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Gareth Nightingale  says:

Warning of motorcycle insurance creeping clauses

This is a warning to all motorcycle riders to check their insurance terms carefully. I have been riding and insuring motorcycles for some 35 years now and have always been able to declare the bike as garaged. In the beginning this meant a simple decrease in premium, they trusted you to be sensible and put it in the garage most of...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (25 April 2013 11:44)

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Dec 10

Posts: 243

blue200tdi says:

Legalised theft or extortion, call it what you will but until something is done, these thieving insurance companies will continue to extort money from us. We have to have insurance so they take advantage. I haven't made a claim, ever on a motorbike but still my premiums rise every year because they 'under estimated last year'

Why should I pay more, I'm clearly not a risk, I live in the middle of no where and I'm 45 years old?

If my bike was stolen from outside my home and the bike insurance won't pay out then my household insurance would. What I fail to understand is how they can take money for years and years making a huge profit every week but as soon as there are a few claims they raise the premiums citing they are poor and making a loss?

I bet most, if not all, insurance companies are owned or have MP's as share holders.

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Jul 11

Posts: 47

DrWorm says:


"You can’t even not declare that the bike is kept in a garage because if you declare it as being kept on the drive and keep it in a garage you have made a false declaration and therefore your whole insurance is invalid!"

I declare on my insurance that it's on a drive with no security but I always use security and sometimes I'm able to store it in a garage.  Surely doing more than you declare to protect your bike wouldn't invalidate your insurance. 


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Sep 10

Posts: 836

CBR11X says:

Simple. Don't buy f@cking insurance, except third party property. It's a rip-off that plays on your fears. Invest your money in a decent chain & lock, and a decent alarm. There are alarms that SMS you should they be triggered. The money you save should be put into a fund to pay for any damage or to offset the price of a new bike. I never had insurance. For example when I bought a new $13000 GSXR1100 in 1995, the cheapest comprehensive insurance was $1400! Third party property insurance was only $175. The money I saved in insurance bought me a new CBR1100XX less than a decade later.

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Feb 13

Posts: 18

justaname says:

ho hum

oh well, make sure you do as much homework and scrutiny on the policy before you sign. if you aint happy, go elswhere. as for some of your points i fail to believe that your policy would be void because you put your bike in a garage but stated you leave it on the drive. who are you insured with ? the chuckle brothers insurance co Ltd.

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Jan 04

Posts: 287

R6nutter6 says:

It's not the thieves you have to look out for more, it's the scamming insurance companies

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Nov 10

Posts: 266

Homer40 says:

Insurance companies....

....are the biggest fraudsters and rip off merchants going. If you look into what happens when an accident occurs (even if its a slight bump with no damage done) they will claim 50/50 of each other and make the two drivers pay through the nose next year.

The truth is, we pay insurance based on what we declare as the truth at the time off asking, but when the insurance companies are risk assessing you they iclude a percentage of all the bills they have had to pay out over the year, so we end up paying for other people accidents.

So my question would be, how can they put up your premium if you have not claimed? Why, when they risk assess me (for a quote) do they then say its more expensive this year because jonny claimed at the other end of the country? thet risk assessed me not fucking jonny and i don't want to pay for jonny.

What will happen eventually is people will only go third party and bollocks to the insurance company, because lets face it, I at the moment am fully comp on a blade 07, if i had a small spill i would fix it myself, if i wrote the bike off, then i would claim. So why have fully comp?

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May 13

Posts: 1

GarNight says:

False declarations

"You can’t even not declare that the bike is kept in a garage because if you declare it as being kept on the drive and keep it in a garage you have made a false declaration and therefore your whole insurance is invalid"

I found it difficult to believe but this is exact what I was told during a 1/2hr discussion with Bennetts call center about this clause and under their Equity Red Star policy these are the t&cs end of story, accept them or don't take out the policy, needless to say I'm not taking out the policy with them this year.   

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Aug 11

Posts: 2

MrAdventure says:

What policy documentation?

My policy is up for renewal, so I did the usual ring around waste of time exercise... got around to one of the big Advertisers in the back of MCN,  who gave a relatively competitive quote... and that's when it fell apart.

I asked if they could send me a sample or if I could download a copy of the Policy Document so I could read through the clauses and make an informed decision, only to be told they don't do that. They would read the key wording over the phone to me!

Whatever you do, you MUST read the weasel words, don't get suckered into something over the phone like this, at best I'd hope that this sort of behaviour is a breach of the EU distance selling directive, opening them up to unfair contractual arrangements, at worst it's an appalling example of customer service, Vote with your wallet and give sharks like this a wide berth!

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Feb 13

Posts: 10

Kwakaddict says:

Just renewed and got a letter saying I had provided false information. I had not declared a car crash which was on a different policy (which i have already been stung for) and they wanted anothr £72. This is the same company that said my car and bike  policies were TOTALLY separate so I could not use my car no claims to reduce my bike premium. Now when it suits THEM they are considered to be linked? They girl on the phone told me she agreed with me but "they have got you all ways" well they haven't cos I cancelled policy and went with MCE, cheaper even after declaring the bump, and its 15 months instaed of 12 AND they do summat for bike sport so felt better all round.

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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 225

Fly by night says:

Same clause

In my policy but it's not a false declaration if you state you leave your bike in the drive.

If you leave your bike in the drive most of the time and only put your bike in the garage from time to time and you state this, your bike will only be covered at a higher rate as it is not garaged, your bike will be insured as not garaged as it's not.

It's the same with cars, if you declare it is garaged and it is not then it is a false declaration and it won't be insured if stolen from outside your house.

Declare it not garaged and it is insured all the time, bit more expense on the insurance but cheaper than losing  your vehicle with no return.

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