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MCN  says:

Are you interested by the TT Zero electric race?

Whether you like it or not, electric bikes will be part of the future of motorcycling and they're alreadyheld a couple of electric races at the TT. But is anyone bothered about the one lap electric race? pollcomment

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  • Posted 2 years ago (17 April 2013 11:47)

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Sep 12

Posts: 1

jimmysp2 says:

tt zero bikes

get back to racing motorbikes and put this crap back in a box !

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Feb 10

Posts: 13

>> Whether you like it or not, electric bikes will be part of the future of motorcycling ...


Really? I reckon only a very small part! When will it be more than, say, 10% retail sales? My bet is not for a goodly while yet!

At the moment it's hard to think of a viable electro-bike alternative to anything 500-650cc++. Bikes are mainly bought as summer toys by people who find alternative means of transport in cold or wet weather. Until batteries are developed to contain energy density similar to octane, it's the veggie, quiche eating Prius crowd (few in number) who'll be buying these.

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Aug 02

Posts: 550


While the technology is clever and fascinating for me racing is all about the noise and atmoshere, screaming engines tortured to the limit, not a super fast two wheeled milk float, electric road bikes that are of any use, i:e can do 200 miles to a charge are bloody years away.... 

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Feb 13

Posts: 1275

AlexDAbomB69 says:

They could hand out headphones like at a silent disco so when a bike passes you get the sound of any bike made at full chat. Right where's that patent document I am on to something here. You ain't read this, right?

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Aug 02

Posts: 53

Tetley says:

Plug and (no)Play

Now let's think about this ... TT means Tourist Trophy... Can you go touring on a bike with only 100 mile range ? ...  Hmmmm ,,,, NO ! 

Too many logistical impossibilities.

What a pointless exercise on a machine that no-one asked for.

Racing Raleigh Runabouts would make more sense.


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Sep 08

Posts: 37

geoffb61 says:

100 years ago they said there was no point racing those new fangled infernal combustion contraptions because they would never replace the horse.

What starts with racing eventually ends up on the road and if electric means that we can stay on two wheels then I'm all for it.

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Jan 11

Posts: 8126

snev says:


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Nov 12

Posts: 28

MrGiggle says:

I may not be that interested in ever owning an Electric bike/car but its great to see how advanced they are!

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Sep 10

Posts: 833

CBR11X says:

The Future is Electric!

Typical narrow minded views. Like geoffb61 said, 100 years ago they thought the 'infernal' engine wouldn't replace the horse. Electric motors are the future. Instantaneous power, constant and maximal torque from 1 rpm to 50,000+ rpm. One moving part as opposed to 100+ moving parts. What's not to like about them? In 5 years they will have a 200+mile range and service stations will be then have to be reconverted to battery swap stations. They will have to limit the torque and rpm range for safety reasons if anything. Go to yourtube and look up the "killacycle". I estimate within 10 years the electric bikes will lap the TT course faster than their petrol cousins.

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Oct 05

Posts: 22

Big_Boomer says:

No more petrol

So, what are all you nay sayers going to ride when the petrol runs out? Some of the younger people on here may live to see that day. I reckon I may live to see the £5 litre. Electric is almost certainly the future of motorcycling. Where the power comes from is still up for debate. Batteries -probably not, Fuel cells - maybe, micro-Fusion reactors - YEAH,... but very unlikely. Most sportsbikes these days rarely do more than 100 miles a day and most commuter bikes do about the same. Yes, we will need a longer distance option but they'll figure that out. The earliest bikes had no power (in 1910 4Bhp was high power!), very limited range and poor comfort. 130+ years on and the infernal combustion engine has passed it's peak and is in decline. I would imagine the same rise and fall will happen to the electric bike,..and to it's successor. Will we be around to see it? Unlikely!

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