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Damian Harty  says:

Techwatch: Cars v bikes: let’s be grown up about this

For acceleration it’s two wheels, but what about braking? Down the pub, we all like to imagine ours is the best. But in a no-holds-barred shoot-out, who gets there? Let’s start at the start. Bikes launch phenomenally well, putting all their weight onto the driven wheel and becoming “all wheel drive” by virtue of there only being one on the road. It’s...

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  • Posted 2 years ago (26 April 2013 15:26)

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Oct 05

Posts: 135

romford4 says:

Who cares?

Like said below, it's been done to the death.  Most of the anoraks and boy racers that spend their time boasting about a car's performance are driving relatively mundane stuff like Imprezas, Civic Type-Rs, tarted up Corsas etc at best.  The nearest 99.9% of them have gotten to a supercar is dribbling over one at a car show.  Unless these car mag stats and figures geeks actually own a supercar and can go head to head arguing their case with a superbike owner, then it's all hypothetical.

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Dec 07

Posts: 237

merv007 says:

interesting debate

Bike vs car tests always throw up surprises as youtube shows, like who would have thought a Ducati 1198 would be 2 seconds a lap faster than a Ferrari 458 driven by a racer around a tight, twisty track. On the other hand certain fast executive saloon cars like unrestricted M5s will start to pull away from most 1000s over 180 or so down the motorway. I'm also convinced from my own experience that unless down force comes into play (which it does not on my local back roads) I well ridden bike with good rubber will be slightly faster mid-corner than even performance cars, providing it's dry that is. Some seem to think it's all about contact patches, but you also have to look at how a bike has a tiny agile frame compared to the length of car!

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Jun 11

Posts: 568

ratchetman says:

skill and bottle

A lot of how fast a car or bike is, is down to the rider or driver. Hence the reason why on a nice bendy A road a good rider with abit of bottle riding something like an sv650 will go faster than a poor rider on an R1.  Most riders of Modern day super bikes never reach the full potential of the bikes performance so to me as long as you have a 100BHP and are a good rider you generaly go near  as quick as a rider on a 150bhp bike.

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Aug 02

Posts: 2323

Hedgehog5 says:


"... certain fast executive saloon cars like unrestricted M5s will start to pull away from most 1000s over 180"

They will do but assuming they started from the same point they'd have to wait for a long time for the bike to come back into sight before they managed to overtake it.

"In a car you can brake harder"

Yes but you have to... it weighs 5 or 6 times the weight of the bike... real world sports cars don't actually brake much harder than a sports bike... but then a sports bike is far closer to a motoGP bike than your average sports car is to an F1 car where the difference is more marked.

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Jan 10

Posts: 431

rlf3 says:

Irrelevant crap

For road use none of the above is of any significance whatsoever.


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Mar 10

Posts: 10

boybergs says:

I ride an fz1n and drive a golf V5. Perception of acceleration, negotiating bends and braking are what make bikes infinitely more involving and rewarding than cars..... at any speed. There bike experience is also more mechanically sensitive and direct. Even sports cars feel remote and iess involving than bikes. So If I'm in a lazy or relaxed mood I'll drive from a to b but if I want to live the journey I'll ride. The bottom line for me is biking is a sport....driving is a means of transport.

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Nov 08

Posts: 122

rcraven says:

bike -v- cars

Its not so much about riding around a track or somewhere private like a plane landing strip.

Its about everyday riding round blind bends on country roads and having to put up with the idiot and the danger he or she  poses  in his BMW or  Fiat being only  two feet behind you.

   Even approaching a mini roundabout which always has an adverse camber  which is a danger to a biker wanting to turn right or even going straight ahead where the roundabout is offset but gives no problrm to the car driver who shoots right accross it and up your backside.

The other day i was riding within the 30 mph limit at school pick up time. It was a country road on the edge of town so it was residential. I picked up a lady diver in a blue ford behind me and she had obviously just picked up her young daughter.  She followed me for about one and a half miles and we approached  a roundabout. at a T junction.  The mini roundabout was offset into my lane so one had to turn sharp left and then right and then left again to carry straight on.  Prior to this junction and just after it there were keep left bollards.  This roundabout was particularly high and painted white, the road surface was wet and so it was slippy.

I slowed to turn the first left and on turning right the car sped past me on the wrong side of the road and the roundabout and against the  keep left directions of the bollards.

Having slowed, by the time i regained the main road i would be about 150 yards behind her and she then turned right into her drive.... All that for 150 yards.  beggers belief. What a muppet or moron rather.

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