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Matthew Birt  says:

Andrea Dovizioso waiting on Ducati upgrades

Andrea Dovizioso says all he can do is be patient and push at 100% while waiting for a series of upgrades to be rolled out by Ducati’s factory MotoGP squad later in the season. Small updates for the Desmosedici GP13 machine might be forthcoming at the French Grand Prix in Le Mans next month but bigger changes to try and solve...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (23 April 2013 14:57)

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Apr 13

Posts: 193

BennytheRev says:

Fast Italian's don't wear yellow ...

... Pirro was testing new stuff at Jerez last week and came away all smiles - bring it on. 

Back to Austin, and for Dovi to bring last year's tarted-up GP12 home just 6 seconds behind some old duffer on a 2013 factory M1 was a brilliant achievement - just goes to show the good progress Ducati have made with Dovi in control. 

Would have been interesting to have got Dovi and the old duffer to swop bikes, given Dovi a two-day testing headstart (like the old duffer had) and then compared the results. 

No contest.

It's time we bid farewell to the old duffer, and recognise the vastly improved Andrea Dovizioso aka 'The Fast Italian'.

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Nov 03

Posts: 2273

saturn392 says:


you seem to have a chip on your shoulder.  Are you from a poor background ?  No shame if you are my man but you seem to be preoccupied with 'silver spoons' and privileged treatment.  Marquez has taken the same route as Rossi who you detest because of 'favouritism' does this mean you will despise him also because of the so called 'silver spoon' route ?

It's not about that - its about the recognition of talent at a very early age and being given the opportunity to display that talent with the best equipment.

Mike Hailwood was accused in his day of only being successful because his father was a wealthy businessman and could use his influence to get him the best bikes - so what ? - it's about the talent.   Karel Abraham's father's influence got him a GP ride but his talent is not the same as MM he doesn't have the X factor.

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Feb 13

Posts: 1278

AlexDAbomB69 says:

Is it me

Or does any one else think that the front forks on the Ducati look longer than normal? Makes look a bit like that streethawk bike from the crap tv show out of the 80's.

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Apr 13

Posts: 371

The old duffer

He got a second first time out on the Yamaha, it took Dovi 5 races to get a third. Plus Dovi's competition was quite a bit weaker with Stoner there instead of Marquez.

We don't have to bid farewell to Rossi, why don't we just savour the moments when it clicks and he reminds us of what a great competitor he is, all the while marvelling at Marc, cheering on Cal, and the rest, and being thankful that the motogp paddock is such a happy place now that old misery guts has gone fishing.

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Oct 08

Posts: 653

hello4646 says:


The reason MM has been born with a silver spoon is because he is fooking fast. And he has shown already that the Works Honda ride is deserved

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Dec 08

Posts: 2013

thestig08 says:

one minor problem

As I recall Dovizoso couldn't beat these guy's on an HRC Honda , his strength is getting blinding starts and road blocking for the rest of the race Qatar being a perfect example , , that said Haydons days must be numbered and I think Dovizoso will be a good development rider for the red beast once this thing is sorted they will bin Haydon and a young quick buck will be on board ,

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Apr 11

Posts: 3615

Bultoboy says:


What are you dribbling on about man?

My point was it is hardly fair to compare the results of one rider against another in the lower classes with their significantly differing circumstances. My point wasn't that I begrudge Marquez anything. Sometimes talent gets spotted in the right place at the right time and gets all the support it needs to succeed. On other occassions it doesn't. That's life, it happens.

MM had the talent required, was given the level of equipment needed to succeed and made the best use of it to do so. Stoner had the talent but had a different path that offered less competitive bikes in world championships. Only in 2005 did he get a works spec 250 and finished 2nd to Pedrosa.

To my mind saying MM is better than CS or anyone else because of his results in the smaller classes is both unfair and inaccurate. Achieved better results yes, better? Entirely subjective and we'll never know as they won't ever race a season together with all things being equal in order that we find out.

As for detesting Rossi, steady on there lad, totally out of order. I may not like some of his traits, but detest ? I don't think so.


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Oct 12

Posts: 99

Fast Italian's don't wear yellow ...

Rossi may well have his best days all behind him but at least he has achieved something huge in his career and given the entire sport a much needed boost when it was in danger of almost dying out. In all seriousness and going by Bennys own standards,1 world championship at 125 level is hardly anything to shout about and would actually make him a failed motorcycle racer(exactly what he called Cal last season). He may do something on that Ducati but I cannot see it to be honest,he just appears to be able to ride at the same level ,whatever bike he is on,and that level just isnt anywhere near enough to trouble the top boys.

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Aug 11

Posts: 700

Bootlegger says:

Outer Space Saturn392

Gas Giant it is and about sums it up. Big Fart 2013. This was a Ducati/ Dovi topic at one stage. Thanks for reminding us all that GP 2013 is actually about 4 bikes and 4 riders.

My girl fools around with astronomy and astrology. Saturn rules Capricorn. Marquez has the Moon in Capricorn. Emotions totally under clutch so to  speak as she says,given any eventuality.

Just another blast of hot air.

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Apr 13

Posts: 371


The silver spoon treatment? Aren't you the very one Bulto, who swings his leg over on to that high horse the very second anyone dares praise Rossi at, what you think, is to the detrement of the others?

Yet here you are belittling Marquez's achievements saying "MM has been given the sliver spoon ride trhough the smaller classes with the very best equipment and support that most can't even dream of."

As if all Marc had to do was swing his leg over the bikes and he be champ. Shame on you. A despicable assertion.

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