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Ped Baker  says:

Staff Blog: Are Harley's cool?

A couple of years ago I asked an MCN work experience girl what she thought of motorcyclists. I was hoping she’d use words like ‘cool’, ‘exciting’, perhaps even ‘sexy’ but instead she said, “They’re all old blokes... you think they could be a bit of alright and then they take their helmets off... and they’re all my dad’s age.” She wasn’t talking...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (24 April 2013 16:38)

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May 10

Posts: 19

aaustin2911 says:

They have their Niche

Okay so not everyones cup of tea

For me the real thing is the price, Lugana motorcycles told me that these things are sold are the dollar price but in pounds i.e. if it cost them $15k dollars to get it over here, then they sell it at £15k --- nice margin

Personally I would go for Victory motorbikes, better build quality, styling and less old school look.

But then again, you could ask the same questions about every style - Street naked, Semi Faired, Enduro, Adventure, Sports Tourer, Custom, Sports ..... as people will still have an opinion -

A bikes styling is like marmite - you either love it or hate it....

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Oct 10

Posts: 138


I've only had one HD,a very nice 1200 Sporty,which i took in px for a streetfighter i'd built.I meant to shift it on straight away but ended up using it for a yr,doing my normal thing,everyday commuting,fun rides & going to rallys.It had massive limitations compared to my normal bikes but i just got on with it.The predjudice from other bikers was the most amusing.I expected to be ignored by the usual sportsbike lot & BMW owners but it was the Harley clones that were the worst.I'm a traditional scruffy biker who does all his own servicing etc & the looks of horror on the clones faces when i asked them something about their bikes said it all,they knew nowt & only wanted to 'look the part'.So if you ask me if HD's are cool,they might be if the folk who buy them weren't complete tossers to start with,but the bikes themselves in stripped down style are ok by me.

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Apr 13

Posts: 126

yaki says:

Well ACEEDSTORM I also ride a harley a fatboy and have been servicing my own bikes for over 30 years,this one will be no different to the others I neither dress traditional scruffy or like a bad ass clone just a biker,I was a member of a HOG chapter for the first year but have not carried on with it because it was not for me and yes most of them knew nothing about their bikes.You should see there faces and the main dealers when you say you are doing your own servicing

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Apr 07

Posts: 66

OrangeSpoon says:

are they cool...


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Apr 08

Posts: 7

skarecrow29 says:

Who cares what others think is cool.

I own a Harley, I'm not a retired born again biker. I use it to commute, go to rallies, weekly meetings of he local HOG chapter. It's not a would be 1%er club, it's a social club, people with an interest in motorbikes. I have ridden bikes for 30 years since I was a kid on a ty175 in a field. And the difference I see between the Harley owners I know and he none Harley owners is every body wants to talk about Harley's one lot how good the think they are the other lot how bad they think they are but everybody has an opinion. Harley have been making bikes for 110 years and are still selling loads of there style of bike but other manufacturers seem to fell it necessary to copy the Harley style. And I think that makes Harley's cool.

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Feb 09

Posts: 4759

philehidiot says:


I don't particularly think bikes are cool anyway. Harleys have an image (+/- problem, depending on your point of view). I'd never have a Harley but that is based on reports of handling, etc. I've never ridden one nor do I intend to ride any cruiser as, whilst I'd not say they're not fit for purpose, they're not fit for my purpose. I'd never mock anyone for riding a Harley or a cruiser if that's the bike they want. And motorcycling isn't just for old men. I'm 27, going on 80. I do own a pipe and I'm wearing my slippers. Whilst sat by the heater.

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Jul 12

Posts: 1

Triggahippie says:

Does it matter if they are cool or not?

I've been riding sports bikes for 33 years, finally i had to admit that i just wasn't enjoying that head down, arse up position for as long as i used to. I'd come back after an hour with aching shoulders and wrists, it was time to find something more comfortable. I like the custom style and was undecided between the Victory or a Harley, what swayed me was the social side of owing a Harley and so i bought a 2004 Softail Deuce. I don't think it matters if it's cool, is it comfortable? Hell yes and i'm enjoying riding for the sake of it again and i've got that daft smile for no reason back again.

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Feb 12

Posts: 153

plumber01 says:


Triggahippie, I think you missed out on a naked, when the wrists and knees cant take it,then  you go naked, then a adventure bike, and only then a cruiser, when you cant wipe your own arse! remember, every biker is a rebel, harley riders are just rebeling against buying a better bike!, sorry Ive just seen some more grey hairs,where is that polish,? and they dont sound so bad.........................HELP

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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 225

Fly by night says:

It looks


It's quite nice and I can see why some would like it as it harps back to a time when biking was about looking good and just enjoying the ride, wouldn't say it was cool except in winter of course more like freezing.

As for the girl being asked about bikes, she must have been a teeny bopper just out of nappies with her head in the clouds.

Bikers prefer real women that know their own mind and can take a wolf whistle who mostly can ride them selves but are just as happy to be on the back of a good bike.

Harleys need to come out of the hells angels age the govt will crush all biker gangs even if it means destroying the bike industry altogether.


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Apr 07

Posts: 66

OrangeSpoon says:


"skarecrow29 says:

Who cares what others think is cool.

I own a Harley, [...]

And I think that makes Harley's cool."

you do :winkie:

as ze French say "à chacun son goût"

my preference for other styles of bike is more down to cornering performance but I can understand the appeal, there would be a place in my dream garage for a fully loaded Harley but it wouldn't be one of the first purchases

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