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Matthew Birt  says:

Marc Marquez savours record-breaking Texas win

Marc Marquez became the youngest MotoGP winner in history yesterday when he triumphed in the inaugural Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Texas. A red-hot pre-race favourite after dominating a Honda and Yamaha private test last month before becoming the youngest rider to claim a MotoGP pole position on Saturday, Marquez got the better of a race long duel with teammate...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (22 April 2013 09:07)

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Mar 09

Posts: 5394

Nostrodamus says:

Wise words Bulto

One of the few who actually observe rather than merely passively watching. I just popped into this thread to make a couple of comments only to see you've touched on the same topics.

Although the lean angle TV pictures were a little mischievous given camera angle and track position of the riders. The whole point of hanging off a bike is to get weight low on the inside to aid turning, and by consequence be able to run less (read 'safer') lean angle in a bend. Marquez is extreme in his hanging off. It's doubtful his technique would have worked in the pre electronic assisted days. I recall Doohan dismissing J-P Ruggia's elbow dragging antics as being not suited to a 500 because he didn't have enough of his arse on the seat to control the bike and weight the rear wheel for when the angry bees tried to put the bike into launch mode. But of course saying MM wouldn't suit a 500 is a completely moot point given he is a product of his time and is displaying to us the very epitome of a modern 1 litre 'V' arc technique. Fast is as fast does. Marquez would be fast in any era.

Everything I have seen to date suggests the M1 remains the most rider friendly and competitive package on the grid. Built, as the Reverend mentions, around the smooth flowing styles of first Rossi and now Lorenzo. All very well and good, but is this the fastest way around a track now days? Personally I think not, but of course Lorenzo shows fast sweeping arcs and a sweet steering bike remain formidable weapons. Those Repsol boys work damn hard to bend their RCV's to their will and reap the rewards for doing so.

The media, both print and T.V are by and large myth perpetuating ignorant sheep. Telly needs more Whitham's in the commentary booth and the print media needs more ex GP racers giving post race analysis. Because as it stands there's a lot of dumbed down content out there. Least not from this rag.  Look at the nonsense the great Rossi fawnicator David Emmett wrote about COTA being a 'Honda track' for proof. 4kmph was the difference yesterday between the fastest Honda and the slowest Yamaha. 0.2 secs was the best lap gap between the top two Yam's and the top two Honda's. Which I put down to superior technique on a more difficult motorcycle.

There's no Honda tracks or Yamaha tracks. There's only rider preference, rider ability and best compromise set-up found.

I wouldn't rule a Stoner at the Island scenario out. HRC doesn't need him though - especially not with two title contenders on their books. I wonder if the red team won't be making advances though? He should be thoroughly sick of tin tops by October.


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Mar 07

Posts: 276

Imagine that.....

.... Stoner wild carding on a Duke a PI!! That would be good to see, but I doubt Dovi would be too happy about it though as he is the main man in that garage.

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Jul 08

Posts: 1011


Stoner is finished! He has done his bit and moved on. Last year proved no matter what bike he was on he had to try his hardest to beat the rest of the Alien mob. Merely mortal.... big deal.

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Jun 12

Posts: 149

willc955 says:

Nakamoto-san nearly cried

...when Casey left.  If Stoner is willing, I firmly believe a Repsol Honda will be waiting for him at P.I.  And don't fool yourself, he would be fast despite time out of the seat.  And anyone who says they wouldn't want to see he and Marquez fight it out on the Island isn't a race fan.  Because as I've pointed out in other posts, and as I'm sure you already know, Marc Marquez is a fuckin' beast.

We generally get pretty shitty TV coverage of MotoGP here in the States (no qualifying, no podium interviews, no coverage other than the race, programming constantly bumped by NASCAR), but since it was one of the 3 USGPs (don't get me started on that) we actually got treated to qualifying and some extra footage.  I was also surprised to hear Jonathan Green from SBK announcing, which was cool, I like his knowledge and enthusiasm, but who needs to STFU and commentate at times.  Also announcing was Mr. Daytona Scott Russell, who I think does a great job.  He had the insight that both Stoner and Marquez are alike in their use of and faith in the bike's electrics.

Spot-on about the lean angle comments made earlier.  Dani or Jorge may actually have the bike leaned over further, but Marc's spectacular style is actually functional, too, allowing for less angle/more speed.  Scott Russell also noted that what Marquez is doing could be similar to the earlier rise of dragging knees to go faster.

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Aug 11

Posts: 698

Bootlegger says:

Hardly unexpected

Marquez that is. FP1 through FP4 is a general yardstick. 3 days of Austin domination pre-season by Marquez was a taster which translated as expected. Jerez will be a different kettle of fish. Nostro. Stoner is gone,much to my regret. Willie WB has got it right though. The  PI legends presence will present itself on the parade lap in the form of Wayne,Mick and Troy. A pair of Honda's for sure,probably 3. Troy on a Panigale,probably. Casey on a 3rd Honda would be my guess. Suppo,Gabbarini and Ducati's dream team of yesteryear are mostly with Marc Marquez right now. Stoner owes Marlboro and Del Torchio jack shit. Hell,even Preziosi's gone fishing. Racing in red at PI, forget it. Stoner is not disposed towards proving he can do the unproveable. A red win at PI 2013 with Stoner ?. Pipe dream. Rossi tried it for 2 years and failed dismally.

We saw many an attempt to tame the red beast and fail from Melandri to Rossi. Stoner's legacy is his incredible hit list with the bike in any shape,form and format,(and any other GP 4 stroke for that matter). 

Emulating that will be a tough ask for anyone including the likes of young Marc Marquez. Neither he nor Lorenzo are going to go to Ducati anytime until they win consistently with sub-alien's on board. 

Melandri to Rossi. Deliberate that one. The omission of Capirex. In my book,he was one of Ducati's huge success stories. Overstayed his hand in GP and thats all.

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Feb 13

Posts: 1278

AlexDAbomB69 says:

Lean angles

I have noticed its a Moto 2 style getting right off the bike and scraping you elbow, the old 250 boys keep their arse on the seat like Nostro said. MM is doing a fantastic job, I was one of the people thinking he was going to be a serial crasher but thank the lords of horse power he isn't. Stoner at Phillip island? only if the title is wrapped up and put to bed by a Honda rider, would he do it if he is happy being away from the sport?

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