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Damian Harty  says:

Techwatch: Cars v bikes: let’s be grown up about this

For acceleration it’s two wheels, but what about braking? Down the pub, we all like to imagine ours is the best. But in a no-holds-barred shoot-out, who gets there? Let’s start at the start. Bikes launch phenomenally well, putting all their weight onto the driven wheel and becoming “all wheel drive” by virtue of there only being one on the road. It’s...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (26 April 2013 15:26)

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Dec 09

Posts: 2494

supermario says:

Surely a bikes superior acceleration... due to the power to weight ratio?

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Aug 02

Posts: 2323

Hedgehog5 says:

It helps but a 50HP 260kg bike + rider (= 0.19bhp/kg) will still out accellerate a 400HP 1500kg car (0.26bhp/kg) to 60mph due to it's innertia... as he says "...even quite modest bikes post blistering 0-60 times compared to cars ..."... ultimately though that bike would run out of steam & the car would come blasting by.

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Oct 04

Posts: 98

slickhillsy says:

His name...

Is Damien - not Shirley!

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Aug 02

Posts: 22

TwoBrosBlade says:

Bikes rust, cars dont

Before we can claim any bragging rights on tech - bike manufacturers need to concentrate harder on plating their nuts/bolts and fasteners a bit better. 30k mile 4yr old CB1300 used daily in all weathers - gets washed once a week and GT85 applied all over (except brakes obviously) and i use ACF50 in a pump spray monthly when salts on the roads. Its still got manky bits. 104k mile 10yr old Mondeo gets left on the drive these days - no washing let alone using expensive sprays on it. Its got next to no manky bits even in the bits open to the elements. Honda certainly CAN make stuff that doesnt corrode - they make decent cars. They just choose not to. So until that changes car driver have the right to point and laugh at us whenever we claim bikes are more technically advanced.

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Jul 09

Posts: 19

StupidRider says:

It is subjective

Some people prefer bikes, some prefer cars, personally I like both and couldn't give two hoots what anyone else thinks so why should you either! Dream garage would have: 996 SPS MV F4 750 Serie Oro '99 'Busa RZ (with mcXpress turbo) Gixxer One Thou K1 '99 R1 '99 'Blade '01 955i Daytona 7R Ninja 675 Daytona 675 Street Triple KTM Duke II R1200 GS Dakar & '79 CBX... Evo VI GSR 22B STI Impreza R34 GTR Skyline F355 GTS Vanquish S '83 Esprit Turbo Maclaren F1 GTR longtail F50 GTS SE30 Diablo VX220 turbo & Tiger Z100WR Worth noting thought that bikes are more exciting due to the vulnerability factor plus bikes can wheelie!!! They also offer huge performance at relatively low prices

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Jan 04

Posts: 287

R6nutter6 says:

Who cares???? It's been done to death. Personally, there's no better feeling than riding a bike near to or at it's limit. A slide on a bike that you get away with feels amazing. A slide in a car tends to require a correction in the steering and you're away again with no major drama.

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Aug 02

Posts: 120

Robell says:

Who cares

Very few can get the  ultimate performance out of any vehicle, on the road.

But in todays traffic, a bike beats a car, no contest..

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Apr 13

Posts: 141

yaki says:

This article just goes to show what a juvenile bunch of idiots mcn are,the question of car v bike is completely irrelevant on road or track and would only interest people with small minds and even smaller dicks,grow up mcn for christs sake.

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Aug 02

Posts: 20

mattofasto says:

I love this type of analysis

It's really interesting the way the different dynamics interact, and I don't find it juvenile at all. In a car you can brake harder and turn in very violently. It's same on the way out of the bend; you can stamp on the throttle in a modern fast car, and correct any slide instantly with just a twitch of the wheel. Bikes accelerate like bastards and are much more challenging in the corners, so much more fun in my opinion. I love messing up cars drivers' ego with acceleration, and we can't be beaten on the road as there is always a traffic light or a queue to let us waltz past the cars in front and lose them. I'm often amazed at how some fairly modest diesel cars can pile on the speed between about 100mph and 125mph. Flat torque curve and better aerodynamics I presume. And by the way, I can extract maximum acceleration and braking performance from my bike, as long as I'm near the vertical. Obviously I can't corner like Marques, or McGuinness at the TT, but I can push my bike as hard as is safe and it feels exciting to use a modern bike in a relatively sporty way on the road, especially when humiliating a "fast" car. Maybe that's a bit juvenile, but I love it.

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Nov 12

Posts: 39

Danny456D says:

Also depends who's riding/driving what. I've had quite a few moments of making drivers in flashy cars, who obviously think they're flying, look daft on my bike, and i wouldn't rate my riding skills as anything special. At the same time i've had my arse whooped by bikes on twisties by some brilliant riders,and i think anyone who can ride hard on a bike can drive double as hard, as the limit seems far easier to reach, so my driving is up there i'd say. Horses for courses, a mug in a Ferrari is still a mug...

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