .......Like Today....I just get into it and ride like fuck..... Always feel guilty after though:upset:. I would say that part of your problem is having 7 months off.... This is not good for confidence or competence, so keep with it...... biking is one of the most enjoyable past times ever in my book. 

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Sep 07

Posts: 2820

James600zx says:

Just occasionally, yes.

Sometimes it helps if you have a definite destination in mind rather than just going for an aimless wander. Bikes respond to your mood.

Traffic can spoil a good ride, or sometimes make it more fun. For example, I find filtering an absolute hoot!

Keep riding. I'm sure the joy of it will return.

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Jan 10

Posts: 3424

Beelady says:


you just had a day where nothing feels right. Try again, and see if it's any better another day. Don't rush into making a decision.

You don't have to keep up on group rides. It's meant to be fun. so if you can't resist overreaching yourself you're right to ride on your own.

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Apr 08

Posts: 9698

old(ish)git says:


it's been a long hard winter and you've had the added misery of having to repair your bike, so it won't be easy to get back 'in the mood'. persevere with it and it'll all come good.:smile

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Jan 08

Posts: 7536

kcmc says:

Go do

some track days,that will bring the smile back:biggrin:

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Apr 08

Posts: 3042

AdieR says:

I think

it happens to everyone from time to time.

I prefer going out on my own, simply due to lower pressure.

I must admit, I could do with giving mine a good blast (insurance / MoT recently renewed), but after working 60 / 70 hour weeks for the last 3 months I haven't got the energy to do it, and I don't fancy throwing it down the road through lack of concentration either (and typically, on my increasingly rare day off, it's pissing it down after beautiful weather for the last 3 days).

Try going out for short-ish runs and build up from there to get your confidence back (it sounds like you need to).

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Dec 12

Posts: 1437

Diablere says:

In honesty

Yes. get fed up of it all the time.

I've two small children, and the risks at this stage to their lives if i got squashed have to be reassesed all the time.

the cost and time demands are quite high, so you end up feeling guilty about that.

all the guys i ride with do track days, which although i love doing have to be approached as an occasional luxury rather than a stable part of the diet ,as my peers view them,so peer pressure is quite high.

had a chance to go out yesterday but couldn't be arsed with it.

BUT having said all that, the advantages are still huge.

i accept i need the rush, and i've been riding long enough to be good at it combined with being too old to want to learn something else (what anyway? )

Social aspect is good. and the thing about "comfort zones" is that they are yours, find new friends to ride with if thats a problem.

i've downsized to reduce costs, and have actually found its more fun.

and its in the "blood" i've had periods without bikes and they were horrible. you've got to have something in your life thats yours and makes you feel alive. motorbike riding is mine, but if you think something could replace it then try it and see.

 but Don't just give up


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Apr 13

Posts: 48

bikedoctor4u says:


watch some TT video`s it gets me in the mood for a ride.

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Mar 09

Posts: 743

bikerbit says:

try new bike

try selling the bike and buying something else 

maybe all the repair work and time off the bike has dented your confidence in the bike its self so any flaw on the road is amplified because you are down hearted with the bike.  

  Try a new bike  even try some offroad or try having a laugh on 125's 250's or a low budget bike where is doesnt matter what happens to the bike can be freeing sometimes

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