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Jul 12

Posts: 15

tetley74 says:

water in electrics

Hi all i,ve got a 1996 suzi rf600r which has just developed a fault when it is damp/wet.Its difficult to start then it surges then dies and when you twist throttle it dies then picks up. Ive been told its water in elecs but it first started after bike had been standing outside in the rain at work(useually covered up at home)also been told to look at cut out switch on handle bar as water driping in.Is this a common problem with this type of bike or just because it is getting on a bit, ran bike thru winter no problem untill last friday.:mad::blink:

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  • Posted 2 years ago (16 April 2013 21:33)

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Mar 09

Posts: 9010

jaffa90 says:

damp electrics

Usually damp/wet conditions affect the spark plug/coil leads,settled salt/grit dust will attract moisture as well.

You say surges then dies then picks up,

Q, could it be running on 3 cyls then back on full 4 cyls or your not sure?

I would check/ clean all H.T. leads, plug caps and spray with ignition sealer,if the tank has to come off check the ignition connector block and what else you can see. I hope you have checked the battery connections and where they go to.

EDIT, disconnect the battery when checking the ignition wiring.

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Apr 13

Posts: 48

bikedoctor4u says:


everything a good spray of wd 40, after making sure nothing is loose, ie plug leads, plugs etc etc

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Jan 08

Posts: 7741

kcmc says:

Suzuki RF 600R E2 1996

Hi Tetley

If after checking all the electrical components as suggested and you have no luck!! try draining the carb float bowls into a clean container to see if there's any water or debris in there.If there is you may need to clean the carbs out,also if there is water etc in there,then there will also be water etc in the fuel tank which will also need cleaning out.Also check for water down a spark plug hole.Good Luck


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Feb 10

Posts: 107

gs12 says:

Water in electrics. Try using ACF50 it works wonders and protects. Spray over the whole bike every year and it prevents corrosion. ACF50 was developed for the RAF i believe and it's amazing! £15 a can.


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Feb 11

Posts: 124

IsraelsRSV says:

Best Fix

Hi Tetley

I use to work for Harley Davidson as a mechanic, and as most people know, Harleys are not very waterproof. It is worth while going round the whole bike and filling every craves with patrolium jelly or vasiline that has wires going into it and all the electrical joins that will be under your tank and going to your fuse box. Everything you can see and think of, even indicators. Do this on a dry day to avoid locking in moisture. Its quite fun to take your bike to bits within reason and give it a good clean and take care of it anyway and wherever the problem might be you'll probably get it and prevent future problems too. 
Hope this helps

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Feb 08

Posts: 817

Andy949494 says:

could be...

You don't say if it has happened more than once in rain but these things have a habit of repeating. Frequently spray induced problems go away if you leave the bike standing for about 10 minutes and then return almost immediately (because the water evaporates because of the heat)
Electric cables do slowly decay with time and it could be that your bike is getting to that age where some of them might need replacing.
As others have said common problems are in the kill switch, side stand switch, HT leads and earth connections. Also electronic ignition units are often culprits but it could be anywhere...
Some bikes are particularly poorly designed for this - putting a cylinder (or CDI unit) in the spray area of the front wheel or failing to have a complete mudguard at the back so that water spray runs down the bottom of the seat - a bit of weatherproofing might be helpful although you should try and find the source of the problem as well...
Others have recommended ACF50/WD40. Whilst these might be a temporary fix and might show you where the problem is I wouldn't recommend it as a permanent fix...
You might also find that if you do a web search or find a RF600 forum that there is a known weakness that might be a good start.There are a number of misfire related web questions on the net...
Good luck. It can be very frustrating (and not very safe)...

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Nov 07

Posts: 2432

smidget says:



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