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MCN  says:

You Ask/You Answer: Preparing for my first trackday

I've just booked my first trackday, which will be at Brands Hatch in May, and I'm a healthy mix of excited and bricking it. What prep should I do to my bike, and myself, to make sure I get the most from the day? I've got a Suzuki GSX-R600 SRAD if that makes any difference. Your answer could help. The best...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (17 April 2013 10:00)

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Aug 10

Posts: 26

Krisrexter says:

Assuming you already look after your bike just be sensible, if your chain, brake pads, tyres are nearing the end of their life and probably going to get changed at next service do them before the track day.

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Mar 10

Posts: 1033

bmwgs says:


if you dont have have leather then you cant rent some. remmber to take off or cover up all the lights

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May 05

Posts: 51

r6buz says:


The novice group often has people who shouldn't be there (focussed events put me in novice at silverstone last year after i booked inters). Don't worry about getting in their way. It's their problem to pass you and if you remain calm & consistent they will do it safely.

Get out early for the sighting laps so you can see the instructor and follow their lines. If you start slow but right then speed will come, start flat out and wrong & it will be an uphill struggle.

Stay hydrated and only eat a light lunch.

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Apr 13

Posts: 2

bikeserv says:

  Check all over your bike the day before,while working in your mind your goals about your trackday,mainly to be safe and have fun.I allways do that,helps me to keep my head together,especially if i have a race the next day)

  Knowing that your bike will be ok for the track,get all your kit together,suit,gloves and the like,and leave nothing for the next day.Make a list of the things you will need(food,drink,a tire pressure gauge,you can check online and see what others take with them trackside)That way you`ll have everything ready and there will be time to calm your nerves a bit,like while going to the track or waiting for your group,you ll have time to proccess things and get in a better state of mind

  And when you ll be riding,dont think about what the other riders are doing,if someone is trying to pass you or anything like that(r6buz`s advice is the best).You concentrate on your line and your marks and enjoy.And when your day is gonna be over,then you`ll realize that you just entered into a broke pennyless future of the addicted track rider :) Well woth it though.Have fun

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Sep 10

Posts: 120

daveire says:

For your first track day the only thing I would do to the bike is drop the tyre pressure a bit and fold in your mirrors so you don't get distracted by what's going on behind you. Don't worry about suspension settings, if your bike is handling well on the road it will be good enough for your first track day. You will be nervous so for your first session I would recommend leaving the bike in second gear and just concentrate on learning the track braking point, turn in point, apex, exit. If you can follow an instructor around for a few laps it would be great. As your confidence grows you can push yourself a bit more and by the end of the day you'll be surprised how much your riding ability has come on in just one day. The most important thing is to enjoy it.

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May 10

Posts: 26

d0nkeychop says:

Before you go: Read information for riders carefully and make sure your helmet and leathers are suitable as this will save time and hassle when you get there. If you have an aftermarket exhaust probably wise to make sure the baffle is in as you will be tested to ensure you meet noise restrictions. On the day: Take some water a few choccy bars and something warm to wear in between sessions. You could get a tyre gauge if you intend to drop your tyre pressures but you could always ask around the pit area as there will be plenty of folk with one you can borrow. Find the nearest petrol station and turn up at the track with a full tank (you can pop out any time to refuel but will help to know where you're going). You can also call in to inflate your tyres on the way home. After: Expect to have sore cheeks from grinning all day!

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Aug 09

Posts: 178

busaman195 says:


Can`t justify the bloody cost of it all,petrol getting there and back plus track time,paying the use the track,tyres250quid a pair, pads,,maybe crashing your bike etc only have the one bike, i can just aford to run for 1000m a it`s a no go for me.if i won a few quid on the lotto then i would give it a go fingers x

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Aug 05

Posts: 4

Supermono says:

Track Day

Have an early night the day before. Get up early - have breakfast. Relax. Make sure you take plenty of water with you to drink. Relax. Arrive early. Relax. Get through the noise test, drop a couple of psi off each tyre. Relax. When you get on track - relax. Look as far ahead as you can, keep your eyes up. Relax. Enjoy!

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Mar 09

Posts: 12

Kevlincoln says:

First Trackday - enjoy!

If you can - take a mate.  Dont rush - you ve got all day.  There will be guys faster than you - ignore them & do whats comfortable.  if you can get an instructor to show you round & pay attention - it will really speed you up.  Its meant to be fun. Sensible to take 2 - 4 ltrs of water to drink - go easy on food fruit is good.  Relax & use all the track.  If you keep cool & dont tense up you will ride better - it will be like a cavalry charge at first.  Dont try to do it all in one go - you have to learn like everyone else.  Tyres drop pressures - ask tyre guys whats best.  Check you ve got your paperword before you leave Take spare fuel - you ll need it.  Brakes tyres etc need to be in good nick.  Everyone is freindly if your not sure ask someone - we all do this cos its fun & remember its better to go home in one piece than in an ambulance.  The only worry - ITS REALLY ADDICTIVE - have a great day

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Apr 13

Posts: 3

MesserN says:

Keep calm

For yourself: Its mandatory to be in good shape/health. Even a minor headache can ruin your day. Be fresh; Get a good night sleep and eat a very-very light breakfast. Have a few bars (ie powerbars) to keep you through the day, and water or electrolytes (if they are not available at the track). Make sure all your gear is in good shape. Any new piece (ie new gloves, helmet etc.) should be tested prior to the track day, so you 'll be sure you can ride comfortably. Take a towel and a spare t-shirt with you. Also a set of waterproofs might be usefull For your bike: Your bike must be in a very very good overall condition. Make sure your brakes and tires are in excellent condition. Suspension also must be in good condition and preferably tuned according your weight (sag). Make sure you have sufficient fuel at the arrival at the track. Money also. You might wanna take a pressure gauge with you, so you can lower your tire pressures accurately. Basic tool kit along with some tie wraps and a gaffer tape are also essential for me. At the track: Try to learn the track first, then try to learn from the advanced riders, dont get carried awayfollow the track safety rules and try to be relaxed. And basically HAVE FUN!

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