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MCN  says:

Are you interested by the TT Zero electric race?

Whether you like it or not, electric bikes will be part of the future of motorcycling and they're alreadyheld a couple of electric races at the TT. But is anyone bothered about the one lap electric race? pollcomment

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  • Posted 2 years ago (17 April 2013 11:47)

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Sep 10

Posts: 1335

SatNavSteve says:

I don't believe anyone alive today will see the end of petrol. The Americans are said to be sitting on hundreds of years of fuel in the Black Mountains alone and won't touch it till everyone else has run out. Can't see garages sitting on piles of charged up batteries. Who would charge them and how many would they get through in a day, and thats in all garages?! Charging the batteries is the big problem. Pushing the charge quicker means a lot of heat so thats out. And my conspiracy theory is that you won't see any developments in alternative power as long as there is petrol because there is too much money to be made. When petrol does run out, you will suddenly see amazing alternatives pop up to replace them as they won't be a competitor any more.

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Jul 09

Posts: 149

burningbush says:

tiz the future

Well like it or not our future of travel lies in electric vehicles. Just as film was replaced by digital media, it'll happen. Bring it on, then we can tell our grand kids 'I remember the first electric.............'

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Sep 07

Posts: 2877

James600zx says:


ttracetalk makes a good point; "It's still very exciting to see what is now the only pure prototype racing class left in the modern TT."

Apart from that I think elecric vehcles are a cul-de-sac for three reasons.

First, battery technology hasn't and won't achieve the required light weight, range and lifespan to make electric bikes a significant part of the future of motorcycling.

Second, how do you think all that electricity will be generated in the first place? With fossil fuels, in the main, creating energy reasonably cleanly in power stations but then partially lost downstream on its way to the vehicle, nullifying that efficiency.

Thirdly and chiefly, there is no need to discard a century or so of internal combustion technology (and fuel delivery) when we can have bio-fuels created by microbial digestion of waste materials. That's the future, I reckon, not electric.

Oh, and they'll be hover bikes too. :winkie::lol:

Edit to add a link:  Audi and biofuels from microbes.

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Mar 09

Posts: 5451

Nostrodamus says:

It's a no from me

I watched an electric support race to the world endurance boys last year in Germany. With their silent whoosh they were dull. The only semblance of excitement came from their differing power usage strategies as some fell back whilst others moved forward and some just plain stopped. 

There's plenty of life yet in the internal combustion engines. Technology is a long way from peaked. Burn efficiencies have quite some way to go yet. Just look at Motogp from 26 litres, to 24, to 22, to now 21 litres. Clever people engineers.

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Apr 13

Posts: 140

yaki says:

Fossil fuel is not done by a long way,manufactures will develop far more fuel efficient engines[ well cars will,i do not think bike makers have got the message yet]. Electric bike and cars will remain a side show unless someone comes up with a battery a hundred times more powerful. so all you right on greens put your lentil soup down and go save your beards off because the fossil fuel party is not over yet.

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Nov 11

Posts: 8

ian749 says:

not for me

has anyone looked at how much pollution making and de-comissioning the batteries,and charging these electric vehicles is created?

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