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MCN  says:

How do you react to being asked to remove your helmet at a petrol station?

It’s cold, fingers are numb, the sun is setting and there’s still twenty frosty miles left before the warmth of home. But first it’s time for petrol: pull up at the station, unhook the nozzle and the digits won’t budge. A puzzled look at the attendant is met with a tannoy announcement: “Can you remove your helmet please”. pollcomment

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  • Posted 2 years ago (22 April 2013 15:54)

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Sep 10

Posts: 1322

SatNavSteve says:


I think Titosfuneral meant 'barmpot' which is a northern word for someone who is barmy, mad, insane etc! As for me, I fill up at Asda's pay at the pump station which doesn't have prejudiced assistants and its the cheapest anyway. Although it is on a slight slope and a few years ago, a friend of mine went there with his brand new ZX10, put it on the side stand, walked round the bike to the pump  and as he did so, it rolled off the stand! I wonder if he had a legal arguement for compensation but he was in too much shock at the time to think of that!

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Feb 12

Posts: 240

Titosfuneral says:

@snev @satnavsteve

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Feb 08

Posts: 159

davdamos says:

Baron Von Grumble has this issue in one of his YouTube videos. He ends up wearing a Balaclava covering more of his face than the helmet did, and getting served. Then complaining

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Jul 12

Posts: 13

PeteDuke says:

Helmet Off

Morrison's Boroughbridge, North Yorks, get abuse over tannoy for not taking helmet off. And right next to you is youth in hoodie with it up and scarf across his/her face, nothing said to him or her.


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Aug 02

Posts: 2744

spondonste says:

Fuel payment

I've never been asked to take my helmet off when I fill up in around  25 years of riding. That said though I get off the bike to fill it up so it's less likely to the cashier that I'd ride away without paying for the fuel anyway.

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Jun 03

Posts: 3

trickyd says:


So a friend of yours a few years ago parked his ZX10 on a slight slope, walked away and his bike fell over. Why would he have a legal argument to compensation? I know we compensate for stupidity on a daily basis, but how could you get compensation because of gravity?


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Sep 11

Posts: 19

likesitfast says:

reply from Morrison's

I had this reply from Morrisons April 2010............

I am sorry to learn that you are disappointed with our request for helmets to be removed when entering the store or petrol filling station. Please accept my sincere apologies for this


It is our intention that shopping in all our stores should be as pleasant and comfortable an experience as it possibly can be for all our Customers. Coupled with this we endeavour to offer an exemplary service at all times.


At Morrison’s we respectfully ask that motorcyclists remove their helmets prior to entering our premises for security reasons and out of consideration to our staff and other customers. I am sure you will appreciate this is in line with many other retail establishments. When entering any of our stores there is a sign at the entrance which makes this request and in the petrol filling station at our Bramley - Swinnow Road store there is a sign on the kiosk door which states: “For security reasons please remove helmet”. Before petrol or diesel can be dispensed it is also a legal requirement to ensure that the person filling up the vehicle is old enough to dispense the product, which is not possible to see whilst they are wearing a helmet.


Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention and I am hopeful this request will not deter you from continuing to shop with us.



Yours Sincerely

Lucy Jones
Customer Services Department
Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC

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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 225

Fly by night says:

helmets off

I once went into a toys R us and was asked to leave my helmet with the front desk where it was put in a cubbyhole, ok so I thought but then when I went back to collect it there was no one at the front desk, bags were left as it seemed to be a policy of Toys r us to collect people's bags and crash helmets and so on.


So I said to the person when they eventually returned, what would they have done if someone has walked off with my crash helmet and I couldn't ride my bike home, what security measures would they provide for me and my passenger plus my bike as I would have to leave it at the stores car park until I got a replacement, and how would they feel about the £500 cost of the replacement they would have to dish out.

Needless to say she simply had no reply, so I said to her make sure if you take people goods you look after them carefully as you are taking on the responsibility of their safety and security.

I don't go to toys are us for anything now, they can stick their goods where the sun don't shine.

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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 225

Fly by night says:

Oh another

Same type of thing as last one but in pc world some years ago now, I heard the security people that took it dropped someone's helmet it cost them around £400 pounds to replace it, they stopped taking people's helmets after that.

If someone wants a new helmet just find a store that insists on you handing over your helmet for security reasons, then sue them for damages to your helmet, you would have a good case.



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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 225

Fly by night says:

Mc donalds

I once went into mc donalds and the cashier said to me to remove my helmet I asked why as the advert on tv did not show you had to remove the helmet at the time, he said it was for safety for the cashiers and other customers, I called for the manager and he said the same thing so I said to him," which is safer for your cashier and customers someone holding a crash helmet in their hand able to swing it hard and fast potentially smashing it over someone's head doing a huge amount of damage, or someone keeping it on their head where the worst is potentially a head but.

Think about it just for one moment I said to him, which will cause the most injury were I that way inclined? of course he had to concede my point.


The next day I went back to the same store, surprise surprise the policy had been dropped.

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