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Ped Baker  says:

Staff Blog: Are Harley's cool?

A couple of years ago I asked an MCN work experience girl what she thought of motorcyclists. I was hoping she’d use words like ‘cool’, ‘exciting’, perhaps even ‘sexy’ but instead she said, “They’re all old blokes... you think they could be a bit of alright and then they take their helmets off... and they’re all my dad’s age.” She wasn’t talking...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (24 April 2013 16:38)

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May 09

Posts: 508

speedo007 says:

Harley is one of the very few brands I never tried...that said being the owner of an MT-01, I now totally get the V-twin thing. I've had 8 bikes in 7 years, and nothing has made me smile like the MT does...

I hate the Harley culture and the pirate theme around it, but I can understand why owners like them.

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Jan 11

Posts: 304

TomRR says:

yes but no

YES...Love the sound, I do like the look of some of them, there is a certain cool thing seeing them rumbling along.
NO.... don’t like the orange bandana wearing idiots who don’t wave to any other bike rider on the road, don’t like the snobbish attitude to sports bikers, and what is with the long slightly GAY key chains & Leather vest with badges ehhh   oh yes and fingerless gloves WTF is that all about, I wear gloves to protect my fingers and keep em warm!
So yes…. I like the Harley Fat Bob style-eeem….but…. don’t like the FAT tossers, who ride them,
Would I buy one, hell would need to freeze over first.


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Apr 07

Posts: 156

AFKAN says:


Can't understand the appeal of something when there are plenty of other similar style bikes that are far cheaper and far better.  It's a fair wedge to buy into a bygone era of biking... weird.

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Feb 08

Posts: 159

davdamos says:

they're ok

If someone gave me one, I'd happily ride it. But if I were to spend my own money, I'd rather buy something else.

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Feb 12

Posts: 152

plumber01 says:

dont get it

when I see one i just think, twat, probably some old git who's just retired, knows fuck all about bikes, cant ride it and is scared of the rain! They dont handle,have huge engines and are still  really slow,  have crap build quality, and then you end up spending half your life cleaning it. I supose thats how some people get their kicks which may be fair enough, but if you want some old time looking bike why not buy a Triumph and at least your giving your money to a fellow brit and you still have an authentic brand, that would be quicker, handle better, and build better! Sorry Harley riders, you may well think me a twat for wanting to attack every bendy mountain road I can find.

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Oct 12

Posts: 64

Room101 says:

at least they have character

(oh well, flame-suit on) Yes Harley's are cool (especially to non bikers), they possess the one thing that most modern bikes now have had totally sucked out of them – character! They are what they are and best enjoyed at slower speeds. You cant compare them to other bikes, they just fail in all departments, you can only compare them to themselves. The bigger 'issue' is with many of their riders, weekend 1%er pirate estate agents working the image hard rather than just being themselves. But the same can be said for all the power-rangers with their funny speed humps trying to be Rossi on their R1CBRS1GSXR1000. Vive la difference I guess.

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Feb 13

Posts: 15


Harley's are good for certain people like me. Oh and I am not fat and I do wave at other bikers. Why compare? Some guys drive ferrari's and other like to drive Land Rovers.We all derive pleasure in different ways. Bikes are great. Full stop.

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Sep 12

Posts: 52

Discopoo says:

Firstly, not my thing

But if they are not cool why are there so many Jap clones.

Yes they are pants but as long as you have actors and wananbes riding them they will always be cool.

But then I ride a Triumph, what do I know?



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Apr 13

Posts: 125

yaki says:

Room 101 is spot on and yes plumber01 you are a twat. I have been riding a Harley Fatboy for the last year it is my first harley after many years on mainly jap sports bikes.I have been riding for 35 years and this is my first bike of this kind and I like it a lot,I do ride in the rain and have stripped and rebuilt many bikes.If i could be bothered i could probably take your sports bike and kick your arse,just because you see an older rider on a harley dose not mean they have always been riding harleys and do not know how to ride a sports bike fast,bean there done that,what is cool depends on your point of view.

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Apr 12

Posts: 320

DazLoczy says:


All motorcycles are cool, I don't care if it's a Honda C90 or a Ducati Diavel, two wheels and a motor = cool. Having said that to me Harley's might be old and agricultural but to me they look way cooler than a Yamaha R1. Each to their own, sure they're a different sort of kick but it's not all about posing. It's about getting to where you're going in style, look at the Harley's that compete in the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. Are you telling me that doesn't look like fun? It's horses for courses, same as some guys (mostly nobbers with a small cock complex) would go for a bright red Ferrari F12 over a chopped up old American muscle car/truck. You either got class or you ain't but don't pretend that dressing up as a Power Ranger trying to get your knee down around a roundabout is somehow cooler than cruising in denim and leather down the strip. I know who gets the public vote.

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