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MCN  says:

Smaller injury pay-outs for riders

Motorcyclists will get smaller pay-outs for injury claims because of new 
legislation introduced last week, 
according to a solicitor. Personal injury solicitor Ed Fletcher says compensation will be slashed following a ban on so-called referral fees, paid by law firms for details of people who might want to make a claim. Before the ban was introduced on April 1, lawyers could buy...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (26 April 2013 13:43)

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Mar 10

Posts: 120

MudDoctor says:

MCN should really stop

making out that bikers are being singled out in this, and other pieces of general policy making. This affects any kind of injury claim, from bikers to people slipping on the floor in a burger joint.

While it may seem a little unfair that payouts might be reduced, hopefully it will stop some of the more trivial and spurious cases from reaching the courts, which have indeed pushed up insurance rates, such as the massive increase in whiplash injury claims.

It is not too far from the truth that many of these claims are simply a scam, in many cases caused deliberately to make a claim that is very hard to disprove on medical grounds.

It is also not too much of a stretch that part of our motorcycle premiums have increased to cover those claims.

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Mar 07

Posts: 3215

Boult says:

Not convinced

As far as I'm aware, the 'winning' side claims their costs from the defendant. Therefore this shouldn't affect genuine / serious claims. What it will do is prevent the insurance industry from 'laying off' some of its risk by selling details on.

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Sep 09

Posts: 905

Rogerborg says:

Sigh. Another MCE shill piece, this time wrapped in a scare story?

We were always free to seek out our own representation on our own terms, and nothing has changed.  I would not have used whatever panel firm of barely trained paralegals my insurer tried to foist on me then, and nor would I now.

The root problem with insurance hasn't changed: massively overpaid barristers who bill more for an hour than I make in a day.  It's not that they "can't" operate for less, it's that they've gotten used to living fat off of other peoples' misfortunate, and don't want to dial down their expectations.

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Aug 02

Posts: 54

Tetley says:

Either - Lawyers will form cartels to fix prices (illegal) - OR - Market forces will reduce costs as Solicitors vie to be competitive with each other to avoid reductions in turnover of cash and staff.

Too many Law firms have got fat and wealthy by exploiting the claim and compensation culture. By reducing the costs of settlement the annual rise in premiums should be lessened.

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Sep 09

Posts: 31

leegee010 says:

The answer...

Going forward is to represent yourself... Do your homework on what you're entitled to and negotiate settlement with the insurer directly... they will do this and may be inclined to increase the offer slightly if you negotiate correctly and use the fact that they're not paying solicitor costs to your advantage.

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Sep 11

Posts: 13


So, all our insurance premiums should come down, right?

and if we shop around when we need to make a claim, we can still get what we deserve, right?

I hope the kickbacks from MCE are worth it.

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Sep 09

Posts: 20

vstrombandit says:

Recent Claim

I was a numpty and revesered into a parked car in a car park at about 8 MPH in my car. Broke the rearlight on both cars and scratched  bit of body work. I hadd a personal injury lawyer hounding me asking if I wanted to make claim, almost suggesting I make up an injury!! I pointed out that is was my fault and that noone was in the other car and I wasn't injured. They still asked. It was only when I said I was going to report them to the relevnt governing body and send the details to as many consumer programmes as I could, did they finally stop calling. No wodner my preiums go up every year (apart from me hitting a car that is... )

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Aug 02

Posts: 63

GuyGraham says:

dirt Bike Accident

I had a dirt bike accident, yet I also got harrased by solictors who could only have got the details from the hospital, as they were the only ones who knew I'd come off a bike, apart from close family

Took a few stern replies to the ambulance chasing solictor to get rid of him.

These people are supposed tobe intelligent, but don't know the difference between an RTA and a MX accident - tossers the lot of them

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Fly by night


Sep 07

Posts: 226

Fly by night says:

Ther's the problem

We know that no win no fee is right for genuine cases, but what is destroys credibility is the daft cases that should never come to court.

Some companies pay up without taking into court due to the cost of the defence.

There needs to be a balance genuine cases need the full protection and help of the law, but cases that should never come to court should never go to court.

All these changes will not only affect bikers it will affect everyone from the pedestrian reversed into to the company worker who doesn't follow company practice.

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