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MCN  says:

How do you react to being asked to remove your helmet at a petrol station?

It’s cold, fingers are numb, the sun is setting and there’s still twenty frosty miles left before the warmth of home. But first it’s time for petrol: pull up at the station, unhook the nozzle and the digits won’t budge. A puzzled look at the attendant is met with a tannoy announcement: “Can you remove your helmet please”. pollcomment

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  • Posted 2 years ago (22 April 2013 15:54)

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Jan 11

Posts: 8119

snev says:


So in your world.... The Bike riding customer is always a Potential Knife killer, Disrespectful for turning up just to Buy petrol, Looked upon as a scum then.....Hmmmmmmm. Which Station do you Work in?

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Dec 09

Posts: 2491

supermario says:

mary mary quite contrary

lock your bike up snev

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Aug 02

Posts: 995


I know the stations that expect me to remove the helmet........i don't use them...even for the's their loss as i regularly spend hundred's a month on fuel. I use a open face in the summer and flip top in colder times.:tongue:

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Jul 09

Posts: 15

kdt092 says:

Happened to me

in a Jet garage, so I complied, even though I had a flip-front and it was up! Made the point of asking for the manager but he wasn't about, so I made a complaint on-line on the Jet site. No-one ever got back to me. Have never been back since. By all means comply and take the lid off, refuel, pay, but then make a real meal of suiting up again, especially with the gloves before you take off. You'll soon find that you get a load of frustrated tin box owners behind who have a whinge. Politely tell them it's forecourt policy and let them have a go at the attendant!! In Morrison's I always refuel at the "pay as you go" pump. The first thing you do is scan your card so they've got proof of purchase. Have never been asked to remove lid in a Morrison's.

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Oct 05

Posts: 133

romford4 says:


Some of your points surprise me.  Not wanting to take a helmet off isn't about being arsey or grumpy or having to get over oneself or having to grow up. It's all about being inconvenienced during what should be a quick 2 minute stop-off to refuel... a totally different environment from going to the bank/pub/supermarket that you mention.  No-one's saying they want to be disrespectful to the staff, but respect works both ways so why inconvenience your paying customers and assume that they're all out to rob you?  I'd imagine there's a far greater % of petrol station robberies carried out by those in cars or on foot than by people on motorbikes.

And sorry, but I don't believe for a second that the manager in your petrol station made Muslim women remove their burkhas.  If we were in France yes, but in the UK no.  Recipe for a lawsuit, aided of course by legal-aid (or whatever replaced it), and every government funded 'Equality' group  wanting to prove a point.

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May 10

Posts: 19

aaustin2911 says:

Take your time

Yep - experienced the response, which I pointed out they should have told me before I started to fuel the bike

So, I simple took ages taking the gloves off, then the helmet, and then faffed around acting like I forgot which pocket I had my wallet in - this involved undoing my jacket etc,,, (had folded/notes in front top pocket but thought - fuck them....

Paid, then did not get out of the way until I was fully re-clothed, helmet and gloves back on

5 Minutes later I walk telling them have a nice day to a glaring jobs-worth and a load of pissed of customers who will just give the wanker a load of shit for the time they where held up

Vengeance is best served cold. Odd never asked me to remove it again.

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Sep 09

Posts: 20

vstrombandit says:

romford 4

Just to point out a couple of things. I did not say the robber was a biker; I just said he was wearing a crash helmet. We don't know if he was biker as he ran off out of view of cameras, so don't know if he was in the car etc.

Yes - The manager once said he would refuse to serve someone becuase of their burkha but was very polite in explaining why etc. He said it was unusual for a lady in a burkha anyway to be fuelling up because of other religious concerns. Please don't believe everything you read in gutter press about how people react in situations like this - the Daily Express is well known to "embelish" non stories

Do you know how may ride/ drive offs there are a day your average petrol station? I don't but for the few weeks I was working there, the log number for reporting drive off's just seemed to grow by the week. So if a petrol station asks you politley to remove your helmet etc., then why not?

I'm a biker, so I know it's a pain to remove gloves and helmet. But I have 20 million other things to get stressed over such as possibly being made redundant, my middle aged wife going in for tests to diagnose a potentially serious heart condition etc. - Having to spend an extra 2 minutes removing / putting back on gloves and helmet at a filling station ranks way the list of things to get stressed about

Get a sense of perspective please!!

Petrol stations should do what they do in America - either put your card into the pump first or pay cash first BEFORE you can get fuel. However, that is unlikley to happen so they can fleece everyone with the prices they charge in the shop

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Sep 09

Posts: 20

vstrombandit says:


You should have gone to spec savers or learn to read. How in gods name did you get from my comment to you thinking that I believe all bikers are knife wielding scum. Christ - what a plank. I merely said he was wearing a crash helmet - I didn't say he was a biker. I am a biker and know it's a pain. But I've also seen "the other side of the fence".  There are 2 sides to every story - if you don't agree , then put upp a valid arguement and engage your brain cell- don't jump to conclusions that aren't there

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Apr 13

Posts: 1

Tobie85 says:

Where do you put the Helmet?

I have NO problem removing my helmet at a petrol station, providing i have somewhere clean and safe to place my £££'s personal safety equipment, of which my life may depend on! the floors are always covered in corrosive chemicals, the pumps themselfs, (If clean) have promotion rubbish on them, If the petrol station can not provide something, then i believe they can not demand something, i dont mind removing my helmet, if i have somewhere clean and safe to put it!

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Sep 08

Posts: 100

Andy_L says:

I've only been asked once to remove my lid before filling up, at the motorway services off the M11 at Stansted.  I declined to do so and rode off to find somewhere else to fill up.  Turns out there's another petrol station on a local road off the same junction, that's much cheaper and is actually closer to the motorway than the motorway services are.  This was a good few years ago; I've no idea if they still make you take your lid off at Stansted services as I've never been back there since.

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